18 – let’s try to remove one of your ….

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Chapter 18

With Irene’s natural ability, she make emergency clothes for me and her from tree leaves. Just like Tarz*n and J*ne coming out of the forest we reach my camp.

Seems like Rosalie and Alice are still sleeping.

“Come in quick.”

I took Irene inside my tents and quickly changed my clothes. I pick up some of my clothes and give it to her. Of course the leaf clothes is sufficient but I want to enjoy the scene that I witness right now.

When the sun rose higher, finally Alice and Rosalie came out from their tents.

“eeeh. Who is that?”
The two of them surprised when seeing Irene.

“Her name is Irene and she wants to travel with us.”

Irene knowing the situation then bows and introduced herself.
“My name is Irene Nymphilla. I came from the forest nymph race. Yesterday I was saved by Kuro-sama. Because my fighting ability is none, my chance in surviving is almost zero. Because of that Kuro-sama suggested that I travel with him. In return I can help with healing magic, morning service, night service, cooking, laundry, and other daily chores.”

Irene’s attitude is now changed 180degree. She is now talking in well manner like a housemaid. She even call me Kuro-sama.

“Onee-chan.. I know that nymph race is peace on nature and have low chance to survive. I think it’s alright to let her come with us.”

Rosalie frowned and let out a sigh.
“Alright.. But if you turn out to be a burden, we’ll leave you behind.”

“Thank you Miss.”

After that I introduced Alice and Rosalie to Irene. We eat some breakfast cooked by Irene and surprisingly it is so tasty. Making Alice asked for second serving. Seeing how well is her cooking, Rosalie’s attitude towards her softened a bit.

That day we continue our travel on Rhinodillo and when night comes there’s a problem.

“Irene! You should have come and sleep with us. There’s no way you will sleep in Kuro’s tent.”

“Onee-chan.. If that’s the case I’ll sleep in Onii-chan tents with her. I’ll keep an eye on her.”

“There’s no way I can let that happened.”

“hiks.. Kuro-sama..”

Rosalie grabbed Alice and Irene and pulled them into her tent. I can see Irene and alice expression is pleading at me. Hahaha.. I also want them to sleep with me but I’m powerless against Rosalie’s word right now.. But after Irene came, somehow the mood has gotten better and livelier.
So I just sleep in my tent and cultivated my ecchi master power. That night I hear Rosalie screaming a couple times scolding Irene and Alice. Seems like her work has been doubled.

In the morning I was woken up by something.

-6969Hp -6969Hp – 6969hp..

Darn.. I know this feeling.

“wood wowwing waawweeww.” it was Irene saying good morning master. But because of some circumstances she couldn’t speak properly.

I just give her a smile.
“Quick, return to your tent. You’ve done enough. Make sure you get back unnoticed.”

She lifts her face and says something.
“Don’t worry master. I have put them in a good sleep with special pollen. They wouldn’t wake up unless I wake them up.”

After that she continues what she was doing before. When she finished she said to me.

“Thank you master. If I didn’t get to drink your seed every day, I’ll keep on wetting myself and have to changes into several panties. Alice’s pantie didn’t fit so I share with Rosalie. And if I have to change several times a day, we’ll run out of panties. I’ll take my leave then.”

It seemed like this will become a habbit. I didn’t mind it though and the other two won’t notice. Now apparently Irene is wearing Rosalie’s pantie. As for the bra, Rosalie’s didn’t fit and she used her own made leaf one. I’ll buy her underwear in return for her morning service.

Irene is now wearing a girl’s clothes too. A deep blue maid outfit matches with her green hair. It must be Rosalie’s because Alice’s wouldn’t fit. Why did Rosalie have this kind of clothing? But of course it was still too small for Irene in the chest area, making it stick tightly showing her round mound.

When Irene return to her tent minutes later Rosalie and Alice came out. It really amazing seeing these two didn’t realize that Irene is using her pollen on them.

Finally this is our third day on travel. Tonight we’ll arrive at the Lich’s catacomb. Soon enough I’ll have my xxxxxxxxxx power removed and gain 1000000 attack.

When the night comes, we arrived at the Lich’s catacomb. Its entrance was a ten meters wide hole in the ground. When I tried to look down, I couldn’t see the end. There was only a spiraling stairs on the side of the hole. It was like a stairway to hell.

Alice didn’t seem to mind, she stepped down and lead us down. Rosalie is following behind, then me, then Irene. After one hour descending finally we reach flat ground.

When we arrive there’s a big metal gate five meters in height. Like the door you would encounter when facing a boss in an MMO game. Strangely enough it opened by itself as we approached.

It revealed a big hall behind it but it was too dark to see anything. Suddenly torches lit up along the way. The torches were planted on stone pillars and continued to light up for fifty meters. Now on the end of the last stone pillar, dimly lit from the torches, I could see a throne.

