17 – can I come with you?

Here’s another treat…As scarecrow said.. If you can make a conclusion from “nymph” + “seed” + “opposite gender”.. You’ll know what you’re going to read…I’ll send you another mental attack.. Defend if you can. Hahahaha…. —————–

Chapter 17

After I asked those questions, Irene shyly answers.

“The seed is something that all male creatures naturally have. It was something they produce to make the female pregnant.”

Ehh.. What? Is that basically sp*rm?
“If it’s something like that, how can the male demon died when you take it from them?”

Now, this is something that pique my interest. She could’ve just ask them nicely.. No sane demon will resist her alluring body.

“Actually… When we take it, there’s a special circumstances that will cause incomparable damage to the demon. Leaving most of the demon to die. Even the Demon King would probably die. That’s also one of my reasons for not doing this. I don’t want to kill anyone just for my own sake.”

I can’t believe that her soul is so pure for a demon. Most demons would probably kill another demon without thinking. But as a nymphs natural trait is peace, it was as expected.

“So, what is this special circumstance that may even kill the Demon King?”

Irene fidgeting her fingers. With lowered head but her eyes is still looking at me. She softly answered.

“We have to take it using our mouth. If the seed came into contact with the air, it will be soiled and our ritual can’t be completed.”

Huehehehe. An evil grin shows up in my face. At first I only silently listening at her explanation because my eyes is busy focusing at her exposed brea*t. It also may take effect to my not even a bystander power..

But hearing this.. It benefits my ecchi master power even more.. I’m worried about the damage that she said will be dealt, that could even kill the Demon King… With my 1000100 health, shall I take the gamble?

It’s too much of a gamble.. If I died, I couldn’t even taste Rosalie anymore. What’s more now I have a chance with Alice that is willing to do it with me.. Of course I won’t get myself killed over this..

“You know Irene.. I have another idea…”

“Because you’re afraid that your ritual will kill a demon….”

“Do it with me…”

Oh no.. I know I shouldn’t take this risk, but as a 18 years old virgin.. This is something that I can’t refuse.. I will finally get my first blo* j*b from that enchanting lips of Irene… Because my chance of experiencing it is low… Rosalie’s pride won’t let her do something as low as this and Alice mouth is too small for my ****.. So, I think this is my chance..

“Alright let’s start.”

Irene still surprised when hearing my willingness but at this time I quickly turn of my unimportant existence power on my lower half..

The next following scene includes sexual contents.. If your age is under 18. I suggest you to skip this section. There’s another mark below to indicate that you can start reading if you decide to skip..
(The following scene is inspired from re:m*nster)

“You know… It’s my first time..”

“Don’t worry me too..”

Irene approaches me and looked into my eyes.. I can see some hesitation in her eyes..


I pat her head and then with a gentle force, push it down, to front of my groin.

“Whoa.. It’s so big.”

She is now like a child when first seeing a toy store.

“Can I… Touch it?”

Her fingers approach slowly. Of course right now it’s already standing out proudly facing the sky. Her finger arrives and I can feel the cold feeling enwrapping it.

“So.. Hard..”
Irene is playing with it curiously like a child would with her toy.

After inspecting it and touching every inches of it, she raise her head and looking at me with her green eyes.

“…are you.. Ready?.”

I just nodded and let her do her ritual.

That lips of Irene split open..

Opening her mouth wide and took it inside her mouth…

I unconsciously let out a moan.

Irene is looking at me, checking if I’m alright.. I just looked at her and say.
“It’s alright.. Continue…”

She moves her mouth up and down slowly.. Like a girl eating an ice cream..

“aaah… Aaah….”
I continue to let out my voice.. Telling her that I’m feeling soo much pleasure..

Minutes have passed and by now Irene is already moving her head up and down skillfully..

“huff… Irene… Huff… I’m almost there… Huff..”
Right now I can feel something building up inside me.. Making it harder for me to breath..

She also put one hand on her chest and the other on her lower mouth.. Moving it fiercely…

Seeing that, aroused me even more.. And I know I’m already at my limit..

