12.5 – Extra chapter..

————–WARNING—————These extra chapter is not that super perverted extra chapter that you want to read.. I know some of you really want it but it will not come early.. Maybe in the future.. I’ll seriously consider about this possibility.. Anyway, here is the extra…——————-

Chapter 12.1

Rosalie’s POV

I was born in a happy family.. But since I was young I never felt what people called ‘motherly love’.
My mother died when I was really small. My father says that she died because of an illness, but I highly doubt it.

Born as a demon, my physical ability is higher than a normal human. As a demon too I know my mother won’t die easily just because of some disease..

Maybe because I’m the only family he has left, my father become over protective. He never let me out from his castle, not even once in my 128 years of life.

I’m always locked up in this castle and so I read books about the world. It gives me knowledge about the conditions outside.

Given my free time is more than I could ask for, I quickly finished all the books in the castle library. I talked to some guards asking about their adventures to confirm the knowledge inside the book and it turn out to be real.

I never go outside but people are allowed to come inside.. Soon enough I know about almost everything in this world.

The person that I love the most in this world is my father.. As my only remaining relatives and as my father, I really care about him.

But all things changed when the human side started to summon heroes onto their side. The battle of human vs. demon has been going on for centuries but now it’s different. Usually the demon side has the upper hand thus we can still control the situation. But now, the human side has become more powerful all of the sudden.

When the last hero managed to cut one of my father’s horns, I become worried about what’s going to happen. What if the next hero is more powerful than this? What if… My father… Dies?

I can’t let this continue. After a discussion with my father, he decided to summon a hero. I’m the one that suggest this idea but I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not.

Using my father’s horn, and a drop of my blood we conduct the ritual. And finally our own hero was summoned.

When I first saw him, I could only see him as a weak teenager. But using my demon eye ability, soon I realized about his true power. He is special. Not even my father noticed his presence.

When my father asked him to help us he flatly refused. What kind of hero is he? My opinion of him dropped greatly, but still I have to convince him. If he’s willing to help us maybe father can be protected from the next hero.

At all cost I have to convince him. It also will make my father happy.

After some talking with the hero, he decided to help if he can touch my bo*bs.. What kind of hero is he? But I can’t let him go away. Of course I accept his terms but I also give my condition.

When father asked Vahjra to accompany him, I quickly got an idea. If I’m the one who accompanies him in his travel, it means that I’ll be allowed to travel outside.

At first my father objects the idea. But the hero surprisingly supports me. Just like that my father gives in.

But it all changed.. Now I’m worried about my future…

When I’m saying my gratitude to him in his room. When I’m about to leave I stumbled into something and actually he saved me. But his hand is in an embarrassing area. I quickly gives him a slap and leave..

I don’t know the reason but I can’t think straight… My heart is beating fast and my face is hot… What is this feeling? It’s not described in any books.

Well, I’ll ignore it for now..

The first battle of the hero is unthinkable… I didn’t see him as a hero at all.. He’s even more merciless than the cruelest demon. He kept beating the three headed dog until even I felt sorry for the dog. What’s more the gore scene in front of me makes me want to throw up.

Continuing our journey we arrive at a shore. It’s my first time seeing a sea so I played around a little. We encounter a demon turtle in trouble so I asked him to save the turtle. Surprisingly after we saved the demon turtle it transform into her human shape.

I know that high level demon is capable of transforming into human, so she definitely dangerous. I quickly drag the hero away from there to save him. But maybe it’s because I can’t stand seeing his expression while looking at her.. Somehow I feel my heart stop beating for a few seconds before I dragged him away.

Is this hero really a great person? Now I can merely think of him as a super worthless pervert. He even tricked me once to touch my chest and also peeks when I’m bathing, countless times.. I guess I should’ve just ignored him…

Finally we will arrive at the Vlad castle tomorrow. Actually we can arrive today but I haven’t thought of a countermeasure against Alice. His blood will probably attract Alice’s vampire trait. What should I do?

But when I’m thinking about that I can sense Alice power near the camp. Has she found out about him? I ran as fast as I can to the source of the vampiric pressure and found Alice in indecent position on top of him. What are they doing? It couldn’t have..

I feel bloodlust in Alice’s aura and it’s definitely not good.
“Alice! STOP!”

I was too late. Alice has finished her meal. Is he still alive?

I’m worried right now. Is it because he’s the one that can save my father? I don’t know. But when I feel a weak pulse from him, I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart..

Thank god you’re safe.. We will take you to Vlad castle and let you rest.. but now it has been a week and you Haven’t woken up yet… Please.. Wake up! Somehow inside my chest I feel something tightening and it hurts.. Is this some kind of an illness? Is this the one that kill my mother?


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