15.1 – Special extra.. Bath scene..

Nevermind about what I said before.. As for seated in the top weekly or even reaches 3000 average view is not my goal.. Back to my original reason for writing this series, I just want you to have a nice refreshing wind sent to your brain…for that reason, I’ll use my ability to present you with the long awaited scene… I’ll go all out in this chapter..——————–WARNING——————–This chapter is full of mature and explicit sexual contents. If you are not prepared, please don’t read this… The required age to read this is 18++ PG (parent-guidance advised).. But as I said before, I want to keep this series in the borderline of ecchi and hentai.. I don’t want to be well known for selling cheap sexual contents to gain popularity.. The scene below is highly confidential and please don’t use it as a fap material..It’s highly recommended that you read this chapter alone in your room.. Read it slowly.. Sentence by sentence… And let me take you to a world beyond your imagination…Please read in moderation.. If you don’t think you can continue, please stop reading..So, if you have understood the term’s and condition, click the checkbox in the left…


Chapter 15.1 – bath scene

For your enjoyments, read each sentence carefully and let the ecchi master power to show it’s ability…

“Onee-chan.. Let’s take a bath together…”
Alice comes running and hugs Rosalie from behind.

“eeh, what are you talking about?”

Rosalie is now trying her best to escape Alice hug.

“We haven’t see each other for so long. Let’s deepen our friendship by having some time together.”
With Alice’s pleading eyes, there’s no way for Rosalie to refuse.

“Alright. Let’s take a bath together.”

The last time these two met is around five years ago. So, along the way to the bath they are having a pleasant girl’s talk.

“Say Onee-chan… Are you still a virgin?”

“…w-w-whaaat are you saying?”
Rosalie stuttered when she answers that.

“Travelling together with Kuro. Something must have definitely happened right?”

With face as red as tomato, Rosalie gives her answer shyly.
“It’s not like that… That pervert always tries to take a peek when I’m taking a bath.. He also keep looking at other demon girls with a predator’s eyes.. Somehow when I see him acting like that, I feel angry somehow.”

“ooh.. I see… You have fallen for him right?”

“..i-i-i-im-mposible… How can I fall in love to a worthless man like him..”

“I see.. In that case, it’s alright if I make some advances on him right?”

“eeeh…. I guess… It’s okay..”
Alice face show a happy face but Rosalie’s is showing some disappointment and regrets.

Finally they arrive at the bath. They enter the door and now in the washing area. Here they’re going to take off their clothes before entering the baths.

Rosalie took off her leather dress slowly.. Pulling up her dress over her head.
Underneath her dress , a red bra can be seen with the same colour as her hair.
Covering the two round supple mound on her chest.
Tracing down to her flat abdomen and curvy thigh, a red panties can be seen, matching the colour of her bra.

Alice takes a peek and clearly Rosalie notices that.
“What are you doing Alice? Don’t look at me like that.”

“You know.. Onee-chan.. It seems like your breasts have grown.. Did you ask Kuro to massage them for you?”

“w-w-what are you saying? Just take off your clothes! aren’t we going to take a bath?”

“alright.. Alright…. Don’t be mad..”
With a smile on her face, Alice undressed herself. She pulled down her black and white gothic Lolita gown, exposing her body.
Her small chest is covered by black brassiere hiding it.
On her leg, a black grater belt is hanging down, connected to a black stripped lacey panty.

This time, it’s Rosalie’s turn to stare..
“Onee-chan.. Why are you standing still?”

“no… It’s just… Your body is so slim and beautiful.. Not like my body.. It’s full of excessive fat.”
Rosalie is now looking at her own body while pinching several spots.

“I will gladly take these if you would give it to me.”
While Alice say that sentences, her hands is now squeezing Rosalie’s breast trough the bra.

“ahnn.. Stop it..”
Rosalie for a moment feel something pleasurable but regained her composure quickly.

“Don’t be shy Onee-chan.. Let’s get naked then..”
Alice saying that and take off her brassiere..

It falls to the ground and revealing two tiny dots on her chest.

“See, I would gladly take your excess fat.”

Alice giggles and continues to pull down her lacey panty and grater belt.

Revealing the smooth and hairless mound between her leg.

She is now nude in front of Rosalie.

It didn’t take long for Rosalie to do the same.

She use one hand to reach out to her back and unclipped the bra. Taking it off using her hands.

Affected by the laws of gravity. Her breast moved down a little after losing its supports.

Rosalie’s dot can’t be seen. It is hidden from our view because hers are inverted.

