43 – revenge is sweet..

When the vampire is already out, what is hidden on the room? And how did Kuro will be able to survive? Check the twist in the story.



How did I survived?
Probably it was thanks to my large amount of health.. Also the fact that my health is regenerating when I was asleep, my body must have entered a dormant state unconciously to survive.

When I wakes up my health isn’t fully recovered, because one of my leg is still missing. Can I transformed myself to create another leg?

Trying to use transformation power, I can recreate a substitute leg. But it was merely an extension of my thighs, not like I actually grow a real leg.

Darn it…

Deep inside my heart I feel a surge of dark emotion..

Rage.. Anger… Bloodlust..

I have to get my revenge!

But what can I do?

What should I do to get stronger deep down here?

Thinking hard, I came up with a crazy suicide brilliant idea.

“If that bear want to eat me, then I’ll let him eat me.”

With a madman look I travel back to the place where I was chased by the bear.

At this time, it was silent and nobody is here.

Darn.. Should I tried out my hypotesis? Utilizing my see trough eye in the darkness I see a man eating demon rabbit is sleeping in a hole. It will be my practice target.

I transformed myself into a small flying insect and activates unimportant existence.

The rabbit still doesn’t notice me.

I entered it’s body trough the mouth and immediately jumped down it’s throat.

By now the demon rabbit woken up because it realize something has entered it’s body.

Awkwardly it tried to get me out by trying to vomit.

Bad luck I already inside it’s stomach.

“let’s do this!”

Inside the rabbit stomach I retransformed myself into a small metal box. Then slowly I increased my size.

Bigger.. Bigger…


With a popping sound the demon rabbit exploded and from it’s inside a black box transformed back into a human.

I better not waste this chance.


I drink as much blood as I can. Altough way before I already got a power from the rabbit I keep drinking it’s blood to fulfill my hunger.


If someone looked at me now, I didn’t look like a human anymore.

Drenched in blood, with one leg missing, sitting in a corner drinking the blood hungrily.


I can feel something is changing inside my head.

For me that always be peaceful and seeking no problem in life, defeating a three headed dog just as venting my life frustation, right now it’s different.

Because of the fear of losing my leg, the next one could be my life. It’s a kill or be killed world. It waken up another side of me.

“Hahahaha.. I’ll kill anything that I met but first let’s get my revenge to the bear first.”

I don’t have a sense of time in here so I don’t know how many demon I have killed but I haven’t met the demon bear. I also have leveled up several times but I didn’t really care. Right now I really want to get my revenge on the bear. My leg also has regrowed because of a power of a demon lizzard that capable of regenerating it’s own tail. Right now if by chance my body is fallen apart as long as my head and body still intact I can grow all of my limbs.

After countless demon killing…

Is that it?

In a corner I see a big black shadow curled up.

“Hahahaa.. Finally its luck has run out.”

I do the same routine. I entered it’s body and arrived at the stomach. I won’t be kind to the bear and let it experience an instant death. I’ll make it suffer.

I turned myself into the same black box but next I turn the box into a ball with lot’s of black needle like a sea urchin.


Countless needle surging out from the bear flesh piercing its skin. I avoid all of it’s vital point to make sure that it is still living.

Hahahaha. The bear is screaming in pain. It wriggled and let out a cry of agony but I won’t let it end just like this.

I will turn this bear procupine into something good. I turned my needle ball state like the blue hedhog named son*c. I turn inside the bear stomach and turn. And turn. And turn.

The bear is screaming wildly but I didn’t care. Minutes later there’s not even a trace of it’s flesh. Just some fine powder on the ground splattered with blood. What happened is the same principle when you put something solid into a blender. The blade turned and it becames a smooth powder.

“Hahaha.. With this I finally get my revenge.”
I drink the remaining blood on the floor and pick it up using my finger. I licked it and it taste so sweet. Maybe this is what they mean when saying revenge is sweet.

After that, I’m having a hard time deciding what to do next.. Should I go up and exit the dungeon? Or travel deep down deeper.

“H-…H….H..H-Help….. me…..”

I can hear a faint voice calling for help…

Should I look for the source of the voice?

Strangely enough I can sense the direction of the voice. It is located much deeper in the dungeon..

Help or not?

Right now I’m venturing deeper. Not because I want to help the owner of the voice.. But it makes me curious.. What kind of demon needed a help deep down here?. What is the reason it was down here in the first place?

Is it a trap?

I don’t know…

But right now there’s nothing that I fear..

Let’s see what the future hold in store for me..

Yuhuu… He finally acts like a decent protagonist right? Hohoho…
So, can anyone guess what’s coming next..?
I’ll make a really wild twist down there…
Ahahhaa… See you at the next chapter..
Thanks for reading ero-brothers…. Cheers…

3 comments on “43 – revenge is sweet..

  1. He is the dar side hero ,is the time for him fight if you not fight you no will live,basic for someone survive he need kill. thanks for the chapter

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