37 – K.K test..

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Chapter 37

“there’s no other choice… Jump….”

I gathered all of my strength and jumped with all the strength that I have left. I was on air for a seconds and I now really taken a respect to newton for researching the law of gravity. I’m now going to free fall into the water.

It was not as my expectation, just when I was falling and about to touch the water, a really strong force pull me up. I saw the girls and they are experiencing the same.

We are taken slowly to the small round island. Five minutes later we already landed on it. The girls returned to their sanity because there are lots of food served in a banquet style.

“Welcome to my place, I congratulate you for reaching this place. Please, eat to your heart contents.”

Without any greetinga or introduction we immediately jumped in and finishing the food in a blink of an eye.

“Are you still hungry?”

With a snap of his finger the food is replenished again. This time we finished it again but with a little more manner. When the food is gone, K.K welcomes us and bowed a little.

” welcome to my place Princess Rosalie, demon generals of the vampire clan Alice, and who are you guys might be?”

“long time no see K.K. This man is Kuro, the hero of the demon and the other are his companion.”

“my name is Hikari.”
“Irene, nice to meet you.”
“You can call me Kuro. I’m the hero of the demon.”

When I say my name, K.K expression changed a little. K.K appearances is that of a fat short man, black chinese vampire cap and black round glasses. He put one hand in his glasses and moves it down a little so he see me eyes to eyes. I can tell that he have special eye power judging from the changes in his black pupil into white.

“A human, a nymph and a human soul in a demon body. Interesting.”

It seemed that I was right. He knows about us using his eye power.

“If you have know it, can you train kuro here?”

K.K frowned upon hearing Rosalie’s request.
“I wouldn’t mind if it the nymph of the human soul because they have great power in them. As for the human…… No.”
He said that while shooking his head.

“Eeeh, what’s wrong with me?”
Actually that annoys me. What makes me different from Irene and Hikari?

“You just lack everything.”

My blood boils upon hearing that. I didn’t get angry if someone ignore me due to my unimportant existence, but if a person mocks me whatsmore to this degree, this isn’t something I can let go.

“Let me prove you that I’m worthy enough.”

I run and was aiming to punch his fat head but he just laugh.
“Hahaha.. You’re not even worthy enough to go against my beloved demon monkey. Bubble!”

Suddenly my fist is caught by a demon monkey that appears. Is this monkey his pet demon, bubble?

My fist was thrown and my attack failed. The monkey then looking proud thumping it’s chest.

“Very well. If you manages to catch my pet Bubble, I might reconsider my decision to train you.”

My bloods boil hearing that. He clearly mocks me, what’s so hard in catching a monkey?

“Just you see. I’ll catch your pet in one minutes.”

With that said. I run as fast as I can.

“Kuro you can do it.” (Rosalie)
“Onii-chan catch that monkey.” (Alice)
“Master if you succeed I’ll give you my nectar.”(Irene)
“Brother if you succed I’ll drink your nectar.” (Hikari)

Erm.. I don’t think Irene saying that is a good idea and I don’t think Hikaru knows what nectar is. Anyway, let’s catch this monkey.

Ten minutes passed and this monkey is more agile than its look.

Thirty minutes passed and I am no where near the monkey.

One hour have passsed.

“Kuro, you’re so useless.” (Rosalie)
“Onii-chan how can you move so slow?” (Alice)
“Onii-chan if it’s like this I won’t be able to drink your nectar.” (Hikari)
“Don’t worry master I’ll still give you my nectar.” (Irene)

By now I didn’t even take note to their comments. This is really annoying. Am I even more useless than a monkey?

Three hours have passed and by now I’m tired chasing this monkey. On the other hand the monkey seems just fine. The monkey even mocks me by showing it bottom to me and patting it.

“Kuro, I’m going to sleep.” (Rosalie)
“Onii-chan. Good luck, I’m going to sleep too.” (Alice)
“Brother, let’s just sleep and continue tommorrow.”(Hikari)
“Don’t worry master I’ll wait for you so later on we can sleep together.” (Irene)

Irene words give me some strength and surprisingly the girls isn’t going to sleep now. Rosali, Alice, and Hikari gives a mean look to Irene but she didn’t realize that.

“Hahahaha. If it’s like this even ten years won’t be enough for him. Girls you better sleep now at my place.”
With another snap of K.K finger, a small house appear. The house is like a dome, it’s not square like regular house but rounded.

The girls want to stay a bit longer because of Irene’s words. But after six hours without any sign of me catching the monkey, they all goes in to the house.

“Darn.. Monkey… I’m going to catch you.”

Hohoho.. What’s going to happen next?
Sorry ero brothers I run out of time to write lately.. Works has been hectic but I’ll try my best…

Thank you for your support and always read my story.. See you at the next chapter..

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  1. Dude you have good ideias , why not find a place for character like , prinnies,laraal, adel the character of Disgadea , and PRISMA RANGERS!!!!!.

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