29.1 – summary and in depth character..

Yuhu… This time I’ll also explain the characters background.. Because if I put it in the real chapter I doubt that you will read it lol…. From the old character stats I only put Kuro’s the other I’ll just explain their background..

There’s also the summary of the events that has happened so far… Read it, you may have forgotten some important facts.

Kuro our MC has been summoned by the demon king by the help of Vahjra. He is going to help him defeat the human side hero. Travelling with Rosalie to the vlad castle where he is bitten by Alice. Met Rattaniel in his dream and given transformation ability and see trough eye power.

Go to see Valeera to remove his curse and end up going on a journey to remove it. Met Simba the zodiac pawn and learn about the zodiac rank. Thus met Linia the zodiac queen which results in another failed attempt. Sparred with Sai the Tama, the zodiac knight which is very strong. Catch a dragon with the zodiac bishop, Cinder. Finally succeded in removing his curse when helping Ukog the zodiac rook.

(darn it almost 30 chapter and summerized to 2 paragraph)

Name:kuromaru ryuuji
Age:18 Lvl: 1 Exp:4%

A child from a five member family. Have one little brother and one little sister. Lives his life without being noticed by other people. Have no friends at school and in the go home club. Ecchi light novel maniac. Currently titled as hero of the demon. On the way to create his own *cough*hare-*cough* legends…

Special power:

-really an unimportant existence(it would be hard for normal power to notice you. Even the demon king can hardly see you *higher type of skill of hiding, even if enemy have you in their line of sight if they’re careless you cannot be seen again in a blink of an eye. Why would anyone want to see you? Only some individual may notice you*)

-worthless former child(not even your parents consider you as their son *you can’t have any mana, you don’t even need it right? Even your family don’t need you*)

-Peak saint level Ecchi master ( given your 15years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation *because of your recent action, it will be easier for you to do it too, random chance in encountering ecchi situation [increased in chance and luck]*)

-Heart breaker xxxxx (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. But you don’t know who is it. You can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *your attack power can’t exceed 1. No matter what weapon you use.*)

-Hero of the demon (gives you 1000000 points in health, mana, attack, and defence)

– Apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes (as the right hand of the first vampire, you’re granted the unique ability of transforming. the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes that run in your vein is thicker than his descendants and 99% similiar to the original vampire clan *the greater image you have in your mind, the greater the power*)

– The all-seeing eye (one of special eye power of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first. *you can see trough solid object, have you use it to peek on someone?*)

-not even a bystander is like you(for ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything but the child is saved afterall * you keep risking your life lately to help others, are you even the same person? there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again. The – defence restriction has been removed*)

Rosalie Scheizenwaltz

(Fire Phoenix)
Age:128 Lvl: 74

The daughter of the current demon king. His mother passed away when she was small and she have no relatives. Currently travelling with Kuro to explore the world. Because as long as she live she always stay in the demon king castle. Has a feeling for Kuro but trying hard to hide it(she’s a tsun).

Alice Mairunovich Teppes
(vampire ckan descendant)

Age:102 Lvl: 54

As a descendant of ancient vampire clan she is able to transform her body with some penalty applied. Have no brother and sister therefore have a habit to call others by onee-chan and onii-chan. She is the current head of vampire clan and one of the demon generals. Even though she looks adorable her battle power is amazing. Currently on a special duty to make a child with Kuro.

Irene Nymphilla
(forest Nymph)
Age:154 Lvl: 80

A forest nymph that undergo her ritual helped by Kuro. One of the few remaining nypmh tribe. She has a powerfull healing magic that could even grow a severed limbs. Has an uncontrolable lust because of her tribe nymphomaniac trait.

Vahjra Voluñard (the bloodmage)
Age:312 Lvl: 135

A genius dark elf who mastered three elemental magic. Stumbled into his blood magic when he is battling Rag’ul the blood dragon. Have been serving the demon king since ten years old. His current magic level could destroy a whole city with ease.

Rag’ul Guld’an (the blood dragon)
Age:809 Lvl: 185

Coming from an ancient blood dragon race, he is the only one left of its kind. Adept in fire and earth element magic. Really loves gold and shiny things as a side effect of his power. Currently hibernating in his lair. Won’t wake up unless there’s an order from the demon king himself.

Demon King Real name: unknown
Age:300++ Lvl: ???

There’s only small information about him. It said that he was a powerful demon that forces the last demon king to give up his position without putting up a resistance. Over-protective to her daughter but finally let her go to travel accompanied by hero of the demon. No one really knows what happened in the battle where he lost one of his horn.

Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first
(vampire clan)
Age:2371(estimated) Lvl: ???

