38 – K.K trick..

Been working for 18 hours.. Darn it….
Chapter 38

“darn.. I still can’t catch that monkey.”

At first I only want to use pure pyshical power. But it seemed that it was useless. I have to accept the fact that my psyhical ability is low.

Let me take it up a notch and activates my power. Using the transformation ability I transform into the fastest animal on land. A cheetah. I ran as fast as I can but that monkey is still faster than me.

I must think of something.

“No matter what you do, you won’t be able to catch him.”

K.K talks to me while sitting leisurely.

“How do you know about that?”

“because that monkey is an illusion created by me.”


So afterall this time I just chased some illusion? I activates my eye see trough power and the monkey dissipiate.

“So, how that monkey stops my attack earlier?”

“Illusion magic isn’t that simple. If an illusion tells you that there’s an orange, you will believe there’s an orange.”

“but, since when I’m caught? No, since when we’re all caught in your illusion?”

“Since the beginning you walked in the paved road.”

Darn, I should’ve know this better. I looked back at the paved path and it turns only one km away from the starting points. If only we realized it faster and use our eye power.

“So, what is your purpose by doing this?”

“I just want to test your power and look at your ability. You’re lacking everywhere.”

I’m now shouting with rage towards him.

“So, is this all means nothing for you? All of my effort are vain?”

K.K chukled and said.
“Of course not. In that practice I also noticed your power. You have a mysterious ability that will turn you into the most powerful man in the world.”

After I hear that of course I’m happy but I can’t blindly trust him. Afterall he makes me spend more than twelve hours chasing illusion monkey.
“And how am I going to be the most powerful man in the world?”

“Here, drink this and let’s see if you can fulfill my expectation.”

He snap his finger and a bowl filled with red substance appear in my hand. What is this red liquid? Judging from the smell, is this blood?

“are you telling me to drink blood?”

K.K shows an amused face.
“Whoa, you figure it out fast. Now, do you dare to drink that?”

Now, no one can tell me anything. No one here is able to tell me is this the right things to do or not because the girls are all asleep.

“Are you affraid?”

K.K said that asking me with his tone full of intimidation.

“Don’t you came here to became strong? Don’t you want to be worthy of being the demon hero?”

There’s something wierd here. How did he know that I want to be strong? How did he know I want to be worthy as the hero of the demon?

“H-H-How do you know?”

“Oh! I know everything weak boy. Everything about you. What you feel, what you think, you can’t hide anything from me.”

Hearing him saying nonsense, I’m now feeling something strange. Anger? No. Rage? No. Is this, fear? Am I feeling affraid? Even in front of the demon king I didn’t feel something like this. In front of this mysterious K.K. It seemed that I already dancing in his palm from the start.

“Don’t think too hard boy. Just drink that.”

Darn it. If I keep cowarding like this I won’t be able to change. I muster up my courage and grip the bowl hard.

This is maybe the chance to prove that I’m willing to take the risk. The chance to prove my seriousness in becoming the demon hero.


With a motion, I drink all of the blood in the bowl.

I feel my conciousness fade.

I feel that I’m losing all my strength.

With the last sanity within me I heard K.K voice.

“Well done boy. You’re so easy to fooled.”

Did I just make the wrong choice?


Sry all, work has been crazy on me lately.. This is a bit short but please bear with it.. I’ll keep trying to release a chapter but i don’t think I can write more than one a day.. Lately I have to work 18hours a day..

Anyway, thank you for reading and thank you for your support… Cheers! Wish me luck and strength ero-brothers..

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