27 – i forget about it again…

Whoaaa… Ero-brothers, this story made it to the number 3 in top weekly.. Amazing… I must give you a salute.. Your dedication to ero is unfathomable.. Here’s the next chapter… There is no ecchi scene in this chapter but it is full of gag and pun.. I save the ecchi for the Q&A corner..

Chapter 27

Part 1

“heey.. Don’t ignore me.. Why’re we going to catch a dragon?”

Feeling that he needs to explain something, Cinder answers me.

“It’s because of my ability alright? I can control demons. But this time the dragon that I want to catch is so powerful that it would be impossible for me to do it. So I ask some help from Sai. But he keeps on ignoring me.”

“If I do it. I will accidentally kill the dragon. That’s why now I brings Kuro to help you.”

Darn.. Accidentally kill, if you know that you’re going to kill it is no longer an accident. It just like saying if you’re the one who go you will kill it.

Guess that Cinder won’t tell me more about his power.

We walked for one hour trough the swamp and arrive in an eerie looking cave. The kind of cave where undead and ghoul may appears.

“Is this the right place? It seemed like a tunnel to a grave for me.”

“that’s right. We’re going to catch an undead dragon.”

Undead dragon, is he a necromacer? Control undead beings is his power? There’s a possibility.

There is a wide open space within the cave and in the middle, a dragon dark purple in colour, thirty meters long and five meter high is sending his glare to us.

“there it is. Be careful.”

Sai the Tama gives us a warning then stepped aside and sit at a rock. You’re really not going to do anything aren’t you?

“Kuro, for me to be able to tame it, we need to do lots of damage and leave it in critical condition. If that happened the chance of me acquiring it is bigger.”

“okay.. So I just need to do some damage right?”

“correct. But the defence of undead dragon is pretty high and it’s generation is extremely fast. He also didn’t feel any pain because he’s an undead.”

I gives Cinder a nod and activates my unimportant existence ability. Cinder is surprised when he see me disappear but then I moves forward and punched the undead dragon in the face.

I can feel the blood in my face has all gone and making it pale. I deacticates my unimportant existence and look to Cinder.

“What’s wrong?”
Cinder asks me in a loud voice after seeing my ghost white face.

“I forget…”

Even in the midst of confussion, Sai the Tama asks me cooly.

“what did you forget?”

Hearing my next answer I’m surprised too see a jaw dropping motion on Sai the Tama expresionless face. Even Cinder good looking face turns ugly.

“I forget… that my attack power is 1…”

Part 2

Yuhuu.. Here I am.. Running away from the undead dragon as fast as I can. After I gained some distance I activates my unimportant existence. Why don’t I activate it from the start? It was because I’m panic.

Cinder is cursing me non stop and Sai the Tama haven’t recovered from the shock. Is this going to be a failure?

Aaah, I remembers my experience while battling with the three headed dogs. My weak punch still can inflict damages if I do it continously.

“Cinder, how much Health does this undead dragon have and how many of his health regenerated in a second?”

“why are you asking that?”

“just answer me.”

“He has about 100000 Health and regenerates about 1000 in a second.”

Darn.. There’s no way I could do more than 1000 punches in a second.

“Cinder, what about your attack powers? Can you defeat it?”

“I can use my power but it need a long time to prepare. And while I’m on it you have to distract the undead dragon attention.”

It’s a gamble but we don’t have any other choice.

“Alright.. Let’s do it..”

I punched the undead dragon while revealing my self to make him attacks me. After that I dissapear and continue the same tactic to keep distracting the undead dragon.

After a while I can see Cinder lifting his right foot as if he is going to throw something.

I’ve seen that pose somewhere.. Then I heard a familiar background music.

Dududu du duu duuu.. Dududu du duu.. p*kemon j*hto… Dududu du duu duuu.. Dududu du duu..

He throw something to the air, it’s not a red and white ball but it’s a square slate in a size of a book.

“the spirit of fire that can melt everything. Come forth Salamander. I choose you.”

What? He’s Cinder from p*kemon? That last sentence without mistakes is his trademark.
(some of you probably know about this already, cinder=ash)

What’s wrong with the demon in this world? It’s like various character assembles in one place.

What comes out from the slate is a large salamander ten meter long. I guess my job is finished.

After that, the salamander let out a fire breath that burn the undead dragon right shoulder then it ran wild covering the whole undead dragon body with fire.

If he has such a powerful demon why don’t he use it from the beginning?

“salamander, thats enough.”

Cinder then stepped forward then takes out another slate from his bag. He throws it to the front of undead dragon and his hand now is moving fastly like a ninja creating some seal.

“Fuuin Jutsu.. Eight Layer Dimmensional Seal!”

What the? A magic circle formed on the slate and expanded towards the undead dragon body. Right now, Cinder keep maintaining his stance. The magic circle turns into some kind of net and covers the undead dragon. The undead dragon is struggling but it was pointless. The undead dragon shrink with the magic circle and dissapear into the slate.

It’s a wierd style for catching a p*kemon.. Eh I mean demon..

“fiuhh… It’s a success…”

I approaches Cinder and ask, “If you’re that powerfull why you didn’t do that from the beginning?”

“If using it was that easy, I’ve gone by myself from the start. I can only summon a demon once a day and no matter what demon I call forth it will take all of my mana. It also only last for several minutes to an hour at most. You guys have to guard me for tonight. If I was attacked I can’t do anything.”

Darn.. lt just ruin my imagination of commanding a whole horde of demon.. If that power have too much drawbacks like that, how can he be one of the zodiac?

“then, aren’t you actually weak if it’s not for your summon?”

“don’t underestimate him Kuro, he still have a trump card. It was a ten thousand years gold dragon. It’s power could even destroy a whole country.”

When Sai the Tama tells me that, I could feel the power of a ten thousand years gold demon. Even an undead demon is already too much for me alone to handle. What’s more a ten thousand years gold dragon.

“Eeh, if that’s the case how do you even get the gold dragon?”

“its because it’s been passed down trough my tribe. I’m from a special tribe called Pallet tribe. We’re capable of taming monster trough our special powers.”

“Oh I get it now.”

“so Kuro, how about your curse?”
Sai question made me check my status. Darn.. I still have -1 in my status..

I look at Sai and shook my head. “It seemed like I still have to do this one more time.”

Cinder was confused but then I explained the situation to him.
“If it’s like that, why don’t you fisit Ukog the zodiac rook? That way, you could also know about all of the zodiac ranks. I’m sure Ukog have something for you to do.”

“hmm.. He should be on that island right?”

“yeah.. With that old turtle near the dragon palace.”

“so, what you say Kuro? I can take you there too if you want.”

“Alright.. Let’s try visiting him.”

With that said we head out from the cave and I depart on Sai piggyback ride and Cinder on his Salamander..

It seemed like I missed an important information.

Island, old turtle, dragon palace..

Could it be…

Is that the dragon castle where the bondage demon turtle lives?
(still remember her?)


Yuhu.. At first I want to do the Q&A here but it was too long than I intented.. Look forward to the Q&A that will be released today.. Hahaha…

Brace yourself because it will be amazing lol.. Thank you for reading and see you at the next chapter.. Btw.. Can anyone guess Ukog our upcoming character?

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ukgo , ukgo is GOKU!!!! WELL the autor is in chapter 60 i think this is too late for make something.

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