36 – The road to K.K place

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So probably today I’ll only be able to write a chapter. I hope I was wrong. Anyway, here’s the treat.

Chapter 36

“Why do you look so gloomy?” (Hikari)

“No, it’s nothing.”
Probably because I have make a resolution to be stronger my face is gloomy and fiercer.

“You didn’t plan on doing something scary aren’t you?”

Rosalie asked me as if she already knows what I’m thinking.

“Don’t worry onii-chan. K.K is a good demon and he is the demon army trainer. He will be able to turn someone like you into a superdemon if you want.”
Alice said that with confidence trying to cheer me up.

“by the way, where can we find K.K?”
Irene asked because even though she is a demon, she only lived in the nymph forest for her whole lives. She barely knows about the demon world like myself and Hikari.

“He’s living in a small island three day aways from here. But the only way to reach his place is by going trough a special path. You can’t fly or swim to his place.”
Even though Rosalie is kept up in the demon king castle, her knowledge is still the best among all of us.

On the way, at night I always practiced alone. Maybe it’s because the aura my companion have, no wild demon appears in front of us. Thus I’m unable to increase my level. But still I practiced my special power seriously. I also tried to do Sai the Tama training regime.100push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running . I don’t know why but I didn’t feel any changes in my body except a couple of cramps and muscle pain.

Three days passed by quickly and there’s also some growth in my special power. Sometimes I have useless chat with Hikari and surprisingly my attack power now has increased to 3. Not bad.

Finally we arrived at the special path to K.K place. The path itself was a white paved road but up ahead it have turns and I can’t see the end. The water beside the path is clear but when the road takes turn the water turns into pink and clearly showing that it was dangerous. The sky too covered by thick pink clouds making it seemed impossible to fly trough.

I guess we have no choice but to walk on this path. However our rhinodillo doesn’t even want to step on the special path. They are trying their best to avoid the path. What kind of special path which makes it impossible to swim, or fly, or even travel using a rhinodillo.

The girls seemed to understand with the situation and quickly we walked on foot on the paved path. Bringing some of our luggage with us.

We walked one hour and the road doesn’t seem to be ended soon. It have some turns, slanted upwards, s curved pathway making it impossible for us to discern our position or our direction.

Five hours of walking straight in this path we still didn’t see any sign of it to end. What’s worse the pink clouds in the sky blocks the sun. We can’t tell the time now. The pink cloud colour doesn’t seemed to get darks even though right now it’s probably night time already.

Ten hours walking and we seemed to made a wrong choice. Even if we walked back it will take another ten hours so we decided to keep moving on.

Twelve hours of walking we finally decided to stop and rest. We set up camp on the paved path and sleep for the day. Ofter we wake up we cleaned ourself using the pink water which is surprisingly refreshing. Hikari is the first one doing that while saying that the pink water is cute. At first we’re worried that she will get hurt but seeing her just fine we followed after.

We have walked for one day and the road still shows no end.

Two days have passed and by now our ration is going to run out.

Three days walking and we have no food left with us.

“Onii-chan.. Let me drink your blood.” (Alice)
“Kuro.. Use your transformation power to turn yourself into coig.” (Rosalie)
“Master.. Give me your seed.” (Irene)
“Brother.. Give me your blood coig seed.”(Hikari)

They now are speaking nonsense. One day without food we’re now helpless. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. God, please help me.

Now I’m not walking anymore. I’m running. Yeah, even though I’m almost powerless now I’m running. Behind me Alice, Irene, Rosalie and Hikari is chasing after me with their mouth drooling and their eyes pupil all turned into white. This isn’t looking good.

After running for an hour chased by the mad girls I see something in a distance. It was a small round island floating in the sky. Is that K.K place?

“Girls, we arrive.”

But they didn’t hear my voice and just ignore it. They still running after me. Darn.. It’s a gamble. Wether I was caught by them or I arrived there first. Mustering all of my strength I run as fast as I can. Seeing the end of the road there’s one big question in my head. How am I supposed to reach that small round island? I can’t fly..

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Anyway, anyone knows this chapter scene? Do you notice it from somewhere? Even K.K is already a hint lol….

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you at the next chapter.

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