15 – I’ll gladly let you take my virginity..

Okaaaay… Let’s make a deal.. For those of you that think the previous chapter is not ero enough….If the average view hits 3000 or this series because of some miracles appear in the top weekly, I’ll use THE BEST OF MY ABILITY to write you a SUPER ERO special chapter.. That special chapter will definitely surpass your definition of ero,ecchi,or whatever you call it and send a mental attack to your imagination.. Deal? Hahaha… Anyway, this one is my treat.. Enjoy..————

Chapter 15

After the bloody scene from yesterday and some misunderstanding cleared up.. Finally we will introduce ourselves in a formal occasion.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Alice Mairunovich Teppes. The current head of vampire clan. Nice to meet you.”

“My name is Kuromaru Ryuuji. I’m the Hero of the Demon that has been summoned recently. I hope with this we don’t bear any grudges against each other.”

“Alright. Furthermore let me call you Onii-chan from now on. Is that alright with you?”

Surprisingly Alice stands from her seat and starts to cling to my hand. Looking at me with puppy eyes..

How can I say no? A gothic loli sister is always welcomed.

“Sure, no problem.”

After I say that I feel like someone is releasing their killing intent from the back. And that killing intent coming from Rosalie directed to me.

“Anyway, can you let me see your left eye Onii-chan?”

I don’t know her reason but it must be because of this left eye of mine has a see through ability.
(This time I’ll clear the misplaced scene where Kuro can see the colour of his eyes)

“I knew it. The purple colour of your pupil is indicating that you have a special power regarding your sight.”

Right now Rosalie is surprised. Me too. I never knew that because of this eye is implanted and not originally mine, the colour is different.

“Where did you get that eye?”

Rosalie is the one asking that question. She has clearly stayed by my side and this was something that appeared out of no-where. She must be curious about this.

“Actually I got this from the first vampire of your clan Alice.”

I answered nonchalantly but Rosalie and Alice looked surprised.

“How is that possible?”

After that I explained about everything that happened in my mind. Of course I left out some parts of it that’s immoral.

“Is that even possible?”

Seeing from their reaction they didn’t know about the starting history of the battle.

“If what you said is true, having a transformation power is a cheat.”

Alice is looking at me with eyes full of jealousy.

“What do you mean?”

“hmph… Let me explain about it.”
Rosalie is now moving to the front. If only she could wear some glasses, she is perfect for the teacher and student role play.

“The power of transformation from vampire race is the strongest in history. It is said they can transform into anything. From rocks to mountain, from ants into dragon. As long as your imagination is strong enough. You have no limitation. What’s more if you transform into something you’ll have the same attributes and properties of it. For example when you’re transforming into a dragon, you’ll have the abilities of the dragon.”

“That’s right. Even I, as a descendant I can only transform for a couple of minutes and the transformation have some penalties and limitations. Because the thickness of the original ancient race’s blood is very small.”

I see.. It’s because his son the second Teppes is having only half of the original and the original clan has become extinct, the power in his descendants is not as powerful as before. Moreover it will keep degrading as time passes by. These two must have realized it too.

“Kuro, quickly show me your status.”


Name: Kuromaru Ryuuji

Age: 18 Lvl: 1 Exp:4%

Health: 1000100/1000100

Mana: 0/0

Attack: 1-1


Special power:

-Really an Unimportant Existence
~It would be hard for normal power to notice you. Even the demon king can hardly see you
*Higher type of ‘Skill of Hiding’, even if an enemy has you in their line of sight if they’re careless and blink you cannot be seen.
Why would anyone want to see you? Only some individuals may notice you*

-Worthless Former Child
~Not even your parents consider you as their son
*You can’t have any mana; you don’t even need it right? Even your family doesn’t need you*

-Saint level Ecchi Master
~Given your 15 years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation
*Maybe it will be easier for you to do it too, remember its maybe [increased in chance and luck]*

-[Maybe]Not Even a Bystander[Anymore]
~For ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything
*Always -49 in defence, because of your recent action in accepting request, there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again. But the probability is still low, 2%*

~You don’t know what is this and you don’t even want to know *your attack power can’t exceed 1.
No matter what weapon you use.*

-Hero of the demon
~Gives you 1000000 points in health, mana, attack, and defense

– Apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes
~As the right hand of the first vampire, you’re granted the unique ability of transforming. the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes that run in your vein is thicker than his descendants and 99% similar to the original vampire clan *the greater image you have in your mind, the greater the power*

– The all-seeing eye
~One of special eye powers of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first.
*You can see through solid object, have you used it to peek on someone?*


My experience only grew by 4 percent for defeating the three headed dog. I also got an increase of 1 defense although it’s still minus 49.

My unimportant existence and ecchi master power has been increased. Seeing that these two is the ones that I use the most, it is as expected.

Worthless former child, xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and Hero of the Demon haven’t changed.

And as he promised me, I’m now an apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes. Also I get the ‘All Seeing Eye’ ability.

Seeing the changes in my status Rosalie seemed to take a distance from me and cover her chest using one hand and put the other between her legs.

“Are you using the all seeing eye right now? You pervert.. Don’t look at me.”

I was surprised all of the sudden but it was normal. Reading the all seeing eye description, any normal girl would’ve do the same.

Alice on the other hands becoming more clingy to me.

“Onii-chan… If I had known about it before..”
With a pause, Alice is now swaying her body to the front and back in a cute manner.

“urm… If I had known about this…”

Another silence then she stand on her tiptoes bringing her small lips to my ear.

Saying “I’d gladly let you take my virginity..” in a soft voice.


The reason for her sudden change is because the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes in my body is thicker than his own descendants. If Alice by chance was to bear my child, the child’s ability will be enhanced several times stronger than her own, restoring some pride to the vampire clan.

Of course I didn’t mind about her action. Her undeveloped body is so close to mine and I can feel something nice and soft in various area.

But the cold and vicious glare from Rosalie was attacking Alice furiously..

“O-o-onee-chan… I wonder why you came to my castle in the first place?”

Rosalie’s action forces Alice to back down for now. Making her ask a question in return.

“I was just taking over the responsibility of accompanying him from Vahjra. So, I don’t know.”
Rosalie shakes her head and raised her shoulder.

“Then Onii-chan, do you know the reason?”

Erhm… Did I miss something when I was talking to the Demon King?

Is it to introduce myself to his generals? Hmm.. He could’ve just ordered his generals to gather in his castle…

Or maybe to learn about the history of the battle? There’s a possibility..

Or is it to introduce Alice to be my concubine? This one is unlikely..

So, what’s the reason for me to come here?

I scratch my head and try to think of something…

Aaaah… The Demon King gave me a few words before I left that morning..

Oh! Is it because of that?

“Alice.. Rosalie…”

I take a deep breath because I know this is important.

“Actually… ”

Alice and Rosalie is waiting for my next sentence in full attention.

“I… forgot…”

————————-Yuhuu…. So, what about the deal? Do you guys agree? Hahaha… To show you my seriousness in the ero deal, I’ll give you a teaser project today..Anyway… Do you guys enjoy the story so far? Did the plot interesting enough aside from some ecchi contents?For some of you who didn’t follow the whole journey, at first the story tags is only comedy, fantasy, and original.. As for the harem, mature, and adventure is just added recently.. So don’t expect things to changed 180degree.. This series will be light, nice and refreshing. But at the same time will send heavy mental attacks directly to your brain.. So, do you realize that you have suffered some damage? Lol….Hahahaha… Thank you for reading as always… Watch out the next chapter is already baked.. It’s gonna be fresh from the oven soon…——————

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