28 – you just simply have to have a dirty heart..

Yuhuu.. This is completely out of my mind.. To see summoned hero in the second place of top weekly fiction.. Can you imagine that? Hahaha… Let’s proceed with our MC journey in removing his curse.

Chapter 28

Cinder Salamander only last for about an hour then he is forced to move on Sai the Tama back. By now I’m really amazed by Sai the Tama ability. He is able to move so fast while carrying us nonstop.

“we’ve arrived.”

When I hear them saying island and dragon palace I tought that it will be a grand place. It turn out to be a really small plot of land with a small house painted in pink with a writing on top saying “dragon palace”.

“Yo Cinder, Sai.. Long time no see.”
We are immediately greeted by a muscular man. About two meter tall, monkey tail coming out from his back. Black hair and sharp eye. Wearing a yellow clothes with black embroider. I reccalled this scene from some where…

(Holy sh*t.. It’s dr*gon b*ll… Ukog >>goku)

“so, what are you doing here?”

For those who said that he only have muscle on his sai*an body seems like a false rumour. He look like a fine and smart man to me.

“we’re here to help you out. Wait, not us exactly. It was this man who’s going to help you. Kuro, this man is Ukog the zodiac rook.”

“my name is Kuro. Nice to meet you.”

“whoa, you came at the right time. My sink is leaking, the heater isn’t working, the bed is creaking causing loud noise when I was doing it with chu-chu, some door is isn’t closing properly, there’s some hole on the roof, the bath is…..”

“wait a moment please…. I didn’t came for this..”

“Oh right I’m sorry… I tought you’re a helper..”

Darn.. Forget what I said before.. This man definitelly a muscle brain..

“I’ll leave you guys alone.. I’ll move to a bigger island and rest for the night there with Cinder. I’ll visit you tommorow..”
Sai the Tama said that and leave..

I know that he’s ignorant but not to this extent.. Great.. Now I have already meet with the zodiac rank. Simba the pawn, sadist cat lover maniac. Ukog the rook, a muscle brain. Sai the knight, ignorant hero wannabe. Cinder the bishop, pocket demon collector. Linia the queen, only a succubus. Adding me Kuro the hero of the demon, really an unimportant ecchi master existence. Isn’t the demon king side is so wonderful? I’m worried with this country future.

“So, what are you going to help exactly?”
Ukog said that brings me back to the current situation.

“well, I can help you solves something that you really need to do. Even dangerous one that could risk my life is fine.”
I really couldn’t believe I just said that. For someone who lives as a NEET seems like I just came out from a rehabilitation center.

“Aaah.. If you put it like that, there’s been something that I need some help with.”

He turn his body and put his open palm besides his mouth as if he’s going to shout.

“Heavenly Nimbus!”

From the sky a black and golden lump of cloud came down spinning several times before coming to a halt in front of us.

“so, why are you calling your nimbus here?”

“erm.. Actually since the moment I got this thing from the old turtle I never able to ride it.”

Wait.. Let me remember the early year of the legendary super sa*yan.. Aah.. I remember..

“aren’t you supposed to have a clean heart?”

“are you kidding me? That’s the problem… Because I should have a dirty heart to be able to ride the heavenly nimbus. See, right here.”

Ukog put his hand on the nimbus and it just passed trough.
“see? That old turtle only tell me if my heart is dirty, after several level I could ride this nimbus.”

“do you mind if I try?”

“not at all.. Just try it.”

I try to touch the nimbus and it’s surprisingly soft and comfy.. I hop on top and lay down on the Nimbus.. It’s kind of a feeling when you’re surrounded by pillow.

“Whoa! How can you do it that easily? What trick do you use?”

Actually I didn’t do anythin much. I only activates my ecchi master power and hop onto the nimbus.

“you know, you just simply have to have a dirty heart.”

“ugh.. Not this again.. What’s with this dirty heart?”

By now Ukog look very pissed off. I didn’t give him a clue only repeat what he already know.


He exploded and let out a faint yellow aura around him, and his hair turned golden.

F*ck.. His muscle brain is complimented by a short anger manegement.

“Wait.. You didn’t even let me say anything.”

