42 – is this my end?

Yo.. This chapter is payback for yesterday… Enjoy…

In the morning I was waken up 2 hours earlier than usual.. The problems seemed to be coming from my morning routine. It has stand up when usually it still asleep. It probably because of the nymphomaniac power I got from drinking Irene’s blood.

Of course luckily Irene is a nymphomaniac too. I got over this problem easily.
I sneak into her room and she is lying down on her bed on a purple night gown. I stealthly got up her bed and grabbed her two round mound on her chest trough the thin fabric.
“Eeeeep..Aaaah… Master?”

She surprised at first then savour the sensation. After a while she opens up her eyes and find out that it was me.

Without any other motion I pull down my pants and head to her mouth. She immediatelly understood.

-6969Hp -6969Hp

The damage I recieved from Irene is still great but I can feel my health is regenerating even faster. I don’t know why but to tell the truth I haven’t check my nymphomaniac power description and discerning eyes.

-Discerning eyes (the eyes that let you see about some basic information from the target. It let you see their satiety,bladder,lust, etc and gives you some knowledge of their power. *if you have master it’s basic usage, higher level skill will be unlocked*)

-Nymphomaniac (a man whose sex drive is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, coloqiually means a horny man. Not to be confused with gigolo where one’s sexual dignity is pathetically low, nymphomania is simply related to an abnormally high sex drive.*you can release your pheromones as aphrodisiac, able to do sexual intercourse for three days non stop, increased health regeneration when doing sexual contact*)

Aaah… I never thoughts discerning eyes have a special skill to be unlocked with the mastery. I have to ask K.K later. And my health regeneration is indeed because of nymphomaniac traits. I have to ask Irene how to release my pheromones.

“Irene…. Ughh…. How do you release your pheromones?”
Of course I have a hard time asking because you know what she do to me.

“wuws wiwnw wiwe wouw werw wowiwnw wo wewuwe we wiwl waweww. Wou wiww woww iww.”
(just think like you were going to seduce a girl master. You will know it.)

What is that? Seducing a girl, how do you do it? With a sharp gaze? No, the probability should be low. What is the easiest way to seduce someone?

Of course by touching them..

I move my hand towards Irene face and caressing it slowly. I don’t need to seduce her but I want to do it. I can feel some liquid formed on the tip of my finger that is now touching her cheeks.

That liquid colour is oozy white and quickly absorbed by Irene’s smooth cheek. Just seeing that white substance on her face turned me on more. When the liquid absorbed by her, I can see her eyes opened wide and the heavenly feeling from her mouth intensified by tenfold.

Aaahh.. I could die from this pleasure… This sensation, I can never feel I’ve had enough.. I’m going to master the usage of pheromone next.


The intense stimulation brings me to my end quickly.
“Thank you Irene..”

I looked at her while my body still feels a little numb from the earlier spurt, but it doesn’t show any sign of weakening.

“wwwonwww wowwwy wwwawweew. Waiww wawe werw wow wiw.”
(Don’t worry master. I’ll take care of it.)

With another wink from Irene cute face, she continues bring me to my end until I grow limp.

“So, Kuro are you ready?”

“Whenever you are.”

“Okay, let’s depart.”

We’re leaving the K.K island, just me and K.K. The girls shows some worried faces but this have to happened. I can’t keep bringing them with me. If I have become strong then maybe they could, but the current me still feel so helpless.

We walked for several minutes to pick up my rhinodillo. If it weren’t for illusion the distance from the paved road to K.K floating island only took several minutes.

“So, where are we heading to exactly?”

K.K and I have traveled for around one hour but he keep silent troughout the journey.

“To the dungeon. It has over 100 level and various monster guarded it. By the time you go deeper, the level of monster will be higher. It is a good place to level up.”

Ooh.. It seemed that this K.K actually know about a good way to train. As I venture deeper in the dungeon, it will still allows me to level up. Not like I have ever leveled up before though.

“Alright, we’re here.”

We finally arrived at a horrid looking cave.
“Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Yes it is… From this point onwards, you have to walk alone. I’ll wait for you here. It is simple. You just have to come back here every night. If you didn’t comeback then I’ll consider you as dead. No one that missing in this cave found alive.”

Great.. Harsh comments from the beginning. So he’s saying that if I didn’t comeback then I’m probably dead. It is really great. Sending a novice like me to a place where anyone that has gone missing is dead. Not that I really care because my status is probably higher then any level 1 monster.

