17.2 – wizzard in wonderland submission..

My name is Vahjra. I’m one of demon generals from the demon king army. Right now I’m heading to the demon king castle. Earlier one of the guard has notify me that the demon king wants to do “hero summoning” ritual. It will roughly take two hours on my rhinodillo. Given this much time, let me tell you about my story. About the adventures I have that gained me the title “bloodmage”.
In Magora continent, lives thousands of demon race. As a darkelf, we couldn’t be considered as a demon, but rather than siding with humans we prefer to help the demons.

The war between human and demon have been going for two thousand years. It all started when the church of gebeddon with the help of fire nation attacks the vampire clan. There are three main church and four nation but those two are the mastermind.

Humans waging war against demons is such a foolish act. Because humans are such weak creatures, moreover their fighting ability. They just got a bit arrogant because they learned magic. Magic that we demons kindly teach them to use, and now they’re using it against us.

Magic. It was a process called when someone use the power of elements to do a particular action. For example, fire magic is done by collecting the fire element power from the surroundings and materializing it.

Taken that into consideration, it will be hard to do fire magic in a place with less fire element, like in the arctic. They can still do fire magic in arctic, but they have to rely in the fire element power that they store in their body.

It is not true that only level 90 mage is capable of executing level 90 spell. If there is enough element in the area, even level 15 or 20 mage could do the same.

To put it simple, the higher elements in the area, the more powerfull magic they can use. Higher level mage have bigger storage of elements in their body. Allowing them to cast a spell without relying on the surrounding elements.

To store elements in the body, one can do a meditation to increase their awareness on the surrounding area. If they found the elements their need, they can absorb it and store it in their body.

There are six types of element in this world. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Some advanced spell require you to mix some of the elements to use. Like mud swamp, it was a mix of water and earth. Fire inferno, a mix of fire and wind. More advanced spell like holy blizzard is a mix of water, wind and light.

At first this knowledge only passed down on the demon race because our natural elements affinity is high. But we teach it to the humans as a token of our friendship. Seeing it was used against us, no sane demon will not be angry.

So, what kind of magic does a bloodmage use? Here’s my story…

I was born as a darkelf. Darkelf have high affinity to darkness element and contrassed to regular light element elf.

Since I was born, I was able to use darkness magic.

When I was 3 years old, I was almost drown in a lake. In my desperation, i succeeded in absorbing the surrounding water element, enabling me to use water magic.

When I was 5 years old, some bully pushed me from a cliff. Once again in life and death situation, I get a grasp on wind element. Saving myself by creating a gust of wind below my foot.

Controlling three elements at once I was considered a genius. Where a usual demon may only excel in one, I mastered three.

When I was 10 years old I have become the most powerful mage in the dark forest. Feeling that there’s nothing more for me to learn, I start my own journey.

I visited countless races and tried to learn their unique magic. Unique magic is different from regular magic. It was an ancient one and required magic circle to use. No one bothered about this anymore so I learned about them freely.

From “stone golem construction”, “stone to gold”, and even “other world/ hero summoning” magic. It was acquired easily. All of this, no longer amuse me. Until one day I learned some demons talking about “forbidden magic”. It was so hard to acquire and countless demon have died in failure.

Following the rumor, it was guarded by a blood dragon. Known as the ruthless kind of dragon, that could masacre a tribe without blinking. The feeling of danger, the rush of adrenalin, and the young adventurous heart, maybe it’s all I need. Without thinking twice I go to the blood dragon’s lair.


I found the dragon’s lair deep in the gandur mountain range. Before entering, I quickly fill myself with darkness, water, and wind elements.

The blood dragon’s lair is like a big cave. About ten meters wide and twenty in height.

When I approaches, I can feel some pressure from the inside. I muster up my courage and stepped in.

I stepped on some bones. In front of me, is a sea of bones. Perharps thousands of demon has fallen here. But this much won’t make my heart falter. I venture to a deeper parts of the lair.

It was dark, thanks to my darkness magic, I can see in the dark as clear as the day. Soon, I arrived in a big hall.

In the hall, some sunlight passed trough the ceiling. Revealing countless shiny treasures made of gold. From coin, bracelet, crown, to a statue. It was coloured gold. Based on my knowledge, from the light reflection, it should be the highest quality of gold. Seems like the rumour that dragon loves precious shiny things are true, nontheless they only take the highest quality.

Judging from the amounts, one can tell how many effort this blood dragon has give. At least hundreds thousand of gold object has been collected for at least five hundreds year. In the end of the hall, i could see a figure of a dragon.

The blood dragon length is around twenty meters, guessing from it size, it should be at least eight meters in height. Dark red scales covering it’s whole body and what’s surprised me more is the length of it’s horn.

In between his eyes, a study horn can be seen. Gold in colour and at least two meters long. If you don’t know how horrifying it is, let me tell you something. Horn for demon serves as a power storage medium. Horn with one meter long, can containts power twice the body can handle. In other words, this thousand years dragon have quadruple power reserve.

