26 – we’re going to catch a dragon..

Whoa.. I couldn’t believe it that sai the tama is such a hit lol… Let’s proceed with the battle between our MC and Sai the Tama.. Ahahaha… Here’s your epic battle scene..

Chapter 26

Part 1

“are you ready to spar with me?”

Sh*t there’s no way out from this battle… But, how much power that punches hold?

“wait, Sai the tama.. How much attack power is your punch?”

“erm.. I don’t know..”
He answers while scratching his bald head.

“eeeh..? Why didn’t you check it?”

“urm.. I don’t know how..”

What the? How can he be this strong while he never even check his status..

“say, <> to check it.. Let me see it too..”

“will you spar with me after this?”

Darn.. I just now realized how painful it is talking to him..

“alright alright.. Just show it to me, quick..”

Name: Sai “the Tama” (zodiac knights)

Age:27 Lvl: 287 Exp:43%




Defence: 999999-???????

Special power:

– hero of the demon wannabe (your strong willpower and resolution to be a hero is enough for you to be an imposter *+300000 health, attack, and defence*)

– Extreme super strength, speed, and sense (by doing 100push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day, you have became strong *+699999 health, attack, and defence[as a side effect you lost all of your hair and thus be unable to cast magic {mana is always at 0}]*)

– Super Serious personality (altough others may not believe it, you are always serious in anything you do, even your weak looking punch is serious *unlocks serious attack series*)

What the? He’s a monster.. And he’s only 27 years old.. Maybe he even can be the next demon king.

“so, let’s start sparring now?”

Darn.. There’s no way out..

“but, let’s make a rule shall we? You can only hit me once. Deal?”

Sai is now picking his now and said. “deal.”

Just like that he’s now gone from the place he were a second ago. He’s already in front of me making a fist.

Wait? Isn’t that the hand you use to pick your nose before? Darn..

Concentrating my self to avoid that dirty hands, I dodge backwards in a strange way. My foot stay in it’s place but my body is tilting 90degree to the back.

“whoa.. You can dodge like that.. It’s not fair..”

It was a dodge using my concentrated transformation power. I dodge using all of my abilities but this Sai the tama don’t even do anything special, just a punch. And what’s with that way of talking. It’s getting into my nerve.

He keep sending punches but I dodged it in the same manner. It continues for several minutes.

“stand still. I can’t punch you if you keep dodging..”

Darn.. Do I look like I want to be hit by you? Your hit will be so painful if it lands on my body.

“if you want to play like that, I’ll show you my skill.”

When he said that, I could see an illusion in front of my eyes. There are more than Sai the Tama infront of me.

“I tought you can’t use magic?”

“this is not magic. It’s just me moving fast creating several after image.”

What a joke. It’s not after image. How can they all talk?

“prepare youself. Serious punch.”


Just like that I can feel all of them punching me but there’s only a place that’s been hit. It was my stomach. My body bend awkwardly because of that punch and after that I flew backwards faster than bullet landed at a cliff.


That one really hurts.. I don’t think I can move for a while.. Wait, is he going to continue? From the place where he hits me, approximately I flew backwards by two kilometer. But he appear in front of me in just a second.

I close my eyes when he reach out his hand.. Maybe I’ll die today at the hand of Sai the Tama.. If that’s the case I don’t have any regret.. Aah.. I wish I can watch magical moe princess one last time…

“here.. Take my hand..”

“what? I thought you’re going to hit me again.”

“we already agree just one hit right? Afterall it’s been a while since I have a serious work out.”

Man.. This Sai the tama is a great person afterall. I can feel why Gen*s decided to be his disciple.

“so, what about your curse?”

Ah right it was the reason for me coming here.

-[maybe you’re not]not even a bystander[anymore](for ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything *always -4 in defence, you keep risking your life lately to help others, are you even the same person? there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again.*)

“aaah. Just a little bit more.. If I have recovered shall we spar again?”

“sorry.. But no..”

“eeeh, why?”

“I already knows about your current power. If you have remove your curse, I’ll think about it again.”

He should be much stronger than this. I could even feel he’s holding back when sparring with me.

“if you’re that strong, why did the demon king have to summoned me? How can the last hero even manages to cut one of the demon king horn if you’re there?”

Sai the Tana is scratching his cheek. Is he embarassed?

“actually.. That day I was going to the battle but the Bigeo tribe keeps blocking my way. When I finally manages to clear the path the battle has ended.”

Darn.. The reason he annihilate a whole tribe is just because of this.. I don’t know if he is a genius or just and idiot. I can finally understand the meaning of “the difference between a genius and an idiot is as thin as a paper”.

“I was wondering, are you stronger than the demon king?”

“right now I’m probably on par with him. But the last time I fight him is five years ago, so I’m not sure.. But the demon king is battling like a coward. Keep sending magic attacks to disturb my attacks.. I’m in the zodiac only to protect him until one day I can defeat him myself..”

What the? He’s really a genius yet stupid.

“so, what about your curse?”

“I don’t know.. Maybe I can help a couple demon to remove it now..”

“if that’s the case you may want to help Cinder. He’s one of the zodiac too. He was asking me to help him but I think it’s better if you go.”

“hmm.. How can I find him then?”

“don’t worry I’ll take you there. For now just recover your health.”

Each of the zodiac rank is definitely a wierdo, but I can somehow trust this Sai the tama.

So, that night I recover my health and in the morning we’re going to depart.

Part 2

When Sai the tama said he will take me there, he really take me there.

Right now he is carrying me piggyback style. He is running in a really fast speed that I can feel we’ve broken trough the sonicboom barrier for several times. In just five minutes I think we have cross around Japan five times.

We’ve arrived in a small swamp when Sai the Tama stopped.
“there, he’s Cinder.”

He’s telling me while point out at a boy. It was a fine looking boy, wear some kind of hat and beneath it black hair can be seen. On his back I can see a small bag coloured green and red.

“yo Cinder.”

Sai the Tama approaches with ease. The boy recognize him instantly.

“Sai.. It’s been a long time.. Have you finally decided to help me?”

Cinder is asking with a happy looks.

“no, you know if it’s me I will kill it by accident. The one that will help you is this man, kuro.”

“pleased to meet you. My name is Kuro.”

The boy then put his hand on his chin and inspected me.
“hmm.. Alright then.. Can we go now?”

“don’t worry I’m the one who brings him here so he should be able to do it right away.”

Wait, we’re going to do it as soon as I get here?

“wait.. Actually what we’re going to do?”

The boy answer me with a big grin while patting my shoulder.

“we’re going to catch a dragon.. Don’t worry it’s not too dangerous.”


Sai the Tama and Cinder just walks away ignoring my question.

Yoyoyo…. We’re having a Q&A corner in the next chapter.. You have about two hours to send me your question..

So, can anyone guess what Cinder power is? I already gives you a hint.. Hahaha…

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