22 – misty plains..

FYI to those who just joined as our ero-brother, this work was written from my phone. Because of that there’s no grammar checker or typo autocorrect whatsoever.. I’m PR it myself after i finished.. I’m sorry if there’s been an annoying mistakes here and there… Moving on, here’s another chapter…

Chapter 22

Part 1

“the queen? How can I meet her?”

Simba frowned then gives me a vague answer.

“hmm… It’s very hard to meet her using regular ways. You can’t just walk randomly to reach her place..”

This is irritating. It’s like I was given a fake hope.
“if that’s the case, tell me more about her first.”

“alright. The zodiac queen title is “bewitching queen” as for her real name, I don’t know. Everyone in the zodiac rank is really sensitive about their names. As you can guess from her name, she was able to drive every man on the battlefield to go wild. With her alluring body, she is capable of more than hundreds illusion spell. Making the human army fight each other, hung theirselves to death, even cut their reprosuctive organ she can do it easily.”

“therefore, no one know how she really looks or what she really capable of. Only some with a special eyes power is able to break free from her illusion with extreme difficulties. Because of that, nobody can really tell where she really lives.”

It’s like finding a needle in a stack of hay in the middle of a deserts.

“so, what kind of help does she really needs me to do?”

“she likes to improve herself but her method of training is ridiculous. She always played with the target minds, especially human. I just heard some rumour that anyone that became her experimental target will goes mad eventually. Now, she doesn’t have any human stock to practice with her spell. Seeing you’re a human, she will be willing to accept you as an experimental subject. As I said, you can help her at the same time you risked your life.”

I must be a fool for listening to this sadistic cat lover. He suggested me to help the queen as a lab rat. Where all of the rat in the lab all goes mad. It’s like he’s sending me as a gift.

“don’t worry. I can sense that your spiritual power is so high when I use my “Lion’s Roar” spell earlier. Your mind must be tougher than regular human. What’s more you’re a hero.”

Aaah.. Simba isn’t a complete fool afterall. But we still have a problem.

“so, how do I find the queen?”

“do you have a special eye power? Given one of your eye is colored purple, you should have one right?”

“yes, but it’s a useless kind of see trough object type.”

“hmm.. There shouldn’t be enough problem for you to worry. As I said before everyone can’t find her because she even use illusion to hide her home. But she always dissapear in the misty plains. If your eyes can see trough the mist, you’ll have a chance to find her for sure.”

I only take a day to reach this place. I should still have six more days before Irene can’t control her desire. If it’s near, I should have enough time.

“so, how far is this misty plains?”

“hahaha.. As I tought you’re a great man. Willing to take this chance and seeing you accepted my neko-mimi lover traits, I shall call you my brother.”

“so, where is the misty plains exactly?”

“it’s near. Only one day using rhinodillo. You should rest for tonight and travel tommorrow. I’ll prepare a room for you. And if you’re willing I can send one of the best Tribeca girls to attend to your needs.”

If it’s only a day away, it’s better to travel straight rather than returning to the valeera’s catacomb.

“alright. I’ll take you up on the offer. But, I don’t need you to send me a Tribeca girls.”

“Eeeh, why? I thought that you liked them too?”

Actually it will be too much trouble to make the Tribeca girl satisfied. Looking at Jana’s earlier show, I just get the feeling that it was not to my liking.

“Of course I like them. But I’m too tired after travelling here. What’s more I need to continue my journey tommorrow. I need to prepare myself.”

It was just an excuse but Simba believes me easily.
“Alright then. Nessie, take this man to the guess room. Ehh, I just realized I never asked your name. What is your name brother?”
(if you don’t believe it just check it, kuro never mention his name lol)

“my name is kuro.”

“what a simple name but I like it. Alright Ness, take brother kuro to his room.”

I was taken to one of the room of the mansion that I entered before and Nessie use some kind of spell to wipe the dust clean.
“if you need anything else, feel free to call me.” she bowed down and leaves.

