11 – it’s a fresh virgin blood…

Hi.. It’s me again.. Really for those who think that my chapters are short, maybe just wait for two or three chapter to come out and read it at once? I’m truly sorry I don’t have word checker on my phone. I don’t know how much I have write.. Anyway, short or not you’re still our brother (oh no kinda ambiguous).. Hehehe… Here are your daily vitamins.————–

Chapter 11

With another three days of walking we were finally nearing the Vlad castle. Although we decided we would take a rest nearby and then head to the castle early in the morning.

The rest of the journey had been no fun at all.

I’m not in the mood to do anything remarkable. Because clearly Rosalie still mad at me. She was only using basic sentences and it can’t be called a conversation. Just what did I do wrong?

The only thing that I practiced was my unimportant existence. Rosalie asked me to keep it on 24/7. Apparently she doesn’t even want to see me.

Well, tomorrow we’ll reach the Vlad castle. I wonder how i should I deal with this ‘Alice’ later?

If she’s pretty maybe I can give some of my blood to her and I’ll ask some *peeeep* *peeeep* and *peeeep* in return. Hehehe. Not bad.

“Seeing your expression it seems like the encounter with the demon turtle Hasn’t taught you anything has it? Well, whatever I don’t care.”

When Rosalie said that, it seemed like she could see right through me. Has her demon eye power increased to the level of mind reading?

Well it’s also my fault. If i get complacent its possible I’ll may die if I meet with high level demon later. Because my status as ‘Hero of the Demon’ is highly classified.

“I guess it’s good if you’ve reflected on your actions.”

Darn, can she really read my mind?

“Don’t worry I can’t read your mind. Your expression can be seen clearly on your face. It’s easy to guess what you are thinking.”

Phew.. If she could read my mind I’d be totally doomed. The thoughts on my mind are not something I want a girl to know.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t want to your mind even if I could. Because I know it will be full of useless perverted thoughts.”

Urh.. She reads me just like a book.

For the rest of the night I move away from the tents to practice. I clearly need to get stronger, although I can’t train anything except my ‘Unimportant Existence’ and ‘Ecchi Master power’. There’s nothing wrong in mastering these two.

I practice my unimportant existence using wild demons. Right now I can even stand beside them without them noticing. Some lower demons are not even aware of me when I’m standing right in front of them.

Carried away by my new increase in power I move further away from the camp. Right now exploring wilderness like this get me excited. As a man I also long for adventures, obviously for its wealth, glory, power, and women. Hahaha…

I walk for around ten minutes and I arrive at a lake. I sit down and enjoy the scene in front of me.

The moon dimly lights the lake.

A silhouette of a girl is taking a bath in the lake…

The winds’ fluttering brings a cozy feeling.

Ooh, it’s so peaceful.

Eehh… A girl is taking a bath?

I clearly want to stay away from trouble but my ecchi master power shows it’s effect.

I’ll just move closer to take a look. After all she couldn’t notice me because of my unimportant existence.

I carefully crouch and approach her. When I get a clear grasp about her features it leave me speechless.

Her bathing movements seem like a dance in my eye. With the moonlit background, any guy would quickly fall in love at first sight.

Golden hair twirling around her body, a pair of gold pupil eyes decorated the white skin on her face, small pink lips and various signs of an undeveloped body. It’s clearly a perfect loli.

I watched in silence until she finished her bath. Her outfit is a black and white gown. A Gothic Lolita descended in front of me.

She walked towards me and smile.

Ehh.. Smile? I thought she couldn’t see me. Darn I’m caught red handed. But like a frog in front of a snake, being stared by that golden eyes I can’t move my body.

“uhn… I can smell it…”
She’s licking her lips makes me keep staring at her although I want to run. Of course when you’re caught peeking on someone taking a bath, would you stay there?

Now she’s now standing in front of me I can see that she’s truly a beauty. Different from Rosalie’s charming looks. Her undeveloped body and outfit like a doll, her level of beauty is unreal. Maybe at the level of an angel.

But her next words left me stunned.

“It’s a fresh virgin blood.”

Hohoho… Can anyone guess the next chapter?Did you guys really think that i put quantity in front of quality? I really think hard about each chapter as how to make it interesting, funny and never think about dropping the quality. For the short chapter, if you read it slowly I think you’ll get yourself immerse in the MC perspective if you read it slowly sentence by sentence. Hahaha…Anyway.. Thank you for always reading…

3 comments on “11 – it’s a fresh virgin blood…

  1. pretty sure it would be either “it’s fresh virgin blood” or “it’s a fresh virgin’s blood”

  2. ahahha so far this series leave me speechless every chapter…

    cz i was like “what the… this title make me misuderstanding the story again”

    well good work

    thx for chapter

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