Continuing to her bottom, she take off her panties, revealing the red forest underneath.

“Shall we get in?”

The two them quickly enters the bath.

“Come here, let me wash your hair Alice.”

“uhm.. Okay…”

If someone was looking at this scene, they will know how close they are.. Just like sisters..

“Onee-chan.. Let me wash your back.”


Alice took some soap and rub it in her hand. After some foam formed, she moves her hand towards Rosalie’s back.

“Onee-chan.. Your body is so beautiful.. ”

“What are you saying? I’m the one who should be envious to you.”

Alice by now has finished washing Rosalie’s back.

“Let me do the front too.”

Just like that Alice moves from behind quickly grabbing both of Rosalie’s breast in her hand.

“Kyaaa.. Alice… What are you doing.?”

” Aaahnnn….”

At first Rosalie seemed to be surprised and wanted to resist.. But after a few seconds massaged by Alice she stopped resisting..

“ahn.. Alice…”
Rosalie wanted to say something but no word comes out.

“Yes, Onee-chan… Does it feel good?”
Alice continues to rub her breast, giving her enough pleasure and no time to reply.

“…y-y-yeee-eesss… Uuhhmmm…”

Alice’s circular hand motion has lured the hidden pearl of Rosalie’s chest.

These precious pearl coming out from their hiding and quickly popped out.

Without missing anything, Alice catches the pearl using her thumb and index finger.

She twist it carefully…

Then pinch it gently…

That action send shivers down Rosalie’s body. It seems like the rumor inverted ones are more sensitive is true.

With her breath now heavy, Rosalie’s voice is getting louder..

“aaaah… Aaaaahhhh…”

Alice left hand remains in her position while her right hand roamed.

Heading to the area in-between Rosalie’s leg.

Alice hand is trying to find something.

When her hand arrives in the location,

She rubbed Rosalie’s lower mouth and makes her moaned even louder..

Rosalie’s eye is looking at Alice’s passionately.

Alice hand is spreading Rosalie’s lower mouth and pushing a finger in.

Sending some kind of electric shock through Rosalie.

Her finger didn’t wander too far.
Because as soon as she put it in, she feels like there’s a wall in there.

Rosalie is still a virgin and she wouldn’t take it from her.

Alice finger retreated, then skillfully circled Rosalie’s lower mouth and giving her more pleasure.

“A-alice… I t-thin-k I’m a-a-l-most t-t-there..”
Sinking in the pleasure, Rosalie’s word couldn’t come out in one breath.

Alice’s delicate finger is now delivering it’s finishing touch.

Finding the last Rosalie’s pearl.. Hidden at the top of her lower mouth…

When Alice’s finger grazed against it, Rosalie’s moan is now uncontrollable..

Alice then continues.. Rubbing the last pearl even harder…

“aaaaaahhh…. Aaaaahhhh….. AAAAAAHHHHHH….”

Rosalie’s body curved in an arch and jerked for several seconds..

Rosalie, is gasping for air while her face is full of pleasure ..

Sending streams of clear river from her lower mouth…

Letting it flow to the floor and continues for several seconds..

After that her body trembles enjoying the after effects..

Causing her leg to lose power and she fall down onto the bath floor…

After regaining her strength, Rosalie’s speak in an alluring voice to Alice…

“Thank you Alice.. That was wonderful…”


*thump* *thump* * thump*
“ONEEEE-CHAAAAANN….. Let’s take a bath together…”
Quickly the bath door opened, breaking the silence…

With an unbelievable face, Rosalie sees Alice coming in…
“eeeehhh?? ALICE??”

Rosalie is confused because right now there are two Alices…
One Alice is in front of her.. And the other one just come barging through the door…

Noticing something wrong, she activates her demon eye power…

There’s nothing wrong with the Alice that just came in…

She shift her gaze towards the Alice that was with her from the beginning..


She released an unbelievable amount pressure and killing intent..

Her red hair is now standing… And her eyes showed no mercy…

Now, I truly believe that she is the daughter of the Demon King…

With a cold voice Rosalie says…


Yahaaa.. Did it serve you well?It took me almost three hours to write this… So what do you think?When i was writing this I can already think of the next extra chapter… But let’s save it for later shall we?When I finished writing these, I fall in love with Rosalie more and more…I feel very tired mentally when I finished writing this so i don’t know if i can write another chapter today… Anyway, thank you for always reading.. And this chapter, just consider it as a token of appreciation from me…——————

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