“Alright then, I’m off.”
I quickly leave K.K at the entrance and go in. I don’t want to hear any more words coming out from his mouth.

“Waiit.. KURO….!”
It seemed that he want to say something but I’ll just ignore it. I don’t want to hear anything more.


I ventured for almost an hour but there’s nothing.. I can see well in the darkness thanks to Rattaniel’s see trough eye. It could even see trough the darkness. But I wonder why I still can’t see any girl nude when I use this power.

I finally arrived at a bridge. It was approximately 100m long and made out of stone. On the bottom of the bridge I can’t see anything because even though I used my see trough eyes the darkness below seemed endless. Showing how deep down below.

When I travelled at the middle of the bridge, there’s a movement. On one side of the bridge where I just came, large amounts of monster appeared. On the other one really big monster show up.

I really hate battling without knowing my opponents strength. But now I can freely check them out using discerning eyes. Even though there’s a stats penalty I don’t care. It could gives me the upper hand after all.

“Discerning eye!”

I activated K.K eyes power that I got from drink blood ability. I looked at the horde of monster behind me. It is just a bunch of skeleton. Skeleton isn’t that hard to beat right? Let me see their level.

It’s 1….0…..0….

I rubbed my eyes. I didn’t make any mistake right? My eyes didn’t fooled me right?

one.. two.. three digits?

Darn.. This weak skeleton the weakest one in this dungeon is level 100… There’s like hundreds of them. How can the weak lvl 1 me go against hundreds level 100 skeletons? Let me see the monster infront of me then.

Behemut. Lvl 200
Health: 1000000
Attack: 100000

Holy sh*t… What kind of joke is this. Did K.k send me here to die?

“Tch.. That brat dare to ignore me. I want to tell him that the weakest monster in this dungeon is at level 100. Huff.. It’s his fault in the first place for not listening to me.. Hahahaa.”

The monster is running towards me. The skeletons on the back and behemut from the front. What should I do? What can I do?

My instinct still tells me that there’s something I can do. Seeing how high level the monster in this dungeon are but they are not mentioned in the demon king army only means one things. Their level of intelligence is low. I may be able to trick them and find a way out of here.

“Unimportant existence!”

In the middle of the bridge the skeletons army and the behemut looked confused. Seeing the target dissapeared in front of their eyes, why wouldn’t they be angry?

Hehehehe.. My thougths are correct. These monster are stupid.. Huehehehe…


Just when I was about to walked to the other side of the bridge the behemut roared. He sure is pissed.

I look at that stupid looking horned-winged-dinosaur and send my mock.
“your stupid roar won’t change anything lol. Hehehe.”

Just when I want to turn my eyes away the behemut throws tantrum. He starts to attack wildly and scattering the skeleton army, throwing them to the abyss below the bridge.

“hahaha even if you do that you won’t find me. Hahaha.. How amusing.”

Just when I want to let another laughter out of my thoughts I feel some danger.

The behemut is looking at the ceiling making a kam*n r*der henshin pose. From it’s mouth I can see small spark of fire starts to form.

I know that this is not a good sign.


While jumping upwards and flapping it’s wing it released a large fireball from it’s mouth.

The size of the fireball isn’t enough to hit me but from the crater where it lands, small crack start to appear and spread trough the bridge.

Ooo oowww.. This behemoth maybe stupid but the power of stupidity is beyond imagination.




As the sound of glass is shattered heard, the bridge suddenly collapsed.

Within that instance I realized that I will fall down deep into the abyss along with hundreds skeleton.

It will be hard for me to transform into a flying creature given the large amounts of bones blocking above me. What’s more if I ever make it out the behemut is still there.

I decided to transform myself into something that could survive high fall. I transformed into a rubber ball. Rubber will bounce back when it touched the ground right?

No, that’s a bad idea. I will jumped back to where behemut are? Hell no.

Let’s just transform into a flying creature and fly at last moment to nullify the impact. What kind of flying creature? Of course it was a dragonfly. A creature that could stay mid air and perform hard air manouver.

One minutes..

One hour….

Almost one day..

When will I reach the bottom?


Some cracking sound can be heard below. By the time, some bigger skeleton already fall earlier than me because their size is bigger so of course they are heavier.

I’ll prepare for landing now..


Accompanied by the bones falling, I hovered myself just one meter above the ground. After that I run as fast as I can to avoid the rain of bones.