Ok.. Today I didn’t feel much tired and it’s been a long time since I have a time for my own. I’ll cultivate my power with a scene that I have keep in my mind for some time. I sat down and sitting in a lotus position. Finally I can make use of this one. It’s the demon turtle.

Part 2

In the morning I wake up and feel refreshed. Doing it yourself is different than having others doing it for you. Especially when Irene is not here I feel something missing down there. But I can also wake up with full health. With this I’m ready to set out.

I didn’t stay for too long in the morning. I’m affraid that some virus from Simba’s head will infect my mind too. With that said I hop on to my rhinodillo and depart.

The misty plain is surprisingly near. I arrived there with no problem but what I see in front of me is an endless white fog. This is too suspicious. Should I go inside?

I stepped into the fog and I can feel like entering a different dimmension, the area surround me kind if distorted somehow. Oh right, Simba said that it was an illusion. I just have to keep walking in a straight line and rely on my eyes power.

I wandered inside the fog then I see a little girl crying in this endless world of white. Her appareance is around 10 years old but there’s no telling since demon can alter their apparances. She has blonde hair, brings a basket and wear a blood red robe.

Naturally I just passed her by.

Didn’t I say I just passed by? Of course I won’t a help a little girl crying in the middle of nowhere. Regular demon isn’t supposed to be here. So I’ll just ignore her. Even though there’s a possibility for me to increase my not even a bystander but I’ll just show her my real nature.

“wait.. What are you doing ignoring a small girl crying alone? Are you a demon?”

“Well basicly this is the demon territory and you should be a demon too right?”

“of course not. I came here because I want to visit my grandma. My mother asked me to deliver her bread. I just get lost in here.”

What? Is she’s joking? But somehow I’ve seen her somewhere. No way.. Is she little r*d rid*ng ho*d?

“don’t worry about delivering the bread. Your grandmother is already dead anyway.”

“what are you saying? You’re even worst than the demon. Huaaaaa…”

Just like that the girls ran away while crying. Well, not my problem really. Then I continue my travel.

“sir, would you like to buy this cow from me? This is my only cow and my mother asked me to sell it.”

Now, a golden hair boy come towards me bringing a cow. His expression is so pitiful. But darn, bringing a cow to a place out of nowhere like here is too much of work. Wait, you’re j*ck from j*ck and the b*anstalk?

I feel this illusion barrier work by taking a piece of information from my mind and use it to lure me.

I keep seeing out of place scene..

A girl with really long hair on top of a tower, a suspicious old lady selling an apple to a maiden. A boy in green flying with a little fairy, even a lion, and several teenagers in front of a wardrobe. Are you freakin n*rnia?

This is getting annoying. You know I won’t fall into that kind of trap.

Then suddenly it get’s more absurd.
A boy clad in black, two sword on his back can be seen, one have clear jade colours and the other is black, come running with a great speed and attacks me with a wierd techinque.

“starburst stream!”

What the heck? You’re kir*to?

I try my best to dodge the 16 hits combo. After that I countered by sending a punch to the boy. The boy flew backwards for a couple meter then dissapear turning into dust. Darn it just an illusion.

Few minutes later a boy with red shirt and wear a strawhat comes at me. I know this one, luf*y right?

He pull his arm to the back and strangely enough it streched for several meters.
“Gomu gomu…”

See I’m right.. At first I find it annoying, but right now I’m having fun guessing the characters. Should I just let it hit me? Afterall it’s an illusion right?

The hand he throws from the back quickly propelled forward. I can see the fist in front of me.


What the? I thought it was an illusion. Damnit… I hit this imposter luf*y and just like before he turn into dust with just one hit.

After that I was attacked more by various character. A wierdo with a mask shouting “getsuga”. A cute girl flick a coin and causing a railgun effect. A yellow haired boy holding a blue twirling ball attacks together with another boy with a lightning like attacks on his hand.

