24 – succumbed succubus…(21++)

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Chapter 24

Linia see that Kuro has relaxed then approaches him slowly. Without making any sound she put one of her hand on Kuro’s forehead. She slowly muttered “Eternal Desire”.

Eternal Desire is one of the highest level illusion a succubus can use. It allows them to enter the target conciousness and devour their souls completely.

But when Linia enter Kuro’s mind she couldn’t believe herself. There are several copy of herself, all of them are in an embarassing position. One is dancing on a pole, one is stripping naked at a bathroom, one is soaking on a hot springs, there is even a scene where she didn’t know what is that. She was naked on a table while her body is covered by various type of desserts and sweet.

“…w-w-what is this?”

Her mouth opens wide in disbelieve. Kuro who was looking at the Linias shifted his look to the real Linia.

“Eeeh, who are you? I didn’t remember I create you.”

Hearing Kuro answer Linia surprised.
“whay do you mean by create?”

“uhm.. It’s a kind of special power to think of perverted stuff.”

“kuro, just who in the world are you?”

“me? Just a regular person summoned to be hero of the demon?”

“hero of the demon? That’s you?”

Earlier she just asked his name and his reason to come here. She never ask who he was before.
“I’m sorry I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

She plays it cool and after that she is going to escape Kuro’s mind but she couldn’t.
“eeeh, why I can’t get out?”

Linia realize that something is preventing her from escaping. It never happened before. Kuro just calmly said.
“As a succubus to enter my mind, may I know your reason?”

He said that while giving a cold look but grinning like crazy.. As soon Linia realize the situation she’s in, her face became pale.


I completely dismiss the Linias I create and turn this world completely black. I only leave a chair and forces Linia to sit down on that. There’s a light shine from above her head. It’s a situation like a police investigation scene.

Of course I can do anything here. Forcing Linia to sit down or changing the surrounding is completely within my control. In here is my Ecchi master power area. I’m the God of this world. As for why Linia couldn’t escape before, there’s a notification saying

“Linia has requested to leave your domain. Are you willing to let her go?”

It was the same when she enters. This ecchi master domain is more powerful than I think. It gives me a rough idea that I can escape here when someone is using mental attacks on me to render it useless. So, what should we do with Linia?

“a succubus is entering a human mind. What could be her reason?”
I asked in a threating tone.

“…I..I-I just want to do the experiment.”

Hearing her panicked answer I’m feeling very happy.
“why you didn’t tell me anything then? If I’m not mistaken, A succubus will enter the target mind to steal their soul. Am I wrong?”

“..n-n-nooo.. Of course not. I just forget to tell you. I really doesn’t have any ill intention.”

Ooh.. Still playing innocence huh?
I shout out loud and I can see her feeling intimidated. Of course using my ecchi master power I easily recall something from the past. The policewomanXprisoner novel. I’m replaying it now with reversed gender.

“I’m telling you the truth.”

Ooh.. Still resisting huh?

“really.. I’m only wanted to do the experiment but I forgot to tell you. Please believe in me.”

The following scene is higher rated than usual. To read this you should at least 21+. I have give you a warning. If you continue to read this, take the risk on your own.

If you want to skip, there’s a mark to give you a sign to start reading again.

Seriously it’s really a high rated scene.. I advised you to stop..

I already tell you to stop…

Alright, alright if you insist, read it carefully.. Remember you’re now in ecchi master world..

Of course I know that it was a lie. With a flick of my finger, her hands are now cuffed behind the chair.
“You still don’t want to admit it?”

I walked up to her and I forcefully pull her Kimono downwards, exposing her bre*t.

When I did that, big round mound on her chest move downwards pulled by the law of gravity. It was even bigger than Irene’s. Revealing two smooth mound with pink decoration in the middle.

“still don’t want to talk?”

Linia just keep silent with tears forming on the corner of her eyes.

My hand is now tracing her curves and arrive at her thigh.

I kneel downward and raise my head looking at her eyes.