I want to ran away but it was too late. The blood dragon wake up and look at me using it’s golden eyes. Leaving me there petrified.

“puny demon… What brings you here?”

Within those words, I can feel his majestic aura. The aura of divine beings that makes me fall on my knees. The blood dragon also releases his pressure when he said that.

I can only grith my teeth to withstand the pressure and do my best to answers him.
“I heard some rumour about forbidden spell, so I came here to check it. If my presence disturb your rest, I’m very sorry. I shall take my leave.”
I’m not foolish enough to throw my life away for some spell. I may encountered another forbidden spell if I’m still alive. If already dead, the possibility is zero, however if I’m alive I still have a chance.

“hmph… When I see someone mastered three elements coming in, I tought I can kill some times. But seeing how pathetic you are, I lost my mood. Get lost!”

When he knows that I have mastered three elements, I realized that he have special powers. Probably dragon’s eye power. Special power can be acquired but it take’s a very hard process. Some was lucky enough to be born with it. But some ancient and powerful race, have it, in all of their descendants.

For example, the demon race can have the ability to transform into humanoid when they have reached high level. Usually at level 80, but some special race may have it lower. The vampire clan blood however grants them special power to transform from birth. Which makes special power is unique to each race and become the source of envy.

Some special power like “super strength” can be learn by practicing extreme amounts of pyshical training. “instant regeneration” for instance, required you to keep cutting your limbs and regrowth them for thousands times before you acquire it.

His ability to learn about my power, is coming from special eye power. It must be the “demon eyes” or maybe “dragon’s eye” that have higher level and unique to ancient dragon. I really want to flee but the anger in my blood boils. Having called genius and treated special in my life, I can’t stand he’s looking down on me. I quickly gathered the elements in my body.

“oooh.. What is this? Now you feel like fighting me? Hahaha.. That’s more like it.. You should feel honoured that I, Rag’ul the blood dragon will be your envoy of death.”

Rag’ul now moves from his sleeping posture and corrected his stance. Anyone that look at him will surely feel intimidated.

“Ice javelin!”

The mana I gathered in my hands affected the molecules in the air. Water droplets formed and turn into a water spear. Gust of chilling wind blows and slowly freezing the spear from the tip to the end completes the spell.

“whoa.. Who could ever known that a boy like you could cast a high level water spell in a place with no water like here. You should be around level 60. Quite a feat for regular demon.”

Rag’ul stayed calm and it infuriate me even more. I quickly throw the ice javeling in my hand.

It was travelling trough the air in a high speed heading to Rag’ul.

Rag’ul open his mouth and fire coming out infront of him. It was a high level fire spell “Fire inferno”.

The cold spear and the hot fire meets in the air. The ice javelin slowly melted back into water and water turns into steam. It continues until both side ended in a draw and fills the hall with steam.

“hukhukhuk.. Magnificent.. You’re better than I think.. Let me enjoy this even more.”

Seeing that water magic will probably useless against his fire magic, I decided to use my wind magic.

I reach out my right hand to the front in Rag’ul direction, using my other hand to support it, I chanelled all of my wind element power.

“the sharp wind can cut even the stronger rock. The power of the wind can even lift a boulder. The bringer of wind can cause a storm.. As your master I summon thee.. Sylphid..”

It was one of the ancient magic that I learned. Some ancient magic requires a magic circle, some requires an invocation. This is one of them. Wind element forbidden spell “sylphid”. When used in large area, it can cause a tornado that will run havoc for seven days and seven night. If the attack condensed into a single target, it can even pierce a hole in a mountain.

Wind swirling around my hands enveloped it in gray small cyclone. In the next second, it flew forward with unimaginable speed.

“ugh, what is this? Regular demon, a youth on top of that using a forbidden spell.”

It was too late for him to dodge, but his quick reflex saved Rag’ul life. It break trough his shoulder and severed it left arm along with the wings on his back.

“yooouu…. How dare you….”
Rag’ul reccollected himself then from his right hand a flame is forming. The temperature of it keep increasing. From red to blue, then purple then blacks. Just seeing from the colour one can feel the intense heat. Then suddenly it turns to white letting out bright streams of light. It was a forbidden spell, “million suns”. It creates a miniature of the sun which heat start to melt the gold in the surroundings.

“take this!”

The ball of light is flying towards me. I can’t dodge it and I don’t have any ways to defend my self. I just channeled all of my darkness element, creating a black wall in front of me.

“darkness shield!”

The million suns touched the shield and slowly depletes the shield layer. If I use the water shield, it will battle in power which will results in my loss with the water shield evaporating. In the other hand, the compability of darkness and fire is high, so there’s a possibility of my darkness shield to absorb some of the fire attribute. But the power of million suns is so high and forces my darkness shield to deplete.

