31 – XXXX revealed..

Yuhuu… After yesterday extra.. Let’s proceed to a serious development.. By now you must be curious about the xxxx right? I’m going to split your skull and make your brain jumped out in surprise lol…

Chapter 31

I tought I’m going to die.. When I pulled the cart back to the catacomb it was dawn already.. Darn.. But at least I finally hold hands with a girl and got my first kiss. It worth it. My fould mood from yesterday is also gone. I have made a resolve whoever that xxxxx may be.. I havr to face the reality..

I move to my bed and lay down powerless. I’m so tired. I close my eyes and going to sleep.

-6969Hp -6969Hp

Not even a minute passed and I already greeted by a familiar feelings. I open my eyes and what I see really made my day. A blossoming flower.

(not going to tell you.. Can you figure it out?? It will be made as an extra chapter later.. Are you excited??)

That day I wake up late in the afternoon. When I go out from the room, I can see Alice standing there waiting for me.

“Onii-chan.. I was trying to cheer you up but yesterday you’re missing for the whole day.. So, I’ll just do this instead.”

Alice small and delicate fingers grab my hand and put them in her chest. I can enjoy the soft sensation from my hand.


I see Rosalie already on her phoenix princess state.
“Uhmm… This is an accident.. Yeah.. It’s an accident..”

“Then what you’re going to experience is an accident too.”

Darn. I was beaten up. The damage is too small but the pain is unimaginary. It leaves one of my eyes swell and the other is circled by dark blue marks. One of my nose have tissue on it to stop the blood from coming out and there’s a big x bandage on my forehead. With those ornaments on my face, I feel like I just come out from a battle comic.

“Valeera. I’ve decided. Let’s summon the soul.”

“Alright.. Eeeh, what happened to your face?”
She turn around and see me in a sorry state. Naturally she reaches out a hand and touch my cheeks. I blushed and smiled in embarassment. I know I’m a master of ecchi things but this kind of soft action is not something that I’m used to.

“Ooh.. Going lovey dovey with another girl already?”
Yeah… That was Rosalie, sending another divine punishment that makes my heart covered in bandage and I was lying down on the floor defeated.

“Valeera… C..can we do it another time? Let me recover my face first.”

I was asking that in a very famous style. The beaten to death style where I reach my hands out and it was trembling out of power while I’m lying down on the floor beaten to a pulp.

I forgot that Irene was an adept at healing magic. That night my face is already return to it’s half handsome half ugly condition which makes it average and plain.

“so, let’s summon the xxxx shall we?”

“Let me tell you something first. I’m going to summon a soul to this place so there’s a possibility that it will have different appearances than what you know. You can then ask the soul who is it.”

“I’m ready! You can start anytime.”

Valeera draw two magic circle on the ground connected by a line of ancient language. I stand on the middle of one circle and the other will be for the summoned soul.

She starts to murmur unknown invocation and the magic circle glow. I can see on the other magic circle, countless orbs of light gathering together forming a humanoid form. But there’s two very long strand of light on the head. Is this a human?

The others just watched the scene in silent. They are trying not to disturb Valeera who is sweating and continue her spell.

The magic circle then glow so bright creating a wall of light making it impossible for us to see trough the other magic circle.

When the light has subsided, I can only be shocked. I really don’t know this person.

It was a girl wearing a bunny hairband and round white tail. No, it was a rabbit demon. With two long ears standing on top of her head, ponytailed black hair matches her black eyes. Small face and thin line of lips, smooth cheek and a charming smile. Somehow her face is nostalgic.

I looked down and discover two marvelous mound on her chest covered by white furs. Tracing down to the slim waist and slender leg, her thighs and nether area is covered with the same white fur. There is a small round bunny tail in the middle of her bottom and her foot and hands covered with a socks like fur.

Seriously I don’t know this person. There’s no demon in my family alright.

Her next words is like a lightning struck the ground on a clear day.


No way… It was my sister? Wait… What’s my sister name? Kaoru? Yes… That’s it…


The words come out of my mouth with difficulties and the people on the scene is waiting on her answers.

The rabbit girl shook her head.

What? Who is she?

“It’s me…”

There is nothing in this world that could break my strong mind. It is forged by ecchi master power so my mental state is stable. But her one word makes my mind explodes, sending hurricane and storm to my calm sea.

Hikaru? That’s the name of my little sister twins, my little brother..

Yaha.. I couldn’t stop laughing reading this.. Hahahaha… What do you think?

Is it enough to send a hurricane to your mind? Hohoho…

I don’t know if I could write another chapter today because I’m taking extra shift right now.. But I’ll try.. Afterall writing a story is my sole entertainment.. Because it’s free.. Hahaha..

Thank you for reading and supporting me.. See you at the next chapter..

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