“aren’t you going to say something?”

She shook her head so I guess I have no choice.

I split her leg forcefully. Revealing a white bush and a closed mouth. But I can see some drool flowing out.

“wait.. Wait.. I’ll talk..”

Aaah.. What a letdown.. To see her give up this easily..

“I was actually trying to eat your soul. But it’s because I don’t know that you’re the demon king summoned hero. Please forgive me and let me go.”

So, should I just let her go? Hell no.. I’ll hummiliate her even more.



“no… But, please forgive me..”

I removed her cuffs and stand up letting her spread leg to close.

“Do you think I’ll forgive you for your killing attempts?”

“please.. Forgive me… I’ll do anything you ordered me too…”

She was holding onto my leg with tears flowing from her face.

This time, I couldn’t hold my evil laugh..

(if you couldn’t digested what you just read, I kindly ask you to stop.. Because the following scene is so absurd)

“you’ll do anything I ask you?”

“yes, yes I’ll do anything you want.”
Linia is nodding her head in an exagarrated manner until her bre*st moving up and down along with her head.

“then, how about this?”
I grabbed her big mounds and squeezing it roughly.

“..I-I-I-If it could make you forgive me.. Then.. It’s fine… Aaahhh….”

She agreed so easily.. This is not fun. What’s more she seemed to enjoy this too.

I stopped what I was doing and sit down on the chair where she previously sit.

“come here.”
She stand infront of me and I pulled her pink decoration forcing her to kneel in front of me while letting out a voice.

“now, service me with your bre*st.”

She look at me with some hesitation but then made her resolve.

(seriously if you can’t take it anymore stop reading right now. It has sexual and mature content. I asked you to stop before there’s something start to feels itchy and uncomfortable in your nether area.)

“grab my pants and lower the zipper.”

She was doing it awkwardly.

“now, pull down my shorts and briefs.”

She pulled my shorts easily but for the briefs, there’s something stuck there. After finally succed now her face is hopeless.

“put it in between your mound.”

Linia is now doing what I asked her to do. Even if it was Irene, I doubted that she will do this or perharps if she’s willing, her’s is not as big as Linia and won’t be able to cover mine.

Now it was rested perfectly between Linia mound.

“move yourself up and down.”

After a moments it was hard to move because it was not smooth and needed lubricant.
“put some saliva on it?”

“eeeh, hhhoow?”

“etiher you spit on it or take it inside your mouth.”

At first she was reluctant, but after taking it in her mouth it goes deep, even deeper than Irene. She let it out and continue to sandwhiched it again between her mound.

This time she moves without trouble while pushing both of her hand to support her mounds to tighten the grip.

“….does..it..feels good?”

As I said that I move my hand to reach Linia’s pink decoration and give it a pinch. The soft decoration by now has become hard.

It aroused me even more. I can feel that I’m almost finished.

By now, Linia is sandwiching it on her chest while using her mouth on the tip.
Aaaaahhhh… I can feel it building up quickly….

“Linia.. It’s going to explode…. AAAAAAHHHHHH…”

It came out with such force that it struck her face, her hair, her mouth, her chest and also dripping some to her thigh..

Huff hufff… I’m controlling my heavy breath…

I can see Linia unconciously licked her mouth to taste it. Her hand that should be wiping the mess on her thigh is moving on the wrong place.
If you skipped the previous part, you may resume now..

I collected my self and gives my thanks to Linia. She accepted it while nodding shyly. I can see a blush on her face. Does it mean she enjoy it too?

Moving on, I can feel that I forgot about something very inportant… What am I forgetting?


Aaaaaahhhh….. It was the reason I came here… After all my effort to remove “not even a bystander” has failed once again.

Seriously I already give you a warning before.. Don’t blame me if your eyes hurt because you’re reading something you’re not supposed to read…

Hahahahaha…. Anyway, give me more question for Q&A corner lol….

Thanks for your support and I hope this chapter proves to be useful for you.. Hahaha.. See you at the next chapter..

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