27.1 – Special Chapter.. Girls Q&A

The following content may have some spoiler and ecchi scene.. I need to make sure you’re at least 21 years old before reading it..

Read at your own risk.. There will be no warning below..

Yahaa…. Today is the long await Q&A with the girl… Please give us a round of applause…

Without any delay, let us welcome the girls…..

The girls come in, I give each of them a handshake and smile..
“Nice to meet you Alice. Your golden hair is splendid.”
She is really cute makes me want to have a little sister like her.

“Aah, Irene.. your body is.. so well proportioned.”
I say it shyly but of course while looking at her chest.

“Rosalie.. Umm.. please take a seat.”
I don’t know what to say because she keep sending me a cold look.

“and unexpectedly, demon turtle, nice to have you here.”
(that bandage on her body makes me uneasy)

“and, look who’s here.. Valeera…”
(it scares me a little seeing a hovering skeleton in front of me.)

“lastly, Jana.. Welcome here..”

“all of you, please sit down.”
For today the room has been modified. There are two sofa, one for me and one is for the other girls. A usual scene that you see in a talkshow.

“I’m glad you have all come here. If you’re here that means there are some question for you from our reader. Firstly I will ask you a question aimed for all of you girls. For individual question, we’ll move to a special room and I’ll ask you one by one. Do you have any question before we start?”

Surprisingly Alice raises her hand. Whoa so energetic before we even starts.
“yeah, Alice.”

I pointed my finger at her then she stand up.
“Can I drink your blood first?”

Oh no.. This kind of question is not what I want.. I would gladly let her drink my blood but I don’t think my Health is enough.

“Uhm.. I’m sorry that’s out of question.. Hahaha… Any other question?”
Alice just pouted and sit back to her position.. I see no other hand raised so let’s continue..

“if you’re clear, let’s go to the first question.. What are your three size?”
(well, I don’t know if this is a good question for a start)


“What are you thinking? Asking such indecent question to us?”(Rosalie)
“Eeh, I don’t mind answering that question.”(Irene)
“Irene-chan.. I don’t think there’s a point for us to answer afterall we can freely transform ourself.” (Alice)

When she said that, I can see her chest enlarged by several times like a melon.
“It’s 44-30-36.” (Demon turtle)

“I already forgot my original shape.” (Valeera)

“what’s three size nyaan?” (Jana)

“well, that’s the only question we got for all of you.. Let’s start the individual question..”

“….”(the girls)
Alright, let’s start with Rosalie.. We enter a seperate room and there’s a desk, a chair , a sofa across the desk and a video camera. Obviously i seated on the chair and Rosalie on the sofa.

Okay, let’s start with the first question..
What is your favourite food?
“it’s a meat steak from Coig demon served medium well with vegetables.”
(Coig is a race mixed from cow and pig.. Sound delicious..)

Second, what kind of demon are you?
“well, nobody know about this but I’m a demon with bird shape and control the fire.”
(aaah, fire bird demon.. It suits her red hair and eyes)

Thrid question.. Have you realized your feeling to Kuro?
“…w-w-what are you talking about? I didn’t have any feelings for him..”
(kinda obvious huh?)

Okay.. Next, do you trust Irene?
“hmm.. It’s suspicious because I know about the nymph ritual but as long as she didn’t do something that’s going to harm us, I’m fine with her. Since she can also cook and eash our clothes. I just feel annoyed that I have to lend her my underwear though.”
(hm.. It’s a fine answer for me)

Alright.. Last question..
Don’t you feel something is wrong when you’re taking a bath?
“what do you mean?”
Her face suddenly turn red and she looks so adorable.

“how can you ask something like that to a girl? I still hate Kuro for disguiseing himself as Alice.”

N..no.. Not that one… (I recovered my self first)
The second one where you take a bath with the real Alice..

“have such a scene happen? Let me think first… Eeh… Is that.. Kuro’s doing too?”