Finally it break trough my darkness shield but the earlier big ball size has turn into a marble size. It hit my right arm and turning it into nothingness. Not even a shed of blood flows down.

“impressive.. But you can’t do anything now.”

The next spell he cast, seemed to be Rag’ul finishing moves. His horn glows and taking power from the surrounding. The liquid gold around, melted because of the million suns flowed in the air circling Rag’ul’s horn.

“you should hear the name of your death. Thousand Gold needle.”

Rag’ul magic is not just fire elements. Apparently he know high level earth spell which enable him to control minerals like gold. The liquid gold solidified once again into hundred thousands long and thin needle.

There’s no way for me to survive. It this is my death, I’ll gladly accept it. After all severing one of Rag’ul arm is the extent of my current ability.

*shiiing* *shiing*
High pitched sound fill the hall for one second then it turn into silence.

I can feel countless needle pierces my body… Ugh… It hurts… I.. Don’t want.. To die…

I can feel my conciousness fades away little by little..

I feel down to the floor and blood running down from countless tiny holes in my body..

Rag’ul stand there and looking at the boy furiously. He killed the boy for sure but it hurts his pride so much. For an ancient dragon to suffer so much against a teenager demon. It was a big blow for him.

Just when he’s about to relax, his eyes opened wide.

He didn’t know how but the blood is flowing back to the boy body.

Tracing a few seconds back, the blood that flow from Vahjra body accidentaly arrives at an ancient magic circle. Magic circle can be invoked by chanelling power to it, the element power that is stored in the body naturally flows in the blood too. Making it sufficient enough to activates the magic circle.
Am I…still alive?

I opened my eyes and I’m currently lying down. Rag’ul was there, looking at me with disbelievements. I also didn’t believe that i survive that attacks.

Slowly my strength recovered and I get up.

“what just happened?”
Rag’ul roared at me with anger.

“I don’t know myself..”

I tried to sense the element around me but it’s all gone. I tried to create a waterball and surprisingly it was a success without any element power, but I see a few blood coming out from the tip of my fingers. I recalled something from hundredS of ancient inscription that I read.

This is the long lost forbidden spell “blood element fusion”. It was a spell that allowed me to control my own blood as if it was my natural elements. Allows me to move my blood at will, even use it for attacking. It will increased my regeneration, also granting me semi-immortality as long as I have elements in my blood. The medium to absorb surrounding element thus has been changed to my blood.

But I can’t relax now. I haven’t got a full grasp of my ability and I can’t leisurely absorb the surrounding elements right now. If I use a spell, it will take my blood in returns. I still will be dead if I lose too much blood or used all of the blood in my body to cast spell. In front of me Rag’ul already prepared to launch another attack.

I see another demon come in to the hall. The demon that ask us to stop.

“who are you? You dare to disturb my battle.”

“humph.. That’s funny.. I didn’t see any battle here. I only see an ancient dragon bullying a teenager demon, what’s more getting furious when he’s unable to kill the demon child.. Hahaha…”
The demon that just came in answered nonchalantly.

“How dare yoou?”

Rag’ul was about to attack the demon man, but the demon man stopped it just by releasing his pressure. Of course I can feel his pressure too. It was ruthless, bottomless, and dark. I can tell that he is much more superior than me or Rag’ul.

Rag’ul can’t move under this pressure then lowered his head. Unlikely what a demon with high pride will do.
“master… If you spare my life, I will serve you until my death. I have been looking for someone like you. Someone worthy for me to serve. Someone that have so much power to shake the world.. Someone that will be… The demon king.”

He was saying that earnestly. To see him submitted himself this easily. It’s unbelieveable but I also know the reason. This demon in front of me, has a grand aura. Aura of a ruler. Perharps he may be able to be the next demon king.

“hahaha.. Well said. I never think about it. But, becoming the demon king, perharps I should do that.”

Just when he finished saying that I bowed down to him.
“Master.. Let me serves you too.”

He looked at me and smiled.
“hahaha.. This is good. To think I will get two loyal subordinates just like this. I came here after I heard about the power of the blood dragon. I was thinking of recruiting him. Now, I got a promising youth that held his own ground against this dragon. Hahaha. Very well. You two, from now on you have to follow me. When I became a demon king. You’ll be my generals.”


Aaah.. That brings back memory. It was the starting point when I got my power and called as the bloodmage. Thus hundreds years ago he finally succeeded the throne. Given his amount of power and ability, I don’t think he will face much trouble. But the human side has summoned a hero and becomes a big threat. I even heard one of his horn has been cut by the hero.

Wait for me my lord. I’ll arrive in the castle in a couple minutes. Then I’ll assist you in summoning your own hero. I promise I’ll summon someone who is much stronger than the human’s hero. Someone that will be known in the history. Someone that will shake the world. He will be one of your best generals and called.. Hero of the demon..

The legend of the demon king summoned hero, has begun!

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