41 – tommorrow..

Sorry just get back from work and a day has passed already.. Going to sleep soon so this will be kind of sort..

Chapter 41

“Just deal with it.. What happens just has happened.. There’s nothing you can do.”

I don’t know what to say to that K.K. Should I be angry? Or should I gives him a lesson?

“Anyway Kuro. As you already know, I’m the demon king army trainer. So obviously I’m going to teach you. Do you have any idea how strong you want to be? Or what kind of power you want to have?”

K.K said that distracting my anger.. Actually I haven’t really think of what I want to be. Strong psyhique like Sai the tama? Because right now I have 0 mana.

“Do you have any way for me to be able to use magic despite my 0 mana?”

K.K then gives me a suspicious smile.

“Ooh.. About that I may know a way. It will also help you to level up.”

I may get tricked again but on impulse I answered.

“Yes of course.. Don’t you believe me?”

Darn.. My believe for him is at 49.9958264919%. Will I fall to his trick again?

“I may believe you and may not believe you.”

“Hahahaha… Well said..”
K.K calmly laugh at my answer.

“So, can we proceed for real now?”
Rosalie asked K.K. At this point she is irritated to K.K. Probably because he set me up like this or because his words makes me choose Irene for the first one.

“Hahaha.. If the princess already asked me, I won’t waste anymore time.”

So if it was me you will try to waste my time eh?

K.K then looked sharply at me from behind his black glasses.
“Kuro.. I have two choice for you. First one is you do some leveling to increase your basic ability. And the second one can’t be done without doing the first one.”

Alright.. That’s it… This K.K is completely a troll. What is the meaning of two choice when actually I only have a choice remaining.

“Don’t play around. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“Hahaha.. Very well.. Tommorow I’ll take you to a dungeon to level up. But just you alone can come with me. The girls can stay here.”

I don’t know what is he scheming by asking me to go alone but it is my only option.
“Alright.. I’ll go tommorrow with you alone.”

The girls seemed like want to say something but I gestured my hand at them telling them that it’s fine.

I don’t know what is going to happen tommorrow but I’ll become strong no matter what..

I’m prepared for anything..
Sorry it’s short.. Got to sleep.. I’ll pay it back tommorrow…

Short preword short chapter short afterwords.. Sorry…

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next chapter.. See you ero-brother..

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