20 – Neko-mimi lover..

Yuhu… I’m back.. We’re going to make some story advancement so less ecchi below.. Alright? (When i said less, it doesn’t mean that there will be none at all) hahaha..—————
Chapter 20

After I decided to travel alone, I make some preparations. Pervaria town isn’t that far, only one day on Rhinodillo. Of course that night I was busy. But it’s not like I have many things to do. I only have Irene to attend to.

That night I didn’t get to sleep at all. Irene really left me dry. I was like a corpse mummy when I get out of the catacombs. It’s like seeing a walking dead scene.

“Ugh, what happened to you? You look ugly. Anyway, this Rhinodillo will take you to Pervaria town. You don’t have to worry you if you get lost. This Rhinodillo also knows the way back here, so just tell him your destination and he will take you.”

I quickly mount it and depart.
“Onii-chan.. Came back in one piece okay?”

“Kuro, be careful out there. After all you are my father’s hope okay?”

“Kuro, I wish you luck. As one of the demon general I’ll wait for your return. If there’s anything you need just tell me okay?”

“Master.. I can only hold it for a week. You have to come back okay?”
That last farewell from Irene quickly made Rosalie’s and Alice’s head to turn, looking at her and sending cold killing intents at me.

After I was gone from their sight I can imagine the situation that Irene in. Interrogated by Alice and Rosalie, but I know she will keep her morning service a secret.


The journey was faster than I thought. I already arrived in the afternoon. Pervaria city is like a ghost town. Hundreds small hut surround a plaza but there is no life. On the edge of the town, a big mansion can be seen. Most likely it’s where that Prince of Darkness hid the entire Tribeca race.

I walked to the mansion and the air was getting chilly. The closer I got, the bigger the mansion became. It was huge. At least five stories high and twenty windows can be seen indicated how wide it is.

Should I just storm the front door? Of course! I’ll just activate my unimportant existence and walk in.

This mansion really lacks in security. The door is not locked, the room door is opened. Now, where is the hidden door to the basement? Of course a villain should keep their dirty works in the basement.

I search the whole house but nothing is out of place until I stumbled into a room that is clean, different from other dust covered room. It should be here.

I investigate the surrounding but nothing is suspicious. The only strange thing was the fireplace, what was it doing in such a small room. Was it for Santa? Hell no! It’s not like I believe in Santa but that fat guy would not fit trough.

So, what should I do with this fireplace? I see a bookshelf on the other side of the room and so I investigate the books. There’s one clean book in there. I tried to pick it up to see if there will be a secret passage revealed but what I see next is black wall. Apparently when I picked up the book, a hole appeared below me sending me in this long black tunnel like slide.

For almost ten minutes I was inside the tunnel slide. Going up and down, left and right until finally it stopped.
I fall down to the floor on my bottom. I didn’t have time to feel any pain because what was in front of me was a kind of prison. Iron bars lined up breaking into smaller jail room. Based on this corridor alone there should be around one thousands jail. Inside them I can see countless cat creatures, ranging in colours and patterns.

“Who goes there?”
A cold voice filled with pressure could be heard, the pressure in the voice was directed towards me.

“I can’t see you but I know you’re there.”

I search for the source of the voice. To the left of the iron cage jail cell a light could be seen coming from a room. I approached, that’s when I saw the ‘Prince of Darkness’ and couldn’t help but think to myself.

What the hell?

Yahaaa… Today we have a guest with us.. Our ecchi master Kuromaru Ryuuji.. Let’s give him a round of applause… *clap**clap**clap*

Alright, alright that’s enough… Okay, Kuro, where are you?

“I’m here”

Whoa! You surprised me.. How long have you been there?

“About an hour ago.”

“Wow! Your unimportant existence power is so amazing. Witnessing myself has made me respected you more and more.”

“Quit the useless chatter. So why did I have to come here?”

“Uhm.. Today we’re going to have a Q&A session with you.”

“What? Just for that, I’ll just return to Pervaria prison.”

No… Please wait.. We have lot’s of your fans in here, wanting to know more about you.

“Fans? Huh? Are you trying to remove my unimportant existence by doing this? Are you jealous of my power huh?”

“Urm.. It’s harder to talk to you than I thought. You can talk with the girls normally but why you’re talking like this to me?”

“Of course because they’re girls and you’re a boy.. I don’t swing that way so see you later.”

“Wait… Wait… If you stay a little bit longer I’ll give you my ecchi light novel collection..”

“Uhm.. If that’s the case, I can stay a little bit longer.”

“Okay.. Let’s start the Q & A now..
First question is from Nightmares.. What are your preferences in girls?”

“Uhm.. That’s hard to tell.. At first I only like 2D girls.. But recently it changed slightly.. For instance, Rosalie’s was supple and firm, Alice’s is undeveloped but soft, as for Irene’s I haven’t touch hers yet.”

*cough**cough* I didn’t mean it like that, the personality I mean..

