40 – status.. impossible.. II

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Chapter 40

“So, who’s going to be first?”

This is a tricky question, all the girls are blushing.

“Brother.. Why don’t you start with me?”

Hikari reluctantly offered herself to be the first one. This makes my heart waver. I know he has a girl body but deep down he is my brother.

“kuro. I suggest you to be carefull. Because you have to drink more blood from the next person.”
K.K tell me about this power pros and cons once again.

“You better take something you need. You still didn’t know about Hikari’s power, Rosalie demon’s eyes is on par with my discerning eye. You already have vampire clan transformation so it will be useless to drink hers. To sum it up, isn’t it better to drink Irene’s?”

When he said finished saying that I can heard the girls making a faint “tch” sound. They also looked at K.K with a killing look.

“So, shall we start master?”
Irene stepped up front and sit on the table. She spread her legs revealing her smooth thighs.

“W-w-what are you doing? You’re going to do it here?”
Rosalie looked at us in a wierd way.

“Onii-chan.. You better take Irene… and do it somewhere.”
At first it seemed that Alice want to say something else.

“I didn’t mind do it here master.”(Irene)
“Me too.. You can drink mine after her.”
Hikari immediately sit on the table and mimiced Irene’s gesture.

“If you want to play it like that, then count me in.”
Rosalie to my surprised followed after.
“Onee-chan not fair… Drink mine too onii-chan.”
Alice too by now has joined the serving table and causing the table to fall because it can’t supported the weight.

I put my hand on my face and let out a sigh.
“This is going to be triplesome, eeeh I mean troublesome.”

After a long struggle from the girls deciding who’s going to be the first, finally we back on track and Irene is going to be the first.

We decide it to be done at her room.

“Come on in master.”

When I entered her room she already laying down on the bed. Wearing a silk night gown coloured green matches her hair.
“Would you like to eat some appetizer first or you’re going to the main course?”

She said appetizer while her hand is on her chest and move it down when she said main course.


Either one is fine uehehehe. But let’s not forget the first reason I’m here. If I took too much time in here the other may suspected me. Me too actually want to try out the vampire clan drink blood power as soon as I can.

“Could I drink your blood first? I want to eat the full course later.”

Looking a bit dissapointed she said while looking down.
“If you wish master.”

She spread her leg apart and reveals her inner thighs. I really want to eat her right now seeing her in this appetizing position but I really want to get stronger.

I move my mouth approaching her nether area.

She shrieked and trembles when my breath get past her skin.

I really want to do much more perverted things right now but I need to focus.

“Focus.. Focus…”

I finally rested my mouth on her inner thighs near her flowers. Afterall it should be done 5cm near the privates part.

“Aaaah… Master..”

I was drinking her blood easily by transforming my tooth to be like a thin needle. I think I have drink enough. But something sweet run down my mouth makes me want to drink more.

This sweet feelings.. Where have I taste it before?

“Sorry master… Aaah… It seemed… Aaah… My nectar is leaking..”

Darn it.. I wish to eat her up before but now I don’t have to concentrate in drinking the blood anymore so, let’s drink her nectar a little bit more.


It all ended pretty fast because somehow even from before I eat her up Irene is already leaking.

I finished it up and get out from the room.
When I opened the door I can see the girls is lining up on the door trying to hear what happened inside.

“What are you all doing?”
Seeing that the door opened suddenly they acted awkwardly and suspicious.

“N-n-nothing… I was just passing by.” (Rosalie)
“I just want to know how powerful is the drink blood power.” (Alice)
“We want to know what you’re doing inside brother.” (Hikari)

When Hikari said that Alice and Rosalie tried to shut her up.

I guess I can tell what they’re trying to do.
“Let’s just see K.K for now.”

We all headed to the hall and see K.K there.

“So, why I haven’t feel anything yet?”

“It will took some time. The more powerful the power you try to acquire the longer it is. Remember you even passed out when you try to acquire mine.”

It all makes sense. Aftetall K.K discerning eye power is so amazing.

“Actually I forgot to tell you one thing.”

Darn. This K.K said that while showing a serious face. Can I believe him?

“What is it?”

“You know….. If the demon or human whom you drink the blood have more than one power, the special power you can get is random and you can’t get another power from that person.”

Eeh? Why he just said it now?

“If I tell you about this before, you may hesitate to do it. Later on you better use discerning eye first to see the power and make sure it is the only one to increase the chance.”

I understand that. Did he take me for a fool?

Suddenly I can feel my head get’s dizzy. Is it the sign of the power has been acquired?

“So kuro, at first you want to get the nymph healing ability when drinking Irene blood right?”

Why is he asking me with a wierd tone?
“Of course, what else could I’ve been aiming?”

K.K right now currently already used his discerning eye power.
“I’m sorry to say that you didn’t get the power you want. But this new one suits you very well. You can check your status.”

He said that with an evil smile. It makes me curious even more. The girls also grow impatient.


When I see that, my mouth opened wide.

“Impossible…. This is………”

What I see in my status is clearly my new power gained from drink blood ability. It’s one of Irene special power.



The girls showing some wierd awkward and scared face but I can see a light of satisfaction on Irene’s eye. She smiled and bow down.

“Don’t worry master. I’ll be there for you.”

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