He is one of the original vampire clan race. He is also the reason the human side and the demon side starts to attack each other. He gives Kuro his power to make him destroy the church of gebeddon.

Name: Valeera Wizencard (the lich)
Age:185 Lvl: 144
Health: 50000
Attack: 5000

The lich from the catacomb. She turned herself into a lich with her necromancy magic. Able to command the skeleton army, one of the main force of the demon army. She is also a master regarding curses. Her human look is a mage clad in robe with purple hair runs down to her back.

Special power:
– The lich (as the only one sacrificing her body to her own necromancy magic, you’ve gained a lich body. *you will be the lich of the catacomb. The skeleton in the catacomb will obey to your commands, you no longer need to sleep, eat, drink because of your skeletal body*)

– Witch of the swamp (as a witch you’re adept at curses and potion. *you’re able to detect curses on someone and your potion is extremely potent*)

Name:Simba Tropico (the prince of darkness, zodiac pawn)
Age:211 Lvl: 201
Health: 250000
Attack: 80000

The son of Mufasa one of the demon generals. Comes from Tropico tribe which is strong in short combat. Casted away from his clan because he lives Tribeca tribe which is a class lower than his.

Special power:
– Neko-mimi lover (you have awaken to your heart desire. Loves anything that resembles a cat. You’re even willing to go against your father because of your love. *+5000 health, attack, man, and defence)

– Guardian of Neko-mimi (no one is allowed to hurt them other than you. You’ll chase down everyone that treated them badly. Igniting the fire of Sadist in you. *+50000 health and defence, increase your expertise in S&M play*)

– Lion heart (your heart is a heart of a lion. Makes you courageous, brave, and strong.*reducing chance of mental attack to works*)

Name:Linia Listhia (the bewitching queen, zodiac queen)
Age:675 Lvl: 250
Health: 100000
Attack: 30000

A succubus born with innate succubus power. The strongest succubus known in the demon world. Failed in her attempt to eat Kuro soul and forced to succumbed to him. She is gained her title as the zodiac queen when long time ago she tried to eat the demon king soul.

Special power:
– Succubus queen (to be recognized by your whole tribe as their queen, you naturally became their leader *+10000 in health, mana, attack, and defence*)

– The illusionist (after decieving so many human and demon with your power, your illusion spell power is increased *you’re able to cast large scale illuison*)

Name: Sai “the Tama” (zodiac knights)
Age:27 Lvl: 287
Defence: 999999-???????

A genius demon that even brings threat to the demon king. Becaming strong after doing extreme pyshical training everyday which is rare for the Tama tribe. Came from Tama tribe which excell in magic spell, their regular form is that a spirit ball of fire.

Special power:
– hero of the demon wannabe (your strong willpower and resolution to be a hero is enough for you to be an imposter *+300000 health, attack, and defence*)

– Extreme super strength, speed, and sense (by doing 100push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day, you have became strong *+699999 health, attack, and defence[as a side effect you lost all of your hair and thus be unable to cast magic {mana is always at 0}]*)

– Super Serious personality (altough others may not believe it, you are always serious in anything you do, even your weak looking punch is serious *unlocks serious attack series*)


Name:Cinder Ketchup (zodiac bishop)
Age:311 Lvl: 208
Health: 200000
Attack: 20000

Came from the Pallet tribe which is adept at special power to catch monster. Able to fight alongside with their summoned monster. As the current head of the Pallet tribe, in possesion of a ten thousand years golden dragon.

Special power:
– pocket demon (a special power passed down by the blood of Pallet tribe.*you can catch a demon using special plate and summoned them to fight for you. You can only summon a demon once a day and summoning a demon will consume all of your mana. Your summon can hold out to one hour maximum)


Name: Ukog Son (the carrot, zodiac rook)
Age:308 Lvl: 257
Health: 350000
Attack: 200000

A child from demon monkey tribe. Was raised and born by a man name nahog. When nahog passed away, trained in the old turtle place. Defeats various strong demon that became a threat which makes him appointed as the zodiac rook. His achievements: defeating a green bald demon, defeating a giant green mosquito demon, defeating a slim pink demon, and many others.

Special power:
– Nayias blood (because of your blood, you’re stronger than regular demon. *causing you to have short temper. Allows you to transform based on your power*)

– Demon monkey transformation (little known about the demon monkey. But it is said don’t let them see the moon. *whatever happens, don’t look at the moon for more than ten seconds*)

Yaha.. Is this usefull enough? I’ll just write them here because I know you guys didn’t even bothered to read it at the real chapter lol…

See you guys at the next chapter… Thank you for reading this one..

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