19 – you-know-who

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Chapter 19

Part 1

I suffered some damaged as divine punishment from Rosalie.. Leaving me on the verge of dying. Luckily it was already late at night so I can sleep and recover my health..
Because the size of the catacomb is enormous, each one of us has our own room. When I wake up in the morning, naturally Irene is there. Finishing her job and leaving immediately.

Today, we’re going to discuss on how to remove ‘Not even a Bystander’ power. Helping a wild demon like Irene isn’t something that comes by every day, and the consequences is high. I almost died in the process. Even my willingness to help Rattaniel the first only increases my defense by one point.

So now, we need some strategy for me to help people but not too attract too much attention. Because I’m a human in demon territory and not much know that I was summoned by the Demon King. Moreover I still need to keep my unimportant existence.

“So, Onii-chan what do you want to do?

“hmm.. I don’t know.. This power seems to be greatly affected when I helped Irene. But when I accept Rattaniel request it didn’t change much.”

“Helped Irene huh?”
Rosalie gives her cold remark.

“I think, you have to help a lot of demon to remove it. Helping the Nymph brings you to the edge of your death, thus increased it greatly. Not every day you can help someone till you have to risk your live. Also with your power and extreme health, I’m afraid that you’ll be on critical condition on regular basis.”
As expected of Valeera, she could easily tell the circumstances..

“Irene, is there another Nymph that wants to do their ritual that I can help?”

I’ll try to pretend that I didn’t feel Rosalie’s killing intent and look at Irene, but she shook her head.

“Not at the moment’s master. As you have known, reaching level 80 is very hard. Especially for demons like us that is peaceful by nature. We can only gain experience and leveled up by training ourselves. Naturally regular Nymph can reach level 80 in 150 years at the fastest record. It should work the same with other demons.”

“eeeh, how old are you?”

“It’s not too polite to ask about a girl’s age master.”
She sends me a wink and smile but I can sense some threat mixed in.

Alright.. I guess it’s a taboo to ask girls about their age. At the moment it was impossible for me to ask Rosalie’s, Alice’s and Valeera’s age too. So let’s change the topic.

“Is there a demon territory that has an abusive leader, always torture their subordinates, maybe even taking high tax or demon thing with force?”

I still don’t know how the territory or leadership is done in this demon region. As far as I know there is0 that the Demon King = absolute ruler. Demon generals = leader of a clan/tribe. I don’t know about anything else. I don’t even know if there’s a city and civilization to visit to buy underwear for Irene.

“Aaah.. If you describe it like that, there is one.”
Valeera quickly answered my question.

“Valeera.. Are you perhaps referring to that region?”
Rosalie is asking with worry.

“As one could expect from the princess.. You have vast knowledge and understanding. Yes, it’s that region. That person really fit Kuro’s description.”

Alice seemed to notice something too and asking with an afraid tone.
“Onee-chan.. Are you talking about him?”

Rosalie just nodded and Alice body immediately trembles.

I feel I just stepped into a landmine with my question. Hearing that region and that person, and him without hearing something is worrisome.

“Who are you talking about and where is that place?” I asked.

“We only refer him to ‘you-know-who’ or ‘he-who-must-not-be-named’.”
(did it ring a bell)

To be regarded as that, how dangerous is this person. Like the Demon King whom until now I didn’t know the name of. Everybody is calling him the Demon King. For your nickname to be so well known more than your real name, you should have great influence, power, or achievements.

“So, who is this guy and where can I find him?”

“If you face him and go against him, the probability of you completing you’re not even a bystander is very high. But I advised you to not go and we can think of other ways.”
Rosalie is answering with some concern.

Being told not to meet him makes me want to meet with this you-know-who even more.

Irene being silent from the moments this man is mentioned just shivered in a corner.

“You know something about this don’t you?”
I tapped her shoulder and asked. But she keeps being silent.

“I won’t give you anymore seed if you don’t want to answer.”

She just said that and cries.

“What do you think you’re doing Onii-chan?”
Alice comes and embraced Irene with her small body and patted her head.

“Come now.. Don’t cry.. Onii-chan I hate you *humph*.”
Alice and Irene have got extremely close. Maybe it’s because their course of action towards me is similar.

“Alright I’ll tell you. But you have to go there alone okay?”
Rosalie is now looking at me with a serious face.

I look at Irene and whisper to her. In a soft voice to make sure Alice didn’t hear this.
“If I go alone, you won’t be able to drink my seed.”

But she answers me while keep crying.
“hiks… don’t worry master.. Hiks.. If I emptied your seed for a whole night, I can keep it in for a week. Hiks.. I really don’t want to go.. Hiks…”

I don’t know how to give a response to that answer. I just looked back at Irene and nod. Then I shift my gaze towards Rosalie and Valeera.

“Okay, I’ll go alone. Tell me more regarding this man.”

Part 2

Valeera and Rosalie give me an explanation regarding this man.

“This man had a title once. It was the Prince of Darkness. His real name is unknown. He kidnaped the whole Tribeca race and kept them as prisoners. It was done for more than ten years.”

“Tribeca race is known as a race well known for their sensitive reflex and hearing. They are demon with appearance of a cat. They were spread all over the demon region because they usually work as peddlers.”

“For you-know-who to openly kidnap each one of them from all over the continent it was already weird. What’s more, even with the Tribeca race sensitive hearing, they were all kidnapped without resisting or shouting for help. It is said more than five thousand of the Tribeca race have been kidnaped.”

“He-who-must-not-be-named made a name for himself by doing this. He lives in the Pervaria town . Now, the Pervaria town no longer has any other resident because of him. Some high demons tried to free the Tribeca race but they all failed. Three generals have gone to fight him but they also all failed. His power is probably on par with the Demon King.”

“If you’re successful in freeing the Tribeca race, I believe you’ll be able to remove your ‘Not even a Bystander’ power.”

After hearing that I really want to meet this man. It’s not that I really care about saving the Tribeca race, but I get a feeling that he is similar to me.

“Alright. I’ll try to save the Tribeca race.”

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