” huff… Huff… Irene….. IT’S COMING OOOOOUUUUTTTT…”

I feel something coming out from me, leaving some emptiness feeling inside and makes my body twitched for several times…

My leg power is gone and causing me to fall on my back.. Surprisingly Irene mouth is still intact..

Of course she wouldn’t let her hard work gone to waste.. The seed mustn’t come into contact with the air..

“You’re wonderful.. Thank you..”
I’m saying that while looking at Irene.. I can see the happy expression on her face..

I feel so sleepy and decided to close my eyes for a bit.. I don’t know why this ritual can kill even the demon king…

You may read now if you decided to skip before….

Just when I closed my eyes, Irene head continue to move up and down again.. What’s worse she is now sucking on it.. I can also feel that she has another mouth inside her mouth which gives me double the feeling of being sucked.. But this time it is extremely hurts…

Now i know the reason how it can kill even the demon king… Each time she sucks, I received some critical damage… And because she didn’t show any sign of stopping.. The damage i received is continuous…

*Critical hit*
-10000HP -10000Hp – 10000Hp

My health point is high but I can’t withstand the pain, I can feel my consciousness fade away..

I wake up in the morning.. When i look at my lower half, Irene is still sticking like glue.. She was asleep with her head resting on my thigh but her mouth keep nibbling on it and still sending damage luckily lower than before..

Did the ritual complete? Because I didn’t die, so I’m not sure. I looked at Irene’s leg and luckily it has transformed into a slender leg. Fiuh.. It’s a success..

I looked at my health bar and it was at 500000 points left.. While I sleep, my health should’ve been recovered usually. Taking that into my calculation, the damaged caused by the nymph ritual easily surpassed 1500000…

If not for my high health and my regeneration when I was asleep, I will be long gone.. But, it was worth the trouble…

“ow. Wou wawe awawe. Wood wowwing..” Irene is talking while her mouth is still full..

She finished talking, corrected her posture and continues to suck….

-6969Hp -6969Hp – 6969hp..

Darn. Now I know where the terms nymphomaniac comes from..

Actually it’s really pleasurable, but the constant damage is annoying..

Few minutes later I was left with around 500 Hp when she finally let it go.. By now my body feel numb.. Seems like she has really sucked me dry into a mummy..

“Thank you Mister Kuro. With your help the ritual has succeed and I didn’t have to kill anyone. Thank you.”

One more suck and I’ll die you know… But i couldn’t say it to her.. After all I’m the one that decided to help her.

“Never mind.. Now If you have finished, I’ll take my leave.”

There’s no point in staying here any longer. I stand up and turn around.

“eh.. Wait..”

“..Can I come with you?”

Now, this is a tricky question… Of course I want to take her with me.. She also may give me another service in the future.. But, I don’t know what Rosalie and Alice will think..

“Actually, why do you want to follow me?”

“I want to repay your deeds. The Nymph power is on our healing magic, I can’t defend myself in the wilderness. Because once a nymph has finished their ritual, they have to leave our settlements. I conclude that it will be safer if i go with you. Moreover if you’re going to do more adventure, in the future I may be of use to you.”

Owh, the nymph power is healing magic. It was necessary to have a healer in a party.

“I don’t know.. Let’s ask my friend first.”

“Alright.. But, let’s do something about this..”
See looked down and points to her chest and my groin..

Oh no.. I’m scared.. Does she want to continue doing it? I want to do it to.. But I don’t have much Hp left.. Let’s back down and play innocence.

“Err… what do you mean?”

“We’re naked you know.” Irene say that while giggle..

Owh.. So that’s what she means.

“But, I thought you didn’t mind about this thing, like when I first see you before.”

“This and that is different. Before I complete my ritual, my body hasn’t fully developed. Now when it has reached adulthood, I can’t just show it to anyone.”

I looked at her body and look for the differences.. Her breast size has increased enormously.. Look yummy.. And her slender leg now showing her curves.. It will be a lot of trouble if she stays naked. Men will be coming to devour her.

“owh.. I get it… But… I can still see you naked right?”

She blushed and said.. “…of course..”

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