On the throne there is a skeleton resting on it, sitting down calmly. But there’s something different with it. Between the bones, there is some kind of black layers that covered it. Making it impossible to see in-between each bone. Below the waist the bone is joined together and covered in a black layer that looked like a cocoon.

We arrived in front of the throne then suddenly two red light appear in the skulls eye sockets. It moved it’s mouth and spoke in a coarse voice.

“aaaah.. I was wondering who is it.. But it turns out to be Alice and the Princess. Welcome to my catacomb.”

It seems like that it was the lich. Alice and Rosalie then introduce us.
“It’s been so long since we see each other Valeera. I have come with Onee-chan here to ask you something.”

“Pardon us Valeera. This man here is Kuro. He is the hero that my father summoned. And the nymph here is Irene, for some reason she is travelling with us. We’re here regarding the curse that the hero suffered. Kuro, Irene, this is Valeera Rosengard. The lich of this catacomb, one of the demon army generals.”

I lowered my head a bit and Irene does the same.

“Aaah.. To think that there’s a strong curse on the hero body.. Come here.. Let me see what’s wrong with you.”

I stepped forward to the throne and the lich stood up. Amazingly Valeera was flying in the air. Below the joined waist there seemed to be something holding her up. Her name is Valeera so it should be a she right?

Her red dot eyes looking at me up and down. She raise one of her skeletal arm and make an up and down gesture. Along with that, white circle appear on top of my head and goes down with her hand motion.

“Interesting.. Quick, show me your power.”


Name: Kuromaru Ryuuji
Age: 18 Lvl: 1 Exp:4%
Health: 1000100/1000100
Mana: 0/0
Attack: 1-1

Special power:

-Really an Unimportant Existence
~It would be hard for normal power to notice you. Even the demon king can hardly see you
*Higher type of ‘Skill of Hiding’, even if enemy has you in their line of sight if they’re careless blink you cannot be seen again.
Why would anyone want to see you? Only some individual may notice you*

-Worthless former child
~Not even your parents consider you as their son
*You can’t have any mana; you don’t even need it right? Even your family doesn’t need you*

-Peak saint level Ecchi master
~Given your 15 years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation
*Because of your recent action, it will be easier for you to do it too, random chance in encountering ecchi situation [increased in chance and luck]*)

-[Maybe you’re not]Not even a Bystander[anymore]
~For ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything
*always -24 in defense, because of your recent action in risking your life to help a stranger nymph complete her ritual, there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again.*

~You don’t know what is this and you don’t even want to know
*your attack power can’t exceed 1.
No matter what weapon you use.*

-Hero of the demon
~Gives you 1000000 points in health, mana, attack, and defense

– Apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes
~As the right hand of the first vampire, you’re granted the unique ability of transforming. the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes that run in your vein is thicker than his descendants and 99% similar to the original vampire clan *The greater image you have in your mind, the greater the power*

– The all-seeing eye
~One of special eye power of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first.
*You can see through solid object, have you use it to peek on someone?*

“I see… Just what kind of thing have you done in your life?”

When asked like that, I recalled my memory. I just live and ordinary boring life. My parents ignore me, what’s more my sister always gave me strange looks. I have no friends and like to read ecchi light novels. I didn’t do anything strange to get me cursed. I also didn’t bother to interfere in other’s business, like when I didn’t bother with the boy that was about to get hit. In other words, I live like air which gives me my unimportant existence.

“What’s wrong Valeera. Is it something that will take his life? Is it something you can cure?”
Somehow Rosalie is asking with a hint of worriedness in her tone.

“Hahaha.. Take it easy Rosalie.. As a lich, no one knows better about curses than me. This man, Kuro, has two level 1 curses and one level 3 curse. This xxxxxxxxxx is a third tier curse. Not even a bystander and worthless former child is both a level 1 curses. I believes to know about this xxxxxxxxxx curse, you have to at least cure one of your level 1 curses. This kind of case is rare but not that hard to cure. But to have three curses on your body. What an interesting one.”

I get it now. This xxxxxxxxxx is like a high level chained quest. To clear it you have to finish the prerequisite condition. Which is to clear one of the level one curse.

“Onii-chan.. Let’s try to remove one of your curses.”

I nodded and answers.
“I think it would be easier to remove my not even a bystander curse.”

Then, I can feel another killing intent from Rosalie.
“Kuro…. It seemed that this useless ecchi master of yours have leveled up once again.. And what’s with this risking your life to help a stranger nymph completing her ritual? Since when you have been so chivalrous?”

Urm.. Of course I tell her about Irene but I left out some of the unimportant facts. With her vast knowledge I’m sure she knew how the Nymph do their ritual.

“um.. About that.. It seems like I forgot about it..”

With a hand making a fist I tapped it against my head and titled it to the side a bit. At the same time I wink my eyes and let out my tongue.


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