30.1 – a date with Rosalie..

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I’m sorry there’s a delay.. A child in my neighbourhood is bitten by by a dog so I have to take her to a clinic. Bad luck the vaccine run out so I have to go to several clinic searching for the medicine. Sorry…. So I think the super ecchi will be released tommorrow morning or late at night today…

30.1 – Extra chapter… A date with Rosalie..

In the morning I was dragged by Rosalie. She didn’t tell me where we’re heading so I can only obidiently follow. To my surprise Irene isn’t there when I wake up.. I missed that moments somehow…

We arrived at a small town called Edenfall. It was a peacefull town nearby a sea. It was a long time since I visit a town full of people erm I mean demon. It is also the first town that I visited in Magora continent.

“so, what are we going to do?”
Altough I’m curious about demon town I act as if I’m uninterested.

“I already said it before.. We’re on a d-d-date alright.”
Somehow she has trouble saying the word date.

After that she dragged me around the town. The demon lives in this town comes from a Rupireka tribe. It was kind of a goblin race but with height of am elementary grade schooler. They have a small horn on their forehead and strange enough they all have hair.

We have a dinner at a small restaurant. We seated in a corner and Rosalie quickly ordered food for both of us.

“Two medium well coig steak, one leerot salad and two stawrange juice.”

I wonder how can she know what to order without even seeing the menu. Have she came here before?

The leerot salad arrive first, served in a big bowl. At first I was reluctant to eat the salad but Rosalie shoved two spoonful of it to my plate. I was worried when seeing it. It was kind of mixed green salad but it was moving on a wierd way. Is this a vegetable? I could even believe it if you say thay it was from a demon.

“Don’t just stare at the food. Eat it.”

After told that by Rosalie I shove it down to my mouth. Suprisingly it was tasty. It has a taste of lettuce and carrot but the texture is like a jelly. I chomped down the rest with ease.

“This one is my favourites.”

The next dish is a coig meat steak. It looked pretty normal to me. Like a regular steak with grill pattern on it. However there are no side dishes. Seeing Rosalie eating it gracefully, this one should be good.

“What is this?!”

“It’s coig meat.”

“Aah I see.”
On reflex I shout out because of the taste of the meat. It was juicy, tender, and even without any sauce I can feel its natural umami taste. I could eat ten portion of this. Rosalie looking at me eating the meat with a wide smile and ordered another serving.

The drink that she ordered is strawrange juice. And I could guess it was a mix of strawberry and orange. The coig too probably a mix of cow and pig. I drink the juice and I’m feeling a cold nice sensation quenched my thirst. In one second the strawrange juice is all gone.

Rosalie paid for the lunch. At first as a man I want to be the one who pay for it but I didn’t know how money works on this world. The dinner just now was paid for 20gold. From what Rosalie tell me a regular labour at the town can grant you one gold per month. Man, that lunch just now is expenssive. Luckily I’m with the demon princess.

At first I didn’t expect for anything extravagant from this date but right now I’m looking forward to our date.

However.. The remaining time of the date was a hell. She drag me around all over the place where she is shopping. It was also her first time going out and shopping but I didn’t know how much a girl shops. In just fifteen minutes I’m not carrying anything… I’m pulling.. Yeah.. I’m pulling a cart five meters long and it was filled with shopping bag.

“Can you tell me where are we going next?”

“What? You’re tired already? Don’t worry it’s just a little bit more shops to visit.”

Yeah.. Don’t believe a girl when she’s shopping and say just a little bit more. It takes 4 whole hours for Rosalie until she stopped for a drink. Finally I can sit down and rest.

“Here, drink this.. After that we’re going to do a little bit more shopping.”

“What? You’re not finished yet?”

“A girl have some stuff to take care and buy okay.. Don’t complain..”

Yup.. Feels like going shopping with a girl? I won’t do it anymore.

“You can leave the cart over there. After that you’re going to follow me.”

I was happy when she said I can leave the cart. By now I think the cart is already more than 100kg heavier than it was before. Sadly her words that I have to follow her is like another death verdict. Seriously you’re not going to stop?

She walked toward the beach and I just followed behind. The sun is already set long ago and replaced by the moon.

*burrrr* *burrr*
I can hear the waves rolling in the distance.

“Why are you walking so slow?”
My turtle style walking forces Rosalie to came and take me by my hand.


“What’s wrong?”

I plays it out cooly but I can feel that I’m sweating bullets. This is the first time I hold hands with a girl.

Somehow Rosalie right now is different from her usual mood.

We walked slowly down the beach for several minutes. I don’t know what to say but based on my ecchi light novel knowledge, won’t she pushed me down somewhere hidden by the coral and eat me? Huehehehe.

“You know Kuro… At first I see you as a useless person. Even when you agree to help my father you tried to touch my b-b-re*st.. But after travelling with you I know that you’re not a bad person.”

Wait… Is this a confession? I can feel my face temperature is raising by several degree.

“When you’re bitten by Alice, when you brought back Irene, when you’re alone trying to remove your curse somehow I feel worried and it is hurting inside my chest.”

Waitt… Nooo… This is too sudden for me…. And why your face turned red? Noo.. Don’t say anything…

“I’m embarassed to say this…”

If you’re embarassed then don’t say anything.

“I think I have fallen for you.”

As fast as a lightning struck the ground and dissapear Rosalie brings her face close to mine.
Our lips touched each other for miliseconds and she ran away to the front.

She spin her body and look towards me.

I couldn’t forget how beautifull her read hair reflects the moonlight.

How enchanting that red eyes of her looking at me, and the sweet soft sensation when her rose lips touched mine.

“You don’t have to say anything or give response to my feelings. I just want you to now.”

With that said she continue to run leaves me behind petrified.


Rosalie shouts at me from a far.. Don’t tell me she is going to say that she loves me.


My voice comes out hoarse because I’m still shocked from that kiss.



Yeah.. I’m sure that she’s 100% a tsun..

Yaha.. I write this during my break…. Quick drop and I’m returning to work..

Hope you enjoy this ero-brothers… Kinda mellow and touchy but we need this kind of scene right? Hahaha

Thank you for the support and see you at the next super serious ecchi chapter.. I don’t know if I can post it today but I’ll try my best.. Cheers!

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