Now I can see the daughter of the demon king in front of me.. With her red hair fluttering in the air.. It’s like a phoenix.. Under such pressure I can only nod.

“Kuroo….. I won’t forgive you..”
She then ran out of the room with full of wrath..

“Onee-chan where are you going?”(Alice)
“I’m going to find and kill Kuro right now..”

I”m sorry Kuro.. It just slipped out of my tongue..
Next, Alice. Please come in.
She enters the room and sat at the sofa where Rosalie is before.

Hi alice.. Are you ready to start?

First question.
What is your favourites blood?
“blood eh? Of course it’s human blood. I have tried drinking wild demon blood and it taste awfull.”

So, is kuro blood delicious?
“hmm.. Oniichan blood is so tasty because he is a virgin.. Uhmm.. I can feel the same scent coming from you.. Can I drink your blood?”

No.. Let’s proceed to the third question.
Where is your parent and family?
“my relatives all are spread out in magora continent. My parents is living in Teppes castle, I lives in Vlad castle with my Uncle.”

Alright.. Last question..
Did you feel any changes after you drink Kuro’s blood?
“hmm.. Whenever I drink a virgin blood I fell into a trance like condition makes me can’t control myself.. It also gives me a boost in power.. So, will you gives me a power boost by letting me drink your blood and lost control of myself?”

*cough * *cough*
Let’s stop this right now before I fell into her pleading eyes trap and lose my life.

Okay.. You may leave the room and go home..
With a puffed cheek Alice goes out of the room and leave.

(if I let her stay longer my life is in danger, anyway, let’s safe Irene for the last)

Next… Is demon turtle

That bandage wrapped body sits with a crossed leg on the sofa. That leg is tempting me.

Alright, let’s start.. Eeeh, what are you doing.
The demon girl slowly undone the bandage that cover her body. She is looking at me with a naughty eyes. When her head bandage is undone I can see her shoulderlength blue hair and pink lips.
“Isn’t it kinda hot here?”

Uhmm.. Uhmm…. I can lower the air conditioner if you want…
“No need.. So, what’s the question.”

When she said that she is already naked. Revealing her 44-30-36 proportion.

Darn it’s hard to concentrate.. My eyes keep looking at her marvelous chest and smooth trimmed area between her legs.

So, how old are you?
“don’t you know asking a girl about her age is rude?”

She answer with a playfull voice. And by now I can feel I’m sweating..

..t-then.. Were you really going to take Kuro to dragon palace and reward him?
“of course… I’ll give extra service down there..aaaahhnn..”

She is answering while moving her hands to her chest and the other inbetween her leg..

Uhm…(there’s something uncomfortable in my pants right now)
If I may ask, what kind of service?

“Ooh.. You want to know?”

She open her eyes and stand up. She climbed the desk and show me an amazing sight of her wet and dripping lower mouth.

I gulped and said while sttutered.. “..y..y-y-y-es…”


Fifteen minutes have passed so we can waste anymore time can’t we?
Next.. Jana..
She is now wearing a brown one piece, not naked like when Kuro see her before.

“hello nyaan.”
Hello.. So, are you ready?

“feel free to ask me anything nyaan.”

Does it hurt when you’re doing it before?
“of course it hurts, see there’s still some mark here.. And here.. Over here too..”
She pull up her one piece and start to points out red mark on her body..

But this time seeing this scene I can sit comfortably..

oh.. Do you apply medicine to them?
“no need nyaan. My body regeneration is high so there’s no problem.”

Ah.. Okay..
By now she already fix her clothes.

So, are you fine sharing Simba with the rest of your clan?
“of course nyaan.. He is our boss.. The others have no objection too. It’s normal for someobe to have ten or even hundreds concubines nyaan.”
(there, it should clear some question)

Lastly, what is your favourites kind of punishment?
“I really like bondage nyaa. Where I was tied all over and boss come and torture me with some candles nyaan.”