“ugh.. You should have said so earlier. I’m fine with Rosalie tsundere type. Alice loli sister feeling, and Irene nymphomaniac maid type. But if I have to choose, I like a nymphomaniac tsundere sister.”

“Isn’t that the mix of those three personalities?”

“Yes if they could be merged into one person it would be wonderful. But as they’re now, I’ll take all three of them.”

“This guy seriously thinks of making a harem. Darn.. I’m so jealous.. Anyway, that’s all…”

“eh? That’s all? You hold me just for asking that?”

Well, that’s the only question I have right now. Does it mean you are not as popular as you think? You can leave now..

“Darn you author. You call me here just for this and now you asked me to leave. Let me show you the real face of Hero of the Demon.”

“Oh no… Maybe they just didn’t take the Q&A seriously. You know, most of our readers are boys, so a boy asking another boy may be weird in some cases. Or maybe it’s just your unimportant existence is so great that they forget about sending you a question.”

“It’s still your fault you useless author. You’re the one who gave me this power. Why don’t you just give me some OP stats from the start and let me get all the girls?”

“Whoa, whoa! Take it easy there. I did give you an OP power. And your ecchi master power, no one else in the world has that. And you already feel it’s usefulness. Don’t you like what you have experienced?”

“Ugh.. I like that, but it’s too much for me.”

Eeh, too much? Why?

“You don’t even understand what I feel. I’ve never held hands with a girl, never kissed a girl, but I’ve already made Rosalie cum and touched all over her body. Irene too was giving me a nice head, but every day? What’s worse yesterday I was like a mummy, she sucked me dry. It’s like I want to experience level 1 and 2 but you skipped it to a hidden level 5.”

“Uhmm.. That’s what the reader’s want you know?”

“No it’s not.. It’s what you want! Now, let me hit you a few times.”

“Ugh.. This is not good.. I better send him back to the Pervaria prison. See you next time.”

“Yyooouuu… Next time I won’t let you go!..”

“Too bad next time I’ll do a Q&A with the girls, lol…”


What the hell?

Inside a room there are several transformed Tribeca demons. All of them are female and they are naked except their neck covered with a collar connected to chain. Isn’t he just a pervert with a hobby of collecting female demons?

He was a handsome man, age around thirty and blue hair combed neatly to the side. Masculine figure with sharp brown eyes. But his sense of fashion is out of the world. Wearing something like a fur jacket on his upper body and fur shorts on his lower. Is he some kind of berserker?

“You, show yourself.”

Of course I don’t want to show myself. What kind of man showing himself in front of the enemy? Only MC’s from J*mp magazine.

Guessing from the colour of his fur, he should be some kind of animal demon. What kind of animal likes cats? Probably another cat-family demons.. Wait.. Is he a lion demon? That should be the case.

“Come out now and don’t make me angry! Groaaar!”

His roar sent forth some kind of shockwave. It hit’s my body and render my unimportant existence useless. Because it’s vibration is similar to a bats echo-location. It could be use to target one’s location.

“There you are.”

Having one of my useful skill disabled I quickly turn it off and show myself to him.

“You are a human? How unusual to find a human in here.”

“If I’m a human, what’s wrong about it?”

“What do you want?”

Hmph.. How should I answer that question? At first I really felt that we are somehow similar. Maybe I’ll just follow my instinct.

“Because I’m the same as you.”

His is face now extremely happy after hearing my answer.
“Is that true? I knew it! There’s someone out there like me. Finally I met one of them.”

Ugh.. It’s hard to keep up with this conversation. I don’t even know in what way we are alike.”

He came to me and circling a hand around my back. “Welcome brother. You don’t need to be shy in here. As a fellow neko-mimi lover, here is your paradise.”

What neko-mimi lover? Isn’t that just a cat fetish? Darn.. This guy smells like trouble..

Yahaaa…. He met with someone like him lol… A cat lover lol…. Anyway, you guys didn’t take it seriously when i said i need some question for the q and a corner lol… So, it turns out to be like that hahahaha…Anyway, i didn’t feel sad about the low number of view, or review and ratings, just let me keep attacking your mind if you want to console me.. Hahaha…Today there’s a black out so I can’t do my work and instead I write this and the last chapter… Enjoy… When the power is back I’ll be working lol…Btw immenotyou write a review.. A top weekly author is our ero-brother.. You should be proud lol… And the rest of you, quickly deactivate your unimportant existence and write some review, you already mastered is so well (just kidding don’t take it to heart)… Go and check out his work lol..As usual, thank you for reading until the last part of my useless chatter.. See you guys at the next chapter..——————

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  1. I know this post is a tad late & I usually do not post until I have caught up however… That Q&A scence was just so good. Perfect MC behaviour * are you a guy… then I don’t care* the frustration, the anger… Nice. Thank you.

  2. MC unique OP skill is the perverted skill , seriouly this conceal skill is like the shield oF Shiryu in the bening is the best some time later all people brak that shield is like a plastic shield mat in CHINA.thanks for the chapter

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