29 – Sai the Tama part II..

Alright.. We’re going to wrap up this arc about Kuro first curse. Are you ready to get blown when you see the plot in this almost random ecchi moment story? Hahaha.. Let’s get started..

Chapter 29

Part 1

“alright I’ll tell you a secret for this. You just simply have to think of perverted things.”

“eeh, perverted things? What is that?”

*Sigh*.. I know that he is a muscle brain.. But to think he’s this innocent.
“you just have to think of various indecent things like when you’re doing it with chu-chu.”

“hmm.. Let me try…”
He frowned and touched the heavenly nimbus but he failed again.
“darn it.. It getting on my nerves..”

Oh no.. He’s going to explode again..
“Ukog.. Tell me what is in your mind when you’re touching it?”

“of course the scene when I’m on it with chu-chu.”

“what exactly is that?”

“it’s when I’m riding this heavenly cloud with chu-chu in my back.”

Darn.. He’s just a simple muscle brain idiot..
“Not like that.. Like this… Chu-chu do this.. Then you do that… Inserted it like this… Lift her leg up like that…. Then bring her to the end like this….”

I said it to Ukog then his eyes opened wide. He nodded for several times while keep asking “is that possible?”

After that Ukog preparing himself with a serious face.
“Here we go.”

This time he could touch the heavenly nimbus. Looking cheerful he jumped on the heavenly nimbus.

“Kuro, I did it! Hahaha.”

He took off with the nimbus and travelling trough the air. He’s even faster than his teleport attacks earlier. I can’t believe that it was the same nimbus that I ride.

After several minutes flying like a child in the air he landed and take me with him inside the house.

That night, dinner was served pleasantly. I’m surprised that I could eat something like a hamburger and spaghetti. Chu-chu is a true house wives.

When the night came, I sleep in a guess room. But I can hear something creaking from the room on my side. Aaahh.. I remember Ukog said something about the bed. With full of curiosity I try to take a peek. This time I’m using the see-trough eyes ability. I still can’t see trough thicker wall, but since my experience clearing the illusion with this eye power, I can now see trough thin wooden wall like this one.

I saw Ukog doing it with Chu-chu. This time I can see him practicing the various position that I tell him before. He’s doing it quite well, I guess it won’t be long before Nahog will be born. After that I fall asleep after recreating some scene using my ecchi master power and refresh myself.


I wake up in the morning with a loud *clang* sound.
“WAKE UP! Breakfast is ready.”

Aah.. It must be Chu-chu.. I lazily go to the table and woken up by the delicious smell. If only she is my wife, my life would be perfect. I can also see her hair that was neatly styled in bun yesterday is somehow messy. She is speaking to me blushing while Ukog isn’t here.

“I’m sorry about the noise last night. Ukog tell me he pick up a few skill from you.”

“don’t worry.” I could only reply with a smile on my face.

“Oh, there he is. Come quickly and have breakfast with Kuro.”

Then we hear someone knocking in the door. It was Sai the Tama and Cinder.. Apparently they’re here for breakfast.

It’s been a while since I ate breakfast with other people than the girls. I even rarely have this kind of occasion with my family.

“so, how about your curse?” Cinder asked curiously.

“Yeah, iwf iwt’s ween wemoved wet’s wave wnowher swar.”

Sai the Tama asking that with mouth full of food. Darn he is really ignorant and knows no manner. He’s probably asking me for another spar if it’s been removed. After that I quickly opened my status. It seemed even I forget the reason I came here in the first place.

Part 2


You have been successful in removing a curse.

-not even a bystander is like you(for ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything but the child is saved afterall * you keep risking your life lately to help others, are you even the same person? there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again. The – defence restriction has been removed*)

Sweet with this I have now 1000000 defence.

You have unlocks the requirement to know about your curse. “xxxxxxxxxx” has been identified.

-Heart breaker xxxxx (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. But you don’t know who is it. You can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *your attack power can’t exceed 1. No matter what weapon you use.*)

What? Heart breaker xxxxx? I never imagine someone could’ve fallen for me.. But I can’t tell if it’s a she or a he! What a joke.

“So, are you ready to spar now? I can feel your aura has changed.”
Darn this Sai the Tama is really persistent. Well, I also need to know how strong has I become.

“Alright.. But just like before only 1 hit okay?”

“very well.”

We goes out of the house and move to another bigger island. Ukog and Cinder is here also. They probably interested about my growth too, afterall we’re going to be comrades in the future.

“are you ready?” Sai asked in an annoying tone.

“whenever you’re ready.”

Just like that Sai is already moves from his original place and arrived in front of me.
S*it it’s just like our first spar. He’s too fast. However I won’t dodge this time. I’ll test my defence.

“serious punch.”

It hits toward my stomach but I didn’t budge even in the slightlest.

“very good. Can I hit you once again?”

“well, that’s not a problem.”
I answered with a smile and getting carried away.

This time Sai the Tama took a punching stance. Not like it’s going to make a difference.

Oh no.. I can feel the temperature suddenly drop. There’s a cold and suspicious air coming from Sai the Tama. It seemed like I was forgetting something.. Remember remember.. Please remember…

Wait…. Holy sh*t!

His attack power is 999999 until ??????.

“super serious punch.”

This time the punches blow carrying some air pressure.
I can hear the voice of the sonicboom wall broken by his fist.


It was filled with silence. The punch definitelly hit me in my stomach but I didn’t pushed back. Still, I can see a damage counter pop up.


It hurts like hell.. I tried my best to keep my strong pose. When the punch hit my stomach I can feel the air passing trough me. I wonder what happened. I can see Cinder and Ukog gaping their mouth open looking to my back.

I move my head to the side to take a peek at my background. It was a spectacular sight to behold. The ground and the sea is split into two in a triangle manner with my body as the starting point. Who knows just how far it was forcefully seperated.

Sai the Tama.. Just what is your true strength?

“whoa.. I didn’t think that you can withstand that.”


“well.. You’re alive so there’s no problem right?”

I don’t know what to say anymore.

“anyway.. Let’s pick up your rhinodillo and go back to the lich place. I’ll take you there.”

“wait wait WAIT… Just how far are you planning to stay with me?”

“erm.. Of course until I defeat the demon king.. You’re a good sparring partner.”

I give up.. There’s nothing that can stop this guy..

“Cinder, it’s probably better if you stay with Ukog. There’s also good demon around the dragon palace.”

“I know that. That’s also the reason why I came here.”

“Alright then.. Ukog, take care of your self. Kuro, let’s go.”

Just like that I was picked up like I was some luggage and this Sai the Tama run off like a magical bullet train.

Hahahaha… Sai the Tama never fail to amaze me.. Hohoho… Finally the secret is revealed..
Heart breaker power.. Do you have any idea about this? Hahaha…

Thank you for the support and see you at the next chapter..

5 comments on “29 – Sai the Tama part II..

    • i realize this was a while a go so its more for anyone else who reads this but he had it when he was summoned. so unless she’s from his world, no.

    • There could only be 2 characters, his father who gave him such a great name only to have his heart broken or his sister who looked at him strangely but did not talk to him (because he had created a wall around himself)

  1. I want to see if in this world nymphus need a black heart this make the master roshi a pure hearted people …. this is possible?

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