12 – uuuhhhnnnnn… oh yes… oh no…

Yaha.. I’m back again… We have a new character show up in this chapter.. Sorry I didn’t do any more updates yesterday because my mood is ruined somehow… Hehehehe enjoy…———————-

Chapter 12

“Let me get a taste of your delicious smelling blood.”

The angel in front of me suddenly turns into a demon. Of course we’re in the demon territory. It’s my mistake in seeing her as an angel.

The girl skillfully positioned herself on top of me. She quickly grabs my shoulder and move her lips towards my neck.
Darn if only she wasn’t trying to drink my blood, this position would actually be a blessing.
And what’s with this ridiculous strength. I can’t even break away.

“Alice! Stop!”

I see Rosalie running to our direction. I see, so she is Alice. No wonder she can see trough my unimportant existence. The smell of my virgin blood must be the reason.

But it was too late for Rosalie to stop her. Now I’m currently in heaven. Yeah, in heaven.

The feeling of Alice’s lips in my neck is highly arousing.


Just when I’m enjoying the soft feeling in neck, a surge of pain runs through my whole body.

Alice vampire tooth is now digging deeper to my skin. When she starts to drink my blood, I can feel my consciousness fading away and dizziness filled my mind.

The world slowly turns to black. Forcing me to see Alice delightful expression before all light fades away.

“Alice! Stop!”

Rosalie screaming to Alice while running. Her expression is in a panic.

“aaah… Rosalie Onee-chan! Whoa it’s been a long time since we see each other.”

Rosalie seems like she wants to saying some words in anger but seeing Alice face, it’s all gone.

“Alice.. Do you know what you have done?”

“What have I done? I’m just having a wonderful dinner experience.”

“That man… He’s a human you know?”

“Of course he’s a human. I didn’t drink demon blood and it’s been a while since I drink a virgin’s blood. Uhmm… It’s so delicious.”

Right now Rosalie is speaking in a worried tone.

“Actually.. He’s a hero that my father has summon.”

“Ww-ww-whaaat? Onee-chan… What have I done?”

The news of the demon king had summon a hero is a secret. Only a few people know about it. Mainly the generals of the demon king army. Alice as the current head of the vampire clan should have known about this.

“Y-y-you didn’t kill him right?”
Rosalie definitely worried about Kuro’s condition.

“uhm.. I’m not sure.. I drink a lot of blood because it’s been a while, and his blood is so tasty.. I think I drank blood until I was full just now…. I’m sorry….”

Rosalie is now checking Kuro’s body. She’s grabbing Kuro wrist and put a finger to check his pulse.

It’s weak but it’s there….

“We’re lucky he’s still alive.”

“Onee-chan.. Hurry.. Let’s bring him back to my castle..”


Am I dead?

I don’t have any regrets being killed by Alice… If I had known this is what was going to happen, I would have forced myself on Rosalie earlier.

Darn.. This place is so bright.. I can only see endless white surrounding me.. Don’t tell me I’ll be meeting with self-proclaimed God in here.


Just like that, a pale man clad in black robe appears behind me.

“Who are you? Don’t tell me you’ll say that you are a God!”

I say that in an annoyed tone.

“hukhukhuk.. How funny… I’m not a God.. What’s more, I hate them!”

Wow.. He’s not a God and he hates them. So, what is he?”

“So, who are you?”

“hukhukhuk… Human child.. You should feel honored meeting me.. I’m Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first.. You can say that I’m the first vampire in history.”

His laughing style is annoying but I guess he is an important figure after all.

“So, why are you here? Where am i?”

“hukhukhuk… What an impatient child.. We’re at your consciousness realm. To put it simply we’re inside your mind.”

“What in my mind? So, what are you here for? Don’t tell me you’re here as an envoy of death coming to take my life?”

“hukhukhuk.. What a funny guy… I’m not here to take your life….”

Phew what a relieve..

“I’m here to discuss something important with you..”

“What is it?”

“Calm down boy.. First I want to see your ability…”

When he says that, I can feel my body is full of power. I feel like I’m alive again.

By seeing my ability does it mean I have to fight him?

“Yes you’re correct! Don’t worry as a vampire lord, reading a simple mind like yours is no big deal.”

Darn.. He can read my mind. I hope he didn’t realize i just think of his laugh as annoying before. Oh no.. I’m thinking about it again.. Quick, quick think of something else..

I concentrate really hard and the scene that appears in my mind is that tempting body of demon turtle covered in erotic bandage.

“hukhukhuk. What a really interesting fellow. Don’t think too hard boy. Just fight me.”

With my face as red as beet I activate my unimportant existence…

“What an unusual ability. A low level demon wouldn’t even notice you. In fact even to high level demon, without perception ability, would hardly be able to see you.”

He can see through my ability that easily? Anyway, let’s try to land a punch.

My fist landed on his chest but with my worrying attack power does it have any effects?

“hukhukhuk…. What’s with this weak punch? Ooh… It seems like you’re cursed.. Hukhukhuk.. To see this level of curse on mere human. What have you done in your previous life boy?”

How could he get such a quick grasp on my ability?
Just as I’m thinking about that he push me with one finger and I flew 10 meters backward.

“hukhukhuk.. Not even your family cares about you anymore isn’t it?”

Darn.. How can he take me so lightly like this.. Now I’m furious! Let him teach the real face of Hero of the Demon…

I quickly attack him using my best tactics… Hit and disappear… I may only be landing my 1 hit punches but I’ll attack countless times..

“Good.. Good… Just like that.. Continue…”

Even though I continue my barrage this guy doesn’t seemed to be affected.

“As a human to be a Hero of the Demon… You’re an interesting one… You could have refuse but you didn’t… Now, show me your last power..”

My last power?.. Not my unimportant existence.. Not my worthless former child.. Not my hero of the demon.. Not my xxxxxxxxxx too… Is it my not even a bystander?

“No, not that one… The one that you used when I read your mind earlier…”

Earlier when he read my mind? Eeh, is it when that bondage turtle came into my mind?

“hukhukhuk… Yes… That one..”

Ugh I really didn’t want people to see my imagination, but whatever then…

I quickly sat down and entered a meditative stance, just like what I do every time when I’m cultivating my ecchi master power..
Here goes nothing…

“Uuuhhhnnnnn… Oh yes… Oh no….”

*sploch* *sploch* (a very perverted onomatopoeia)
Countless perverted scene appear in my mind..

Maid girl, bunny girl, police outfit, sailor uniform, nurse, every perverted ero-ero cosplay is there..

Even the scene when I feel the heavenly feelings in my hands..

What’s worse is 21+++ rated scene that have to be given mosaic in almost everywhere..

“hukhukhuk…. To see you have this kind of pleasing ability… You sure are worthy…”

Eeeh, worthy for what?

“Now, can I trust you to avenge my death?”
Anyone guess what’s going to happen next? Hehehehe…Of course this series have a decent story and plot not just some random ecchi scene everywere thrown at random times.. HeheheThank you guys for reading…——————

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