23 – bewitching queen

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Chapter 23

I jumped into the well and fall into the darkness for almost five minutes.


I was basically launched up with a popping side. With myself twenty meters in the air I can see the nearby scenery for about two seconds.. There’s the well which I comes out just now, beside it there’s an old japanese style house with a blossoming sakura tree nearby. Don’t tell me I’ll met with kik*o…

I landed on my feet but the shock of the impact makes me staggering for a while.

After I recover, I approaches the house and open the wooden slide door.
“uhhmm.. Excuse me.. Pardon my intrusion..”

The inside of the house is well furnished. Antique vase in a corner, high caligraphy scroll in the wall, there’s even a bonsai tree in here. It makes me remember my grandmother house back in Kyoto.

Suddenly an alluring voice alerted me.
“it’s been so long since I get a visitor. Please come in.”

After hearing that I entered a room. It was ten tatami wide and so spacious. With a couple cushion on the floor, it’s a tea ceremony room.

“please be seated while I prepare the tea.”

I don’t know how to react but I just followed the instruction. There may be some kind of illusion power on her words that makes me obey.

I can hear the sound of water being poured. I can also hear water flowing from a small bamboo style fountain outside. The cicada sounds makes me miss the summer break holiday.


The sound of a sliding door opened shift my gaze to it. What’s more I see a beauty in front of me.

Wearing a loose kimono, exposing her upper chest area, but not low enough to reveal her big round mound. The kimono was cut just a little bit below her thighs making it split open from the front showing off her smooth and slender leg. With short white silvery hair reaches only her shoulder. Her blood red lips contrassed with the white pupil in her eyes. Giving me a kind of cold but mesmerizing feelings. It’s like seeing a forbidden fruit. Tempting but dangerous.

She serves me a cup of tea then sit down in front of me.

Like a dog given order by his master I quickly drink the tea in one gulp.

She is definitelly the “bewitching queen”.

“that’s right. It seems I don’t have to introduce myself.”

Eeeh, for a demon to have a mind reading ability she should be a really high class demon. Like Rattaniel eyes power she should have a special power too.

“you’re a smart guy to notice that very quickly. As a reward I’ll tell you my name. My name is Linia Listhia, you may call me Linia or Lilith if you want.”

Linia or lilith, lilith, where have I heard it before? It was a common name. Bewitching queen, lilith.. Aaaaaaahhhh…. A succubus!

“you surprised me there. You even manages to guess my race right off the bat. Just call me Linia, I personally didn’t like called lilith if you associated it with the bewitching queen title.”

If I have to compare her with Rosalie, Alice or Irene, Linia is the best. She has the charm of a fine lady. Mature and mysterious.

“I’m glad you think highly of me. So, what’s your name and what brings you here?”

“my name is Kuro and I’m here to remove a curse by helping you.”

“what kind of curse can be cured by helping me?”

I give her a quick look at my “not even a bystander” power and explain what Simba has told me.

“that little Simba can really think of something genius once in a century. Alright, you can help me with my experiment and let’s see if it will remove your curse. I also have a feeling that you’re the perfect specimen. Afterall you’re a human yet you can find my place after clearing the “state of mind’ spell outside.”

“so, should we start now?”

Linia looked at me charmingly and said.
“don’t rush it.. I don’t like impatient guys. Let’s start tonight when you have rested.”

I look outside but I can’t tell the time. I guess I should really just rest until night comes. But, after summarizing the info, succubuss, experiment, tonight.. I couldn’t think of anything else and my ecchi master power run wild.

For Simba to send a human here.. Hahahaha… I think I could finally enjoy myself after a long time.. I’ll let him rest to make him let his guard down.

My name is Linia Listhia, since I was born my innate power as a succubuss is overflowing. By the age of ten I can kill a human adult easily. By the age of twenty I mastered all kind of darkness illusion spell. By the age thirty I could even kill an army without getting myself involved.

What I mean by involved is going inside the human mind directly. Lower succubuss with no illusion magic can bewitch a human when their mind is relaxed or when the target is sleeping. Usually we’ll appear as their wildest desire and charmed them with our body then take their soul.

We succubuss didn’t kill human to eat them or any other cruel things we just need their soul. But basically a body without their soul is as good as dead. We need their soul to prolong our lives.

Succubuss can live up to twenty year with no human soul. One human soul can add at least one year to our live. So, in a sense if we didn’t kill a human every year after our nineteen birthday we’ll die. Currently I have lived for 675 years and still have hundreds human soul in stock. But they’re all just regular boring soul. I need a way to get a stronger soul.

Stronger soul is different than regular soul. While regular soul only adding a lifespan, stronger soul can increase our power termendously. That’s why I’ve been doing experiments to increase their soul quality before taking them. But so far it ended in a failure and causing my human subject goes mad.

But today… The human that Simba sent have a really strong soul. I can read his mind but only to some extent. Usually I can read a human mind completely but I can’t read his deeper thoughts.

His soul is brimming with power. I can feel it. It was even greater than the demon king. If I can get his soul, I can even be the next demon queen after killing the king.

Alright, looks like his mind has relaxed. Let’s attack him now.

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  1. NEW SLAVE kkkkkk the sceane of the lilith , screaming and running from the mc go in my mind , or the sceane of her in a torture chamber whit the MC playing S&M whit the mc as S

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