34 – Church of gebeddon rebel vanguard..

We’re going to enter the second arc.. The battle of kuro vs the church of gebeddon.. Yeah.. Finally some punching action.. Horaay… Punch them in their private parts and leave them paralyze even though your 2 attack. Hahaha.. First, let’s learn about the enemy.

Chapter 34

“Kuro, do you know why we didn’t kill the high priest of cyndora church? Even though the power of our generals and not mentioning the generals is probably enough.”


“Let me tell you then. It’s because our power can’t kill the high priest. She have a really powerful healing magic that could revive herself. The second reason, she is always protected by the church of gebeddon.”

I just silently listening with the others to Rosalie explanation.

“Let me tell you about the church of gebeddon then.”

Valeera stand up and starts to talk.

“Church of gebeddon is one of the pioneering organization in the magora continent. Even though our battle with the human starts two thousand years ago, the church of gebeddon is founded more than five thousands years ago. It is an ancient organization that have it roots planted deep troughout the continent. Even some demon believes in their teaching.”

“The name gebeddon comes from the word armageddon. It means the end od the world. They believe in supernatural apocalypse that when the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth battle each other, this world will crumble and we will enter a higher planes. This was a revelation given by the church of gebeddon leader, “X”. They said that he is a sovereign that still lives today.”

Whoa.. Scary.. A 5000years old man make a prediction about the end of the world.

“From what they believes, the dragon of heaven is hidden somewhere in the demon side meanwhile the dragon of earth is already in their possesion.”

Isn’t that mean we’re nearing the end of the world?

“it is said that their attack 2000 years ago is to find the dragon of heaven.”

Ooh.. So it isn’t just because of Rattaniel.

“because nowdays they are keep summoning hero, the chances for them to find the dragon of heaven increased. It forces us in current condition where you’re summoned to our world. The question now, why can’t we kidnapped the high priest?”

That’s right.. Judging from what I know, the zodiac ranks are extremely powerful.

“It’s because the human side have demons that worked for them too. They are stronger than us the demon generals and probably on par with the zodiac ranks.”

“I want to go and have a spar with them.”
Sai the tama saying that with an excited look. From what I know, he just became the zodiac in recent years so he probably didn’t know of the gebeddon church strength. Valeera gives him a smile and continues.

“We called them the rebel vanguard. They consist of the spear, the sword, the shield, the bow, and the staff.”

Just hearing their name, they seemed so strong.
“Do you know something about their power?”

“of course, afterall they are famous and leads the human army in the last battle.”

“great, tell me then.”

“The spear is a demon excell in earth magic. Gathering the earth power and wears them like a moving metal demon. He can even enlarge his size to ten meter in height, his name is Hiroyuy.”

“The sword and the shield are brothers. Their names are Al and Ed Warwic. The younger brother Al defense is impenetrable and the older brother Ed specialize in battle alchemy.”

“The bow is the leader of the group. Kamushiro, a demon with telekinesis or pyshic power, using long range projectile attack launched using his power.”

“The most fearful one is the staff. His eye power allows him to control an enemy as if they are his allies. His name is Leloulamper.”

They all have unique power and possess termendous strength. But I can feel that their names sound familiar.

“So, where are they?”
Sai the tama looking eager to fight after hearing their description. With Sai the tama on my side, who should I fear?

“As I have said before. They are guarding the high priest. If you’re going to fight them, it will be a suicide because you’re going deep inisde the human territory.”

Hmm.. It’s a tricky situation. Should we barge into the human territory and fight them? Aaah, I’m so stupid…

“Is there any chance for us to lure them out? We don’t want to cause an early war so it’s better to defeat them one by one.”

The crowds finally see the light in this conversation and gets lively.

“we could kidnap humans one by one to lure them. I could also drink their blood.” (Alice)
“how about destroying a few villages near their base to lure them?”(Rosalie)
“let’s just clear anything that blocks our way.” (Sai the tama)

Haaah… I finally realize how easy it is for him to annihilate a whole tribe.

“How about lure them using our body?” (Irene)

There’s no chance they will missed Irene’s body but it’s too risky.

“onii-chan.. Why don’t you go alone and lure them. Afterall you’re a human right?”

Hearing that brilliant answer on reflex I grabbed Hikari’s hand and shake it hard. After seeing that cute smile immediatelly I embrace Hikari in my arms.
“Thank you Hikari. You’re genius.”

Five seconds later I noticed something wrong. The air turns cold on my back but it’s getting hot in front of me.

On my back, Rosalie is already on her phoenix princess mode. I can also feel some bloodthirst from Alice. Irene looked calm but her eyes pierces my heart. In my arms Hikari’s face reddened and some sort of steam comes out from his, I mean her bunny ear…

I realized.. I just stepped in a landmine..

Yuhu.. Can anyone guess the rebel vanguard real name? Hahaha…you’ve been asked me to make a next chapter button.. I’ll try to do what i can.. Because I write from my phone it will be a lot of works.. Please bear with me okay?…

Anyway thank you for readng and your support.. See you at the next chapter…

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  1. I recognize the other four but who is this Kamushiro guy? and let me guess the the metallic demon is a giant winged angel that possesses the mighty twin magic cannons?

  2. Tate no yusha, for black dragon , for full metal alquimist , for code gear , this thing is very a mess but is fun i thinking in the person using hes phrases of effect. many thanks

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