Really, I can’t understand the appeal of S&M..
Alright, thank you Jana for asking my question. You can leave now..
“eeh! Just like that nyan? I thought you want to do some S&M play with me nyaan. I even bring some ropes and candle. Please.. Do it with me nyaaan~..”

Oh no… That cat ear and tail is so hard to resist…
Oh no.. My hand..
Don’t reach for the rope…

Another fifteen minutes have passed…
Valeera.. Please come in..

“well, it seemed that you took some time with the turtle and the cat..*chuckle*”
Uh.. Hehehe… That’s just because lot’s of reader asked a lot of question.. Anyway, here’s your question. Can you feel it if someone put their hand trough the gaps in your body?

“I feel nothing.. Afterall I’m a lich..”

Thank God.. It seems like I’ll have no more trouble questioning her.

Lot’s of people are curious.. How do you look in your human appearances, can I see it?

Just like that the gaps between her bones is filled with muscle, blood vein, and finally she was covered in normal human skin.

She has an outstanding figure. Purple blue-ish long straight hair that runs to her lower back. Two perfect round mounds on her chest decorated by pink marble. Her waist is slim and her long slender leg is so smooth. The mound on her nether area completely hidden by purple bush.

Now I’m sitting uncomfortably again..
“so, how do I look?”

You’re marvelous.. Your body is like everyman dreams.
“hahaha.. You flatter me so much. It’s been a long time since I’m using my human shape. I may need to loosen it a bit.”

Y-Y-Y-You can do some stretching in here you know..

“If you said so then I’ll help my self.”

Skillfully she do a front somersault vaulting the desk and landed on top of my lap. With a wide smile she ask.
“you’ll help me out right?”


It takes longer than I originally think.. Well, Irene has been waiting for so long.. Let’s not let her wait any longer.

Irene. Please be seated..

“alright.. But this room smell like seed.”
Oh no..
A-a-a-anyway let’s start…
First, what is your favourites food?
“I like vegetables and I hate meat.”

Uhm.. Straight answer without any distraction.. Great..
Do you have any sisters? And what about your parents?
“You know, forest Nymph cycle isn’t as wierd as you think. We’re born just like human. Altough we’re all female, if we reach a certain condition, we may be pregnant. My mother passed away when she failed her ritual and my father is a treant.”

What is that condition?
“by getting enough seed of course. No matter what kind of demon or human we got this seed from, our child will always be a Nymph.”
(oh no Kuro is going to be a father)

Next, How great is your healing abilities?
“I can heal a severed limbs at most.”

So, is Kuro’s seed is your favourites?
“I don’t know.. I never taste anyone else.. ”

With kuro’s gone do you think you can hold it in?
“I don’t know.. I feel thay I’m already past my limit.”

Is there a possibility for you to *cough* satisfy yourself with the girls?
“I don’t know.. I may try it later..”

Alright this is the last question.. But it’s a little bit personal…
Do Nymph have Hymen?

“Of course I have it.. See…”
Just like that she spread her legs and move the panties aside.

Uhm.. I don’t know what to say so I just look at that spectacular sight silently..

“uhm.. Don’t look at me like that… As I said before I’m already past my limit.. If you’re willing, can I drink your seed?”


Irene is coming out from that room in the next morning. By now none of the girl is there anymore. She has a bright and fresh looks on her face..

Inside the room.. I can barely move my hand.. I look at my own hands and it looked like it belongs to a mummy. I check my health and I only have 1 health point remaining…

My conciousness is fading…

Am I going to die?

I don’t know how much of time has passed when I wake up and recovered.

Aaah…….. I won’t do this again…

I quickly left the room holding something in my hand..

Psssttt… This is a secret…

It’s the video camera…..

I give my thanks to all who contributed in giving the question..

100kg, the_fighting_god, nightmares, akrimnecronum, dragonseal, nasir05, and abyssdarkfire..

Cheers ero-brothers.. Thanks for your support.. See you at the next chapter..

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  1. Hey is this cannon or not. Somehow Im not ok with irene giving her virginity to someone nesides the mc.

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