21.1 – special extra – bath scene II

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Chapter 21.1 – bath scene II

For your enjoyments, read each sentence carefully and let the ecchi master power to show it’s ability…

This scene happened one day before kuro departs to pervaria town..

“onee-chan.. Let’s take a bath together…”
Alice come running and hugs Rosalie from behind.

This time, Rosalie stares at Alice and activate her demon’s eye power.

“fiuh.. I’m glad it wasn’t Kuro. Okay.. Let’s take a bath.”

This time Rosalie can strip relaxly and enters the bath with Alice. The bath is divided into two parts. The first part have faucets and stools in front off them. The second part is a marble round pool filled with hot water coming out from a dragon head statue on the side. This kind of bath requires the user to clean their body before entering the pool to soak.

“Alice. Let me wash your back.”

Rosalie clean Alice body like how a big sister would do. After that, Alice stepped in to the bath first while Rosalie clean up her body and going to wash her hair.

Alice sat down inside the marble pool and closes her eyes. Not long after that, she feel something ticklish touching her body. Starting from her neck, arm pit, chest, abdomen, lower abdomen area, thigh, foot, feels like something moving around her body and make her feel ticklish. She opens her eyes and see nothing wrong so she close her eyes again.

This time, she can feel the ticklish feeling is concentrated on two tiny dots on her chest area.

She can feel something is circling it and pulling it softly.

Alice never knew about this sensation.

The ticklish feelings slowly turn into something pleasurable. Forcing Alice to let out a voice.


Rosalie hear that and asked.
“Alice are you okay?”

“I’m fine oneechan..”
She gives her reply but her breathing is heavy.

Rosalie has finished cleaning and stepped into the bath and seated across Alice.

By now, the ticklish feelings have been going on for several minutes, making the soft dot on Alice’s chest to be hard. She can still feel the ticklish feelings on her left chest, but the ticklish feelings on her right chest is moving down slowly.

Then, the ticklish feelings rested on her thigh. Moving slowly nearing Alice’s lower mouth.

When it arrived at Alice’s lower mouth, once again she let out a moan.


Rosalie asks her again.
“are you sure you’re okay Alice.”

“..y-y-yes.. O-on-nee-chaan..”
She replied stuttered but Rosalie can’t do anything after hearing Alice answer.

Alice feel the ticklish feeling in her lower mouth steadily increases as the pleasureable feelings grow.

Alice can feel something is building up inside her lower mouth.

Then, an electric shock run trough her body.

This time she close her mouth with her hands to keep Rosalie away from noticing her.

The pleasurable feeling is now concentrated on Alice small dot, on the top of her lower mouth.

Each seconds passes and she can feel the electric like feelings running trough her body making it a little numb.

The pleasurable feelings is now uncontrolable.

“aaah… Aaah… Aaahh… AAAAAAHHHHH…”

Alice can feel that something comes out from her as if she was peeing.

After that her head feels heavy and she fall asleep.

Rosalie seeing Alice’s body twitched for several times. Right now she feel worried. Alice wierd action before forces her to take action. Rosalie’s checked Alice condition and turn out she was just sleeping.

Feeling relieved, Rosalie sit back at her earlier spot and continue to enjoy the relaxing feeling.

_-=Special Rosalie’s POV=-_

This time, Alice asked me to take a bath with her, let’s check if it was really Alice or Kuro.

Thankfully it was the real Alice. Alright I’ll take a bath with her.

I washed her body and cleans her hair. I think this is what it feels like if I have a little sister. Alice then decides to goes into the bath ahead of me. While I have to clean myself first.

Minutes later I hear small scream comes out from her mouth as if she was surprised. She said that she’s alright so I didn’t care about it anymore.

When I finished cleaning my self I entered the bath and seated across her. I can see that her face was deep red. And yet she let out another voice. I asked again if she was okay and she said she’s alright.. But she seemed to have a hard time taking a breath.

If she don’t want to tell me, I won’t push this matter. I just close my eyes and enjoy the hot water relaxing feelings.

“aaah… Aaah… Aaahh… AAAAAAHHHHH…”

I opened my eyes and I can see Alice’s body twitched several times before her head falls down rested on the marble edge.

I’m afraid something bad has happened to her so I approach her and check up on her condition. But it turns out that she was just sleeping.

This girl dares to make me worry while in the end she sleep in the bath. I’ll scold her later. I’ll just take my time for a bit more.

I sit back on my earlier position and closes my eyes again. This time I can feel a ticklish feeling as if an ant is walking on my arm. This feelings reach my neck then goes down to my feet and goes back up again.

Minutes have passed and this ticklish feeling is now circling the fat lumps in my chest area.

This ticklish feelings get stronger and forces my inverted pearls to come out. It moves to my pearl and turn out to be pleasurable.

am i feeling aroused right now?

I feel ashamed as I asked that to myself. It is the exact same feelings I have when kuro was doing indecent things to my body while disguiseing as Alice.

I feel shocked. I never think of lewd things and servicing myself. Perharps, have I turned bold and becames a bad girl?

Right now, I can’t think straight.

Surges of pleasure is flowing endlessly. Moreover my lower mouth seems to have been affected too. It feels kind of itchy.

Like knowing what I feel, one of the ticklish pleasurable feeling has gone from one of my pearl, shifted to my lower mouth.

I can feel that it was circling my lower mouth, teasing me.

Aaaaahhh…. I can’t take this anymore… Stop teasing me…

Just like that, it moved to the spot that has been itchy from before. Moved to my lower pearl. And with that, I open and close my eyes unconciously while moaning.

The sensation on my lower pearl is not enough and causing my lower half to moves pervertedly. As if I was mounted the rhinodillo.

Aaaaah… Aaaahhhhh….

This kind of pleasure makes me fly… It won’t be long before I reach my limits..

I continue to rocked my body backward and forth. Giving my lower pearl harder stimulation.

this feeling is even better than the previous experience with kuro..

Suddenly my mind went blank and I lose my conciousness..


If we look closely, inside the bath there’s some kind of invisible and see trough layer.

That layer was previously covered Alice’s and Rosalie’s body.

Now the spread layer collected itself and turned into a ball.

Slowly, the ball raises out of the water like a slime but making a humanoid shape.

Moments later we can see a humanoid shape made of water. Slowly but sure the clear see trough body replaced by muscle and blood vein, and continues with skin making it looks completely human.

With a grin on the face, it was Kuro.

Hahaha.. I can’t believe I write this in my breaks.. It took me around two hours to complete.. I better get back to my works lol…

Savour the taste ero-brother… It’s my thanks for your support.. Cheers…

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