*huff* *huff*

I can finally get out… Just when I was about to relax I see another demon coming. It was a small horned rabit. Oowh.. How cute.. With it’s cute little feet it skillfully kicking the bones that fall from the sky like a martial artist expert in taekwondo.

When the rabbit finished doing that, it smiled at me..

What? It smiled?

It smirked actually. So wide until the edge of it’s cheek is covered by it’s mouth and sharp teeth..

Sharp teeth.. Now I know that it’s actually looking at me with a predator smirk.

“discerning eyes!”

There’s nothing wrong with being cautious. Now, let’s see this little demon stats.
Man eating rabbit. Lvl 280
Health: 1500000
Attack: 500000

What the f*ck.. This little demon is even more powerful than the behemut..

The behemut is coming down from the sky. As for it’s stupidity it’s already out of my reasoning. It chased me this far. It landed and send another roar at the rabbit.

With a kick of the rabbit, the behemut neck is twisted around. His body is facing the rabbit but it’s face is now looking at me.

Darn.. Behemut vs rabbit ended in one second.
Oh no.. The rabbit is smiling at me again.. Is it saying that next is my turn?

On my utter desperation I unleashed my skill.

“Unimportant existence.”

The rabbit froze there for a moments.

“huff..huff.. It’s a succes.. Hahahaha take that.. Hahaha.. You stupid rabbit can’t see me now eh?”

The rabbit face turned somehow pale. The wide grin on it’s face dissapeared and changed completely. It is now trembling clattering it’s teeth on the way.


If he couldn’t see me, why it’s acting like that.

The demon rabbit turn it’s body away and run as fast as it can. Before that I can feel that it is clearly looking towards my back.

Faster than my eyes could followed, a big shadow jumped from my behind and run after the rabbit. In one seconds the rabbit vs the shadow ended. The rabbit is now lifeless inside the shadow mouth.

The shaodw turn out to be a big bear. I tried to looked at it again while my discerning eyes power is still active.

Draughnaut Bear. Lvl 3??
Health: ???
Mana: ???
Attack: ???
Defence: ???

It seemed that this discerning eyes power couldn’t analyze someone with 300 levels higher than me.

Realizing the condition I’m in, this is a bad sign right? I hope it couldn’t see me.

But my hope was in vain. It clearly looking at me after it savagely eating the rabbit infront of me.


I run as fast as I can. Run run run…


The demon bear send a slash of it’s claw but it barely missed me.
“hahaha.. It seemed that my luck is great.”

Suddenly I was fallen to the ground.

Eeeh, what happened?

I looked at the bear and it was chewing something on it’s mouth..

What is that?

Why I fall and can’t stand?

Is that…

my foot?

The pain finally realized by my brain after seeing my lost leg.

I look at the bear and currently it finished eating my right leg cleanly to the bones. Now it’s licking it’s paw and looked at me again.

Wait… You still want more? Darn…

I don’t want to die yet.

I can’t run away like this.

In my desperation I think of a way out.

I can’t run away if I just running around. It’s better for me if I fly back to the sky or dig deeper to the ground.

after losing my leg I on instinct turn myself into a mole and dug a hole. I dug deeper and deeper.

I looked back and I see the bear clawing at the ground trying to followed after me.

Darn.. Change direction.. I now digging up and down, left and right trying to shake off the bear.. After nobody knows how much time has passed, I keep digging. Rifht now, I can’t see any sign of the bear but I’ll keep on digging…

Keep on digging…

Keep on digging…

Darn… My leg hurts.. I moved by digging only relying on the strength of my arm… The blood isn’t flowing anymore because when I transformed, I make the wound closed.

Right now, I feel very exhausted.. My conciousness is fading away…

Is this my end?
Hohoho….. You know where this chapter is coming from right? It have some twist but it basic storyline was taken from arif*reta.. Hahaha…

Longer than usual to pay you back for yesterday.. Hehehe… Enjoy..

(the hideout is roughly ten cm wide and five cm long in a shape of triangle)

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  1. Arifureta ? this remenber Forsaken hero, all alone in a high level dungeon , all his have is he skill , and the wish for revenge. thanks for the chapter i see a evolution comming.

  2. I ask for forgiveness, but from what I know, gravity acts on all objects in the same way, regardless of their weight.
    the only thing that could make a difference in the speed of descent, is the air resistance
    besides, nice story

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