Man, this is tiring. But after I said that the wierd attacks stopped. This illusion seemed to read my mind state. Also the next illusion is completely freeze my mind.

“If you’re tired, don’t keep walking, use this.. Bambooshot-copter!”
This blue round catlike creatures took out something out of his front pocket.

Ugh.. This one is hard to resist since my youth he has filled it with fun and using bambooshot-copter becomes one of my dream.

“you don’t want it? Then use this.. Anywhere door!”

Using all of my willpower I have to resist this temptation. I quickly ran away from that adorable blue creatures.
(happy birthday dora*mon.. I’m a big fan of yours)

Isn’t there a normal person in this illusion?

Suddenly two people wearing a wierd leather clothes come up.
“hey, are you a newbie? It’s dangerous to rest out here. Come with us to mor*ta. That place has grow and it’s good for newbie like us.”

“yeah, true.. The lord of mor*ta has sculpted a masterpiece. We can get extra effect just by looking at the tower of lights.”

“the lord of mor*ta is so great. They said he Is also a wargod.”

“that’s true. He even open a shop selling japtem and food. I heard the food he make is so delicious and can raise various stats.”

“of course, our lord W*ed is the best.”

Damn.. I can’t take this anymore.. Just where did I take the wrong turn.. Did I forgot about something? Oh right.. My eye power..

“come with us to mor*ta.”
(special thanks to LMS to be a source of inspiration for a long time)

I activate my eye power and the two man dissapear. My left eye right now can see trough the fog. I scan my surrounding and it’s all a wide green grass praire.

I can only see one temple like building probably five km from me. Let’s try to go there.
When I arrived, nobody is there. The temple looks clean but empty. I searched every place but there’s nothing. I climbed to the roof to look for other building. Wait, is that a hut?

In the back of the temple I can see a hut. I guess that’s the place. I open the door and what I see infront of me is even more absurd.

A well in the middle of the hut covered by talisman. I know this.. Darn.. This is inuy*sha.. But my see trough eyes didn’t see anything wierd with this well. This one should be real. So, should I jump into the well?

Here goes nothing.. *swish*

Yuhu…. We’ll have another Q&A corner with the girls.. This time I’ll prolong the time for you to post your question.. 5 more chapter and we’ll have a QA corner..

Anyway, it’s been so hard to think of a cliche scene nowdays.. Got any idea?

Still, thank you guys for supporting this light and *refreshing* series.. Some people are asking this to be a serious project with the same plot but to tell the truth I lack the ability.. Sorry to dissapoint you… Anyway, thank you for reading ero-brother.. I’ll wait for your cliche idea and the question for the girls..

Ps: Question format..
To: Alice Rosalie Irene (all girls) / some girls that have appeared and will appear until the next 5 chapter for example demon turtle (some are curious about her right) / Jana (didn’t think lot’s of people like S&M though and any other female character (valeera is included too)
Question: write your question here.. Let’s make a decent interactive talk show scene lol.. Not like kuro with only 1 question hahahaha…

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    • which one the list goes by little girl – little red riding hood, selling cow boy- jack and the beanstalk, girl with long hair in tower – rapunzel, a suspicious old lady selling an apple to a maiden- snow white,A boy in green flying with a little fairy-peter pan, even a lion, and several teenagers in front of a wardrobe – narnia, starburst stream! guy – Kirito (Sword art online), a boy with red shirt and wear a strawhat – Luffy (One Piece), A wierdo with a mask shouting “getsuga”-Ichigo (Bleach), A cute girl flick a coin and causing a railgun effect -Misaka Mikoto (To aru majitsu no index/kagaku no railgun), A yellow haired boy holding a blue twirling ball attacks together with another boy with a lightning like attacks on his hand- Naruto and Sasuke I think? (Naruto), This blue round catlike creatures took out something out of his front pocket- Doraemon, the lord of mor*ta is so great. They said he Is also a wargod. – Weed (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor)

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