Ukog by now has gone mad. He didn’t even listen to what I’m saying. He bend his knee and gather his hand on his waist forming a claw stance..

Oh no.. Is it the legenderay attack?


Dodging such an attack from close range is ridiculous. Luckily I’m on top of the heavenly nimbus. I ordered it to move using my mind and it take off with haste to dodge the attack. His attack missed and hit another small island in the distance. Letting out an explosion and the island dissapear. Such power.


He is enraged once again and the yellow aura burst get stronger. His golden hair is now standing like a porcupine. Darn he already enter the second stage. He’s now pulling his arm backward and throw something. It was a barrage of yellow energy ball attack.

However heavenly nimbus is a really good vehicle to ride. It could dodge and manouver easily just by sending order from my mind and I dodge it again. Leaving the energy ball ignited in the air like a fireworks.


Another shockwave come forth and the yellow aura get even stronger. Ukog golden hair by now has grow longer. Did he just enter the third state just now?


He put his index and middle finger to his forehead. I don’t know what he’s going to do. Is it the same attack that picc*llo use?

His body dissapear from the ground and appear instantly in front of me. This is teleportation, such a cheat power.

He is sending his right leg to hit me, I quickly dived downward with the nimbus to dodge. Man, this Ukog is really persistence. He keep appear and dissapear and throwing hit at me continously. It’s like seeing my unimportant existence 1 hit combo but in a higher level.


He was hovering mid air when he make another transformation. The muscle on his body grow and the yellow aura is gone. His long golden hair by now turn into its original black colour. He just transform into ss4 on whim… What the hell?


He stretch out both of his hand upwards. From the nearby surrounding small orb is gathering slowly. Forming a small ball in the middle and that ball keep getting bigger every time a small orb from the surrounding merge with it. Is this his ultimate spirit bomb attack?

It was at a size of five story house. Darn. Now I know why B*u defeated by this kind of attack. From his first attack that could erase a small island from the map, this attack could make the entire japan sink. How could I dodge an attack as big as this that basicly cover the sky?


Suddenly a woman voice can be heard bringing Ukog back to his sense.


I look at the source of the voice and see a fine-looking woman in chinese one piece long dress and her hair is tied in a bun style. God.. She just saved my day.

Ukog looking startled and behaving awkwardly.. Causing the attack above his head immediately dissapear into the air..
“what should I do, where can I hide? Under the rocks? No. Behind the tree? No. Aaarrgghh… What to do?”


I can see Ukog forcibly come to the ground. Seeing that he has calmed down I go down too.

“I’m very sorry for his behaviour. Sometimes he’s just letting his anger take over. I’m very sorry.”
Chu-chu is bowing down deeply. How can I ignore her apology?

“Don’t worry. It’s not a problem.”


Her attitude towards Ukog and me is like heaven and hell. Just from her pressure she made Ukog became obidient.

“uhm.. I’m sorry.. It seems like I’ve gone mad.”

“don’t worry. I was about to tell you a secret to ride the nimbus but you didn’t give me any chance to talk.”

“really? It seemed afterall it was my mistake.” Ukog is saying that while flustered.

“Good. If the problem has been solved, bring the guest inside. He’ll have dinner with us and stay for the night. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes mam!”

I reply to her in a military tone out of reflex. Seeing how scary she can be I canceled my night plans.

“so, Kuro.. Will you tell me the secret to ride the Nimbus now?”

Yaha.. Did anyone curious what’s going to happen to Kuro now? Is his curse gonna get removed? Hahaha.. Don’t worry the outcome should come out today if I’m not busy.. Hahaha…

Recently I feel like we lack some ecchi scene.. Oh well it was probably my mistakes for what happened at the Q&A..

So, we’ll encounter some more ecchiness after Kuro regrouped with the girls alright?

Btw.. This series made it in the top 2 weekly fiction.. Man.. You ero-brothers never fail to amuse me.. Thank you for the support and I’ll see you in the next chapter..

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  1. in the internet have a image of the emotions of goku vs enemys like Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Cell all he make is laugh but hem is chuchu he become poker face and hem she libere her aura he shit all his pants . thanks for the chapter

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