25 – sai the tama..

Let’s get a serious character show up… We really need to progress or else Kuro won’t be able to remove his curse.. Hahaha… Still collecting question for Q&A in this chapter and the next chapter… After that the Q&A corner will start… Here’s another serious chapter.. It’s really serious chapter..

Chapter 25

Part 1

I released Linia from my ecchi master domain and talked to her.
“so, do you have any idea on how to remove this curse?”

Linia frowned and gives me an answer.
“You can try to find one of the zodiac rank, the knight.”

Is this going to be another false hope?

“I don’t know. I already failed twice.”

“listen to me first. The knight is a battle maniac, however in this magora continent no one is able to defeat him other than the demon king. In sheer power he is the strongest among our rank.”

“so, what can I do to help him huh?”

“because of his over powered strength, no one is able to spar against him. His last spar against the Bigeo tribe end in the Bigeo tribe extinction.”

Great… After the cat sadist, a succubus and next is a battle maniac. Perfect. But if it’s battle I believe I can hold out against him. Afterall I have 1000000 health.

“so, where is he now?”

“he is training in gandur mountain range not far from here. If you travel now you could still arrive before the night arrives.”

“alright, I’ll go visit the knight. Anyway, got any other clue on how to recognize the knight?”

“hmm… He never reveal his real name or his title.. Sorry I can’t give you any other clue.”

“so i just have to rely on my luck to meet him?”

“don’t worry about that. If he can feel your spirit presence most likely it will be him who find you.”

Darn smells like a troublesome guy.

“he sure is troublesome but he’s a fine demon you know.”

What? Darn I forget she can read my mind.

“don’t worry. After just knowing how high is your vitality I know that you’re a really strong human. I don’t mind you badmouthing about others because you have the power to do so.”

“well… I’ll take my leave then.”
I get out of that place by moving trough the well again. I go to the place where I leave my rhinodillo earlier and departs. By the time I arrive at gandur mountain range, it’s already night time.

Part 2

I leave my rhinodillo at the bottom of gandur mountain and decided to climb. But after an hour I came to a stop. There’s something coming my way. I quickly activates my unimportant existence and hide.

What I see is a human demon. He should have a high level. His appearances is like a comic character. Shocking yellow training clothes with a white cape on the back. On his hand and foot a red rubber gloves and shoes can be seen. But to tell the truth, his face is plain and gives off a weak feeling. I think I’ve seen him somewhere.

“you can come out. I hate it if I have to ruin this place just to find you.”

What the? How can this weak demon talk so arrogant?

“come out now.”

Cih.. The more you ask me the more I hide myself.

“alright if that’s how you want to play.”
When he said that, he makes a fist and aimed to the ground.

Hahaha.. He’s just a fool like his face.

His fist struck the ground and creating a massive shockwave. The place where his fist hit, create a crater. Rock and soil from the ground flying everywhere. Some of it hit my body and I was covered in soil.
“there you are.”

So, there’s a way like this to find a hidden enemy. Seeing it useless now, I deactivate my unimportant existence.

“if only you show yourself from the beginning I don’t need to move that much.”

Aren’t you just lazy to move? Afterall what you did before is basicly a simple punch.

“you, what’s your name?”

I don’t know if he’s just a stupid or he doesn’t know about any manner.

“my name is kuro. What’s your name?”

“kuro? Such a simple name. My name is Sai.”
What the hell saying my name is a simple name while yours is much simpler.

“so, why are you searching for me?”

“I can feel your strong aura and it’s been a while since I met a human. Won’t you spar with me?”

He really fits Linia description. But I didn’t believe that he’s such a simple minded guy like him. I guess by accepting the spar offer it counts as helping him. But I don’t know how strong is he.

“uhm.. Sure I can do that, but I don’t know how strong you are.”

“don’t worry, I’ll show you.”
He searched around and he found a small hill. It wasn’t a big boulder it was a small hill. About fifty meter high and a hundred meter wide.

He doesn’t take any wierd stance and pull his arm backwards. I guess he’ll drive a hole in the hill.

He let out a breath and muttered something.
“serious punch”

His fist connects to the hill. One miliseconds later the hill was turned into dust. From my point of view, I can see a hill, he punched it, and while I was blinking it was disintegrated into nothingness.

“ermm.. I punch it?”


He was giving me a reply in normal tone as if nothing has gone wrong.

“100push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day! When I realized I had lost all of my hair and I had become strong. So, are you willing to spar with me?”

If I was to take a hit from a punch that could make a hill dissapear in a blink of an eye, how could I survive? Let’s change the topic for now.

“WAAAIIITTT LET ME THINK FOR A BIT. What’s your full name or your title?”

“my name is just Sai but I came from a race called Tama. So my title is Sai the Tama. What about yours?”

I was talking while thinking in my mind at the same time. If I tell about my identity maybe he won’t spar with me.

“my name is Kuromaru Ryuuji. You can just call me Kuro. I’m the “hero of the demon”.”

“whoa great. I always dreamed about being a hero of the demon. Right now it was just a hobby. ”

Right now my brain finally finished processing the information.
Sai the Tama, that way of ignorant talking, uses punch, regular body training, bald head, a hobby as a hero of the demon.

Wait… Don’t tell me….

“so, can we start the spar now?”

Did I really have a chance?
(It was Sait*ma from on* p*nch m*n……)

Hahaha.. Just to make sure you know that the limit for asking question is by the time next chapter is out… So, ask your question for the girl right now! Hahahaha…

Run out of cliche moments so I start hiring a cameo… Lol…

If they clashed, who do you think will win?

Hahaha… See you at the next chapter..

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