34.5 – Special Tribute

This story is a special side story.. It was a tribute for an artist that died yesterday and returned to earth today.. This man has collected good amount of karma in his life.. Caution: Don’t read this if you don’t want to cry!

34.1- In memoriam of OS

It was all started when I was little. I visited an old bookstore near my house. I was 3 years old at that time, because of that this run down old store seems like a grand library of the holy empire for me.

It was also the place where I met with the most important thing in my life. Light novels. I came in to the store like a small child seeing a toy.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

Suprisingly the clerk notices me. He was a young man probably in his senior high school. His black hair is messy and he walks towards me in a girls style but I can feel his sincere warmth. It’s like greeting one of his family. Actually I was too shy to say anything. I just grabbed some random books and pay for it with my allowance. That clerk just smile without saying anything else.

That book thay I randomly picked is indeed ecchi light novel. I don’t know why I could stumble into that book but maybe it’s fate.

Since that day everyweej I always come to that book store and I always see that clerk there.
“Oh, you’re back again? Are you going to buy another book?”

The third time I was there.
“My name is Olga but you can call me OS.”
I didn’t respond to him for no reason, firstly he was somehow girlish, and second, he acts too familiar to me.

Months later I always buy book from there and he keep trying to start a conversation with me.
“You know, I started to work as an artist assistant. Maybe in the near future I will be famous. Don’t you want my signature?”
With always a smile and an open hand he keeps talking to me.

One year later.
“Hahaha. I already start to appear as supporting cast. You better ask for my signature now. Hahaha.”

What kind of supporting actor works as a rundown bookstore clerk?

Two year later.
“You see, I finally get some important role. You better take a picture with me while it’s free. Hahaha.”

On the third year, maybe what he said is true. People start to come to the bookstore and taking picture with him.
“Haha young boy you came again. See I did get famous right?”

Five years later he keep become the store clerk but clearly he is busy.
“Welcome boy. I’m sorry I can’t give you any signature. Hahaha.”

You know I never watched the TV so I don’t know how famous he is. Not like I care anyway. He’s just a store clerk where I buy my books. But from the amounts of people that came to the store just to meet him already make a line outside the store, he should be pretty famous right?

This is the fourteenth year I came to this bookstore and the building looks like it’s gonna collapse soon. Strangely enough there’s no line of people outside the store.

“Welcome boy. What do you need?”

I was about to mock him saying he’s not famous anymore right? But the clerk is changed. It’s not the usual energetic and cheerful man. I don’t know how but that man and his smile has gone from the store.

After that, each time I visit the bookstore the air is cold and heavy. There’s flower bouquet lined outside the store and writing said get well soon. Does he caught some kind of illness?

Six months after that, the writing in front of the store changed again. It is now said. We miss you.

Today. That dead bookstore suddenly full of people. Reporter, cameraman, regular people, all gathered outside of the store. Just what is happening here?

I usually didn’t care about anything but seeing this crowd, I’m curious. I walked to the man I recognize as the substitute clerk.

“What happened?”

“yesterday evening.. *Sob* OS passed away.”

I feel my chest tighten a bit. I don’t have any feelings for him or something like that, but somehow he’s like my bigger brother. What’s more when I learned that supposedly I’m not allowed to buy an ecchi light novel before I turned 13 years old. He’s like my fairy godmother.

“Who is he exactly?”

“You don’t know him?”
The man asked me surprised but I just shook my head.

“Let me tell you about his story then.”

Later that night I learned about OS. Also the reason why that store never renovated despite his status as a famous celebrity.

He started to strive for his dream to be a big artist. Starting small in youth local drama while helping out at his grandfather bookstore. He is willing to do anything. From becoming a small movies extra, becoming assistant artist, having supporting role. Until he finally get’s lucky and became the main actor.

The journey it takes for him to reach his popularity took fifteen years. He should accumulated lots of money so why he didn’t renovate the bookstore?

He starts from zero so he know how valuable the money he gain. Fifteen years he work as a celebrity, what does he have?

One small house for his parents.

One simple car for going to work.

Taking care of more than 5000 orphan and helps people in need all around the country.

From the old man I heard about him. A talented entertainer but always be humble, having lots of money but donated it for charity, making people smile in front of the stage while crying in the night because of the pain from his illness. But yet, he hold it in and keep trying to survive.

The old man tell me some of his speech.

“people may see that we laugh and tell some jokes but no one cares if we cry alone. I have known the pain and learned about hapiness from others, so isn’t it the time for me to share my hapinnes with them? I don’t need money, I don’t need popularity, I just need to see the smile from people around me.”

Passed away at the age 32, more than 5000 orphan taken in and countless charity events he held. Struggling hard to survive for one and a half year against meningitis. He is someone whose name I remember.

In memoriam of Olga Syahputra. Actor, Comedian, Singer, a devoted child, a humble man, 1983-2015.

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