16 – making child with you..

Let’s make some advances on the story shall we.. I promised I won’t disappoint you… Anyway did the last extra chapter satisfying?Hohoho… Remember it’s an ecchi-comedy not a hentai series.. Lol.. Surprisingly i was able to write another chapter today… Enjoy…——————–

Chapter 16

Part 1
Because of the incident last night, I almost died. Given my 1000100 point of health, I barely survived with 69 health remaining.

Rosalie is truly the Demon King’s daughter. When she attacked me using her full power, I received almost 50,000 damage in one hit.

In the future I’ll be careful. Yes, of course I’m planning to do it again.. But I’ll stay low for now…

After some discussion, we’re going to head out to the lich catacombs. It’s our next destination to remove the xxxxxxxxxx curse and unlocking my 1000000 attack power. We’re now discussing our plan.

Alice is there with us, becoming our mediator. Because apparently Rosalie won’t even talk to me.

“So, you’re going to leave in two days. Is that right Onii-chan, Onee-chan?”

Rosalie is answering but I just nodded and didn’t say anything. Her gaze focused on me is still full of killing intent.

“So, how are you going to travel? I suggest you take some demon mounts with you. You can arrived there within three days.”

The location of the lich catacombs is quite far. If we go by foot it will take around one months.

“Let’s travel with mounts.”
Just when Rosalie finished saying that, I got a brilliant idea.


“Yes, Onii-chan? What’s wrong?”

“You said that my transformation power is almost limitless right. How about I transform myself into a dragon and Rosalie can sit on my back. I can fly there if I’m on the dragon form and we’ll arrive faster right?”

“Onii-chan.. How smart of you.. Of course it’s possible and you’ll arrive much faster.”

“NO… I don’t want to ride you.. Just thinking of my body will touch yours….. It’s filthy..”

I almost wanted to reply: but you enjoy it so much yesterday, but I hold it in…
“I guess. We’re going to travel on mounts.”

The next day, Alice seemed to be busy preparing for our departure. Somehow I feel sad because I will part with that cute body of hers. If only my real sister was as cute as her.. I’ll probably wouldn’t have become a NEET and would instead suffer some sister complex..

But what’s done is done.. My sisters resented me just like my parents.. Let’s forget about it..

Rosalie still didn’t say anything at me.. And there is nothing I could do about that. What can I do?

For the rest of the day I tried to improve the all-seeing eye. Right now I haven’t reach the level where I can see through walls.. I also still can’t see deeper than the clothes.. The part where I should see girls in their underwear or nude is always being skipped. But I won’t lose my hope yet.. One day I’ll be able to see girls naked everywhere..

Next day when Rosalie and I was about to leave, Alice come and brings us our mounts. It was a mix of rhinoceros and armadillo. She call it Rhinodillo.

One, two, three.. Three Rhinodillos? Aren’t there only two of us?

“Onee-chan.. Onii-chan.. I have decided to travel with you”

“Whaat? How about your duty as the head of vampire clan?”
Rosalie is surprised but I’m actually very happy. Having a little loli around me is always welcomed.

“I already arrange it with the rest of the clan and it’s been taken care of. They also agree that there’s a more important duty for me.”

More important duty than taking care of the family business… Moreover it was done by accompanying us..

“What is that?”

With a blush on her face, Alice whispered it to my ear.

“Making child with you.”

Part 2

These Rhinodillos are surprisingly fast. They moved at roughly 100m/s on flat road. Because of this, we barely meet with any wild demons.

Rosalie keeps talking with Alice while continuing to ignore my existence. Alice sometimes clings to me and sneaks into my tent at night but Rosalie quickly drags her back.

Because of that I have no choice but to cultivate my power. When the night becomes deeper and the moon is directly above my head, I seemed to have made a breakthrough. I was already in the bottleneck of saint level ecchi master power for a while. I think my particular action with Rosalie seemed to be the reason for this.

I quickly looked at my ecchi master power

-Peak saint level Ecchi master
~Given your 15 years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation
*Because of your recent action, it will be easier for you to do it too, random chance in encountering ecchi situation [increased in chance and luck]*

These increased power change sends sudden urge for me to go out from my tents. I walked away from the tents and wander deeper to the wilderness.

I don’t know where I’m heading, but I can feel something leading me here.

