32 – I’ll even give him my first time..

Alright.. Let’s clear up some thing first…

There are people asking me, your story plot is good at the beginning but why it has turned ecchi? Why don’t you write serious stuff..?

You know.. It’s because I don’t have the ability and time for that.. I worked various job and write on breaks using my phone.. Writing this kind of story is somehow becames my favourite entertainment because it’s free… If I have to write serious stuff I would have to edit things out and it will take weeks because of my level of grammar to release one satisfying chapter.. It is also hard for me to edit things from my phone.

Say anything you want but my life isn’t a perfect one where I could live leisurely.. If you have an easy life then I’m happy for you… My life isn’t good to me but I’m not here for your sympathy.. I’m here to tell you a story..

My english is self learned and yeah.. Attack me like a mad man on grammar if you like.. I’m open to any.. I already mentioned that there are ecchi scene, the main theme is comedy and put tags if you decided to skip some parts..

If you have understand that all but still read this series and complain.. Well… Just read the way it is and I’ll keep listening to your complaints.. It’s true I’ll listen to them because I’m open to any feedback and comments.. Without you guys who read, my story is nothing..

Thank you for your understanding.. If you decide to Help me out , Thanks a lot..

Cheers ero-brothers! Sorry for that blabber and let’s enter the story…. I hope that didn’t ruin your mood.

Chapter 32

I was stunned there. Not moving an inch.

“Kuro, who’s that?”

Rosalie asked in mencing tone but I simply told her.

“She is.. My little brother..”

That comes not just from her but from everyone in the hall.

I quickly show them the curse condition.

-Heart breaker brother (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. You know it’s the twins but you can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *your attack power can’t exceed 1. No matter what weapon you use.*)

Is this what it means by I can’t tell if it’s a she or he?

“Onii-chan.. Aren’t you happy to see me again?”
She looked down and put her hand together on praying position. She throws a bunny eyes on me and that outlined that outstanding cleavage of her. But, should I call her a she or a he?

“Say onii-chan.. Do you hate me?”

Hikaru’s POV

My name is Hikaru.. I was born in a small family along with my twin sister. I have a big brother named Kuro. My life seemed just fine.

When I was 3, my brother is already 5. I heard that he is a genius that could read hiragana and katakan when he is 2 years old. When he was 3 he immersed himself in light novel. I want to know what’s the good point of a light novel? It makes him lock himself up in his room without even talking to me or my twin sister.

My little sister and I know that our brother isn’t a bad person. When our parents are away he let us eat sweets that our mother secretly store and let us watch the TV until late at night without even complaining. We always think that our brother is a cool type of person.

Even though my brother read light novel so much he always get top score on every test. I don’t know how but he always dodge the center of attention and be a humble person. I respected him and I know my sister feels the same. Because we always study hard but got nowhere near his record.

The situation changed when my parents decided to kick him our of the house. They told him harsh things and forced him to leave with only a small bag filled with light novels. My sister and I came running to his room and cry all night there.

My sister is definitelly stronger than me. The next day she throws a tantrum and rebels. Of course I do the same but in a softer manner. Our parents finally agree to try to find him and apologies but he is no where to be found. Within one day, he has gone without any trace.

I cried again that night and my twin sister console me. We remained in that room for a day without coming out. We do exactly what our brother do. Without nothing to do inside that small room we inspected some of his light novel collection and decides to read. We read them all together.

There are various genre from harem, romance, history, yuri, yaoi, but there’s a same characteristic in all of it. Ecchi. My eyes awaken to that words and I’m sure my twin sister also feels the same.

I don’t know why but I’m taken into a story called princeXprince. I imagined I’m within that story with my brother. Suddenly my heart tighten and hurts. Did I fall in love with my brother? I didn’t know what my sister feel but I think I love my own brother. I learned that it’s wrong for a guy to loves another guy, but this yaoi brings me further into the forbidden land. If only I was a girl..

Because of that thoughts in my mind, I don’t have any appetite to eat. Soon my body lacked nutrient and I’m taken into a hospital. My conciousness starting to fade away and my body feels heavy. Admist all of that I see my brother and a voice calling out to me.

“would you like to see your brother?”

Without hesitation I answered… “YES..”

A bright light covers my eyes and took me to an unknown place. When I wake up, I see a figure that I longed for. It was my brother. On reflex I blurted out.



“How could this cute girl with dangerous body is your brother?”

“I-I-I-I don’t know..”

I’m wondering why that red haired girl is looking at my brother angrily.. And why did she call me a girl?

I inspected my own hands and there are furs covering it. It seemed that I have changed. I touched my chest which gets heavier and feels like something wedge in on my chest.

A soft feeling that I never feels before. They are all looking at me with a wide eyes and strange expression. I also looked at them strangely and it became an awkward moments for all of us until I realized one thing.

“Eeeh, I’m a girl?”

I was surprised at that fact but maybe God has granted my wish. Now I can show my feelings to him without holding back. I’ll even give him my first time…

Hup hup hup… Going back to work.. Not in a good mood to write..

Don’t look forward to another chapter except I was running away from reality heading to the bathroom with a phone on my hand….
Anyway… Do you like how it turns out? Hahahaha….
The timid brother with forbidden desire lol…. How would the onii-chan responded to him.. Eh I mean her… Let’s call him her from now on.. Hehehe…

Thank you for reading and your support.. See you at the next chapter..

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  1. I thinking in one think , i dont remember when i see this phase is something like IF IS CUTE DONT IMPORT IF IS SHE OR HE. i think is pedobnear. in slime tensei one joke of the tranlation site members.

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