13 – will you help me?

Maybe the last chapter isn’t ecchi enough but heeeey… I have to make some progress with the story too.. Hehehe… So can anyone guess what’s going to happen to our MC? Here’s the deal…————–

Chapter 13

“I want you to help me.. Will you avenge my death?”

“urm.. What do you mean? I’m clearly lost here. Please explain it to me first..”

“sigh… Alright…”

“Once upon a time, a child was born. Not like a regular one, this child is half human and half demon.”

What? Is that even possible?

“Born from a demon father and a human mother which is known to be impossible. On that time human and demon live in peace. Making friendship with a demon was alright, but human should never harbor romantic feelings towards them. It’s a taboo.”

So how can they have a child damn it?

“One day, a demon man suffered a great injury in the wilderness and by chance a human girl found him dying near the river. Out of pity the girl took care of the demon. Day by day the demon man regained his strength. The human girl was happy but sad at the same time. In the whole time she take care of the demon man, a feeling has grown inside of her. The feelings of love.”

“Fortunately the demon man felt the same towards the girl. Although they know it was a forbidden fruit, they eat it together.”

Wait… Is he the child that born from them?

The following scene is not suitable for anyone with age below 21.. There will be some arousing scene where your lust may become uncontrollable.. If you have ED or erectile dysfunction i suggest you skip the next few lines… READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK..

“On one rainy night, as usual the girl has come to the cave where the demon now lives. The girl one piece dress is sticking to her body due to the wetness. She probably came after walking through the rain. Showing the girl’s curves and two tiny dots on her chest. Apparently she didn’t wear any bra.”

“The girl notice that the demon man is looking at her chest. Slowly the inverted nip*le get’s hard and sticking out proudly. Like the sun rising in the morning.”

“The girl embarrassed and muster up her courage. She lean forward and kiss the demon man’s lips. With a tempting voice she said. “Please… Ravage me..” with the sound of the rain as a background that night pass away in a blink of an eye.”


If you decide to skip the previous scene you may resume reading now…

Of course I easily recreate that scene in my mind thanks to the ecchi master power and it serves me well, but it seems like I’m forgetting something.

“Eeeh, how did you know about that? Aren’t you supposed to be the child?”

“What are you talking about? Of course I’m the demon man.. I can still remember the feelings of her wet and tight v****a…”

“urgh… Okay then… Just continue…”
I didn’t know this first vampire was just an old pervert and more vulgar than me.

“I know what you’re thinking boy…”

Oo ow….

“Months later the girl stomach is growing. Showing some sign of pregnancy. Afraid that other people will notice, she decided to run away with the demon man. But her sudden disappearing just further increase the human side suspicion. The girl has gone but they knew she bears the demon’s child.”

“Knowing that my lover is pregnant I decided to take her away with me. I didn’t know what to do because it’s the first time in history a human has ever become pregnant with a demon’s seed.”

“and things have taken turn for the worst. The demon child clearly needs more nutrient than the human mother could give. It slowly damaged the mother’s body. Trying everything to make sure she keeps alive, I finally succeed. She can survive if she drank my blood on a daily basis.”

(Do you know this scene from somewhere? A girl bearing a demon’s child drinking blood to survive? Hohohoh)

“As a high level demon my blood clearly has high power. Making her body stronger than it should be. My child can be delivered safely because of that but the side effects wasn’t worth the trouble.”

“Even though my child has gone from her womb, she keeps drinking my blood. Day by day it’s not enough anymore for her. Until she ran away one night and turn a entire village into a pile of human corpses.”

“I didn’t know why but my child also needs to drink human blood daily. Forcing me to kidnap some humans and feed it to my son and wife.”

Perhaps this man is more dangerous than i think.

“Because my son’s name is Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the second, automatically I became Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first. Making me the first vampire in the history. Although i don’t need to drink blood.”

“Because of me kidnapping the humans, the fanatic worshipers of the Church of Gebeddon quickly consider me as their enemy. What’s more they call my son a devil reincarnate and gathering force to slaughter my whole clan. My wife is killed in action but me and my son manages to run away.”

“In the demon community, my clan is an ancient one and was considered as a sacred race. Because our natural ability in the blood allows us to transform at will. Not requiring us to reach certain level to use this ability.”

“I ran away to the Demon King’s castle and explained to him about my situation. It incured both his wrath and that of the demon generals. Quickly this battle turned into an all-out war between human and demons.”

Damn the culprit to thousands battle and millions life lost is in front of my eyes.

“So, how did you die?”

“Because my son is not a pure demon and half human, his life span is lower than me. What kind of parent is willing to see their child die before them?”

Urm.. My parents are definitely two of them.

“In order to prevent him from dying, I transferred all of my blood into him. Fusing into his body and granted him longer age. These traits then passed down to his descendants. Of course it was passed to Alice. Since my blood run deeps inside my children and grandchildren I’m literally still living within their blood. But no one knows about this. None but you.”

“eh, why they don’t know about your existence?”

“Fortunately, a human awareness is needed to sense me. But as almost every human whose bloods is sucked clean, dies, I have no way to show myself. You on the other hand, manages to survive after Alice sucked your blood. It’s maybe because your ridiculous amounts of vitality.”

Ooh I see.. Because I have large amounts of health points, I managed to survive while regular people most probably died.

“So, what can I do for you? Whom should I avenge your death on?”

“I want you to annihilate the Church of Gebeddon’s existence. Remove their names from the books of history.”

(Now, a request to annihilate a whole church.. Reminds me of rad*ant church and lin*ey?)

“Will you help me?”

Again.. I was faced with this classical question. Of course based on my experience with the Demon King, helping him may trigger new power and lots of advantages. Of course I’ll answer him without fail.

He can read my mind, so with a smile on his face Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first welcomes my answer.


————————Hahahaha… Did that few lines with some warning serves you guys well?Anyway, what do you think about the story so far? Still make you laugh or cry?For those of you who have a weak heart and shallow minds, I recommended you to stop reading the seriesin the future for your own good …Hahaha…. Thank you for always reading and supporting me… See you guys in the next chapter… (keep pressing f5 my ero-brothers.. In case another chapter will come out)——————

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  1. This remenber me a meme in the internet a scene of a movie in brazil of Pele one old famous soccerplayer answering NO whit a hilarious face

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