35 – The day I decided..

After hearing the news of OS death, not really in a good mood to write.. Anyway, enjoy….. Our MC is going on his next journey.

Chapter 35

After recovering my self after stepping on a landmine, I have to make a decision. Will I try to face the rebel vanguard alone? If they are on the level of zodiac knights, it is better for me to remove my curse first by raising intimacy with my brother..

“So what do you want to do now?”

I think really hard. What am I supposed to do now?

“I have an idea. How about I try to lure them alone in a human city and you all stayed at the nearest demon town. On the way I could try to remove my “heart breaker brother” curse.”

“There are still time until the next hero summoning and there’s no rush in defeating the church of gebeddon right, how about you train to increase your power while little by little removing your curse.”
Rosalie said that with a calculating pose.

Hmm… That may be right.. I just do this because I don’t know what to do next. There’s no need to rush things.
“Onii-chan.. By the way, what are you talking about? Demon, human, zodiac, generals, vanguard, what is that?”

Aawh right.. Hikaru erm I mean Hikari’s soul just summoned here today. He erm darn.. She haven’t learned anyhing about this world.

“Valeera, would you kindly tell my brother about this world?”

“With pleasure.” Valeera took Hikari to a corner and starts to explain about this world.

“Onii-chan. I’m agree with Onee-chan. You should train to increase your power. Without your special power you’re actually useless. Not to mention your level is only 1.”

Alice said that like throwing a bucket full of cold water and ice on my face. I know that I’m actually very weak without my power. Not to mention I don’t have any battle experience and can only utilize the hit and dissapear tactics relying on my unimportant existence power. Without all of that I’m just a NEET.

“Alright, so any suggestion? What should I do?”

“100push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day.”
Oh great. The amazing training regime of the ignorant Sai the tama. I’m not sure that it will works.

“Killing wild demons and increase your level. However I don’t want to be at the scene.” Rosalie said that because of her past experience when Kuro defeated the three headed dog.

“How about you drink human blood? We didn’t know what effects it may bring. Or if you like you can try to drink moster blood.”
Alice have mentioned that their power can grow if they drink blood. Will it works for me too?

“What if you do some survival training in the forest with me?” (Irene)

Now, that’s tempting… All alone with Irene in the woods.. What’s more after that blossoming flower incident.
(you guys still don’t know about this lol)

“Onii-chan.. From what I heard you need to increase your power right? Just make love with me to remove your curse.”
This time Hikari said something I didn’t expect him errr her to say. I can also feel the girls glare on me once more.

“How about you do special training? Afterall you can still learn another special power. I even heard the last human hero at first only have two power and after training for a month he learned more than twenty special power.”

Valeera said that and shocked me. Regular demon usually only have one or two special power. For the last hero to posses more than twenty special power is amazing.

“Is thay have something to do with their origin? Because they basicly not someone from this world, their power in this world is enhanced.”
Rosalie deduct his conclusion and it was a possible reason.

“So, anyone have an idea where I should train?”

“How about the sky castle?” (Alice)

“What is that place?”

“It’s where one of demon generals, K.K lives.” (Alice)

“That’s a good idea. K.K is also the trainer for demon king army. You should be able to accquire another power under his guidance.”

Seeing Valeera gives her approval now I believe it will be a good idea to train there.
“Alright.. So shall we leave tommorrow?”

Everyone nods and that settles it.
“I think I’ll walk on seperate way with you. If you’re going to train then I’ll better find another opponent for me to spar.”
I guess Sai the tama really is a battle freak. There’s no helping it.

“It’s alright. I bet you have better things to do and improve yourself.”
It was a terrifying thoughts. If Sai the Tama get’s stronger, the day he fight with the demon king will arrive.

The next morning, we depart from Valeera’s catacomb and heads to the K.K place.

I wonder did I really have a chance to get stronger on my own? Me who stayed in my room everyday afterschool. Me who just watched a kid going to be overrun by a truck. Am I able to be the hero of the demon? What if I failed to get stronger? What if the demon king killed by the human hero? What if I get defeated just by the rebel vanguard?

Something grows inside me.

Doubts about my own strength.

Fear of failling everyone expectation.

I resented my self…..

I want to get stronger.

I want to be able to do something for the demon side.

At first I was only playing around just to make myself be able to survive by becoming the hero of the demon.

However now I realize the meaning of uncle B words.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

That day I decided.

I don’t want to play around anymore, there are demons like Sai the Tama who is much stronger than me. I only decieved myself by thinking everyone strength is below me. Just because of my special power I get too carried away.

That day I decided..

I want to be worthy enough to be a Hero of the demon!


Oh no ero-brothers… Our MC have a change of heart… What do you think?

Of course it’s just the beginning.. He won’t be able to turn 180degree right away and there will be lots of pun scattered on his journey to OP ness and be the hero…

Is it going in the right direction? I’m not sure…
But I hope you guys keep supporting me..

Thank you for reading and See you at the next chapter…

Ps: The mood of the ecchi scene will greatly affected. He will enter his ecchi master Godrealm with serious attitude..

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  1. Gender-bender incest isn’t really my thing, but i’m gonna keep on trekking through. For now.

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