I arrived at a small pond with a small waterfall on the side. There’s a big rock on the other side and I can see someone is sitting there. Is that a mermaid? No, a mermaid should appear in the sea right?

I look at that figure. When the moonlight that was covered by the clouds earlier shows it’s light, I’m amazed.

A girl was singing a sad melody.. Tears also coming out from her eyes…

A girl with long green hair that runs down to her chest. It was braided neatly decorated by pink orchid. The reason that I mistake her for a mermaid is because her leg is tangled down together, like roots. And two massive mounds on her chest, bigger than Rosalie’s are exposed. Yes, she was naked. I can even see her lower mouth tempting me.

“Who’s there?”

I was looking at her from far but she can notice my presence.. Of course I quickly activate my unimportant existence.

“I can’t see you.. But I know you’re there.”

Guess, there’s no way out now.. I turn off my power and show myself.

“My name is Kuro… May I know what’s your name?”

The girl cover her face using her hand and points my lower body with the other..

Eeeh, why? I look down on my body and quickly know the answer. I was naked too. Of course I’m not doing it on purpose.. I just do this when I cultivate my ecchi power. Being naked somehow increase the rate of training.

“Oops.. Sorry.. There. It’s done…”
I activate my unimportant existence on my lower half..

“fiuh… I think I’m almost died because of heart attack.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Irene.” she stands up and gives me a bow. I think she realize that she was naked in front of me but it doesn’t bother her.

“Say Irene, why are you crying?”
Usually I didn’t even bother asking someone. That’s one of the reason I got my ‘Not even a bystander’ power. But looking at a girl like this, moreover naked. How can I ignore her?

“You see… I came from the forest nymph race.. And there’s a special tradition in my race once we reach lvl 80 and gets the ability to transform. But.. I can’t do this tradition.”

Oh no.. Rosalie has reminded me before about this. How can I get this careless. Only a high level demon is capable of transforming and as a human, I will be their target. But I can’t just run away right now.

“I see.. So, what’s this special tradition? Maybe I can help you to finish it.”

“Urm.. Are you sure you can help me?”

“I wouldn’t be able to tell if you didn’t say it.”

Irene took a deep breath and continues her story.
“Okay.. Here’s the deal.. Once a forest nymph reaches lvl 80 they gain the transformation ability. Because our transformation ability granted us alluring body that attracts the other gender, we have to do a ritual. If we don’t, the pheromones we send out will end up causing nearby male demons to come. And nothing good will come out of it. Most of the time if a forest nymph failed at their ritual, they will soon run out of power and died like a barren trunk or killed by wild demons.”

“So, what’s the ritual? Why can’t you do it?”

“It’s to drink a seed from opposite gender.”

“Shouldn’t getting a seed from another nymph is easy? And, drink a seed? Shouldn’t a seed be eaten? ”

“Mister Kuro, you know that forest nymph is all female. Moreover, if we drink the seed from opposite gender demon. That demon will probably die. And wild demons don’t casually listen to us. Given our peaceful nature we have a high chance of dying when we’re trying to drink their seed. There’s only less than twenty forest nymph alive right now.”

If that’s the case, it should be hard for nymph to acquire the seed and completed their ritual.
If they didn’t do it they’ll die. If they do it, the probability of dying is even higher.

No demon is willing to give their seed because it means they give their lives too. just for a nymph to complete these ritual, it doesn’t even make sense.

“So, what did you actually gets when you complete your ritual?”

“It grants us the ability to completely transform. As you can see, my leg is still in the form of a nymph. Our ability will also be increased by tenfold.”

I haven’t see the nymph race ability but just hearing that it will be increased by tenfold, it sure worth it.

“Alright then.. I’ll help you acquire a seed…”

Irene depressed face from earlier is now gone. Replaced by a beautiful smile of her.

“So, what is this seed exactly? How do we get it?”

—————————Hahahaha.. Can anyone guess what’s going to happen next?Everyone… Thank you for the support for reading my story… Please continue to look after me in the future as well… I promise that I’ll keep sending you mental attacks..Hehehhee.. This is the last chapter for the day probably… Next chapter will be about Kuro helping the nymph to acquire a seed.. Finally acting like a hero for once.. Hahahaha… See you tomorrow..——————

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