44 – the first guardian..

Let’s see how strong our hero has become shall we?

After spending some time descending in the dungeon, I manages to kill a couple hundreds more demon. I may have not realize it but I’m pretty strong right now.

The first time I killed the demon rabbit my level jumped almost a hundreds because of how big is our level gap.. Then it jumped twenty or ten everytime I killed a demon.

The last time I killed the bear it only gives me around two level.. It seemed that I’m probably around the level of that demon bear. Let see my stats and power..


Name:Kuromaru Ryuuji
Age:18 Lvl: 384 Exp:75%
Mana:0/0 (5000000)
Attack:5-5 (13000000)

Special power:

-really an unimportant existence(it would be hard for normal power to notice you. Even the demon king can hardly see you *higher type of skill of hiding, even if enemy have you in their line of sight if they’re careless you cannot be seen again in a blink of an eye. Why would anyone want to see you? Only some individual may notice you*)

-worthless former child(not even your parents consider you as their son *you can’t have any mana, you don’t even need it right? Even your family don’t need you*)

-Deity level Ecchi master ( given your 15years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation. You have became an expert in knowledge and practical skill in the laws of ecchi. Your Ecchi Master mental state has reached the “Godrealm” rendering mental attack useless. *because of your action, increased chance in encountering ecchi situation [increased in chance and luck]*)

-Heart breaker brother (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. You know it’s the twins but you can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *there is a little chance for you to mend a broken heart. There is a chance that you will accepted it wether it’s a girl or a brother. Your attack power can’t exceed 5. No matter what weapon you use.*)

-Hero of the demon (gives you 1000000 points in health, mana, attack, and defence)

– Apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes (as the right hand of the first vampire, you’re granted the unique ability of transforming. the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes that run in your vein is thicker than his descendants and 99% similiar to the original vampire clan *the greater image you have in your mind, the greater the power{transformation ability mastered}*)

– The all-seeing eye (one of special eye power of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first. *you can see trough solid object, have you use it to peek on someone?*)

Drink blood special acquired power: *all power acquired from drinking blood requires you to temporarily sacrifice your stats 10% for a day. Any passive skill will be considered as active skill, the effect won’t show unless you activates it.*

-Discerning eyes (the eyes that let you see about some basic information from the target. It let you see their satiety,bladder,lust, etc and gives you some knowledge of their power. *if you have master it’s basic usage, higher level skill will be unlocked*)

-Nymphomaniac (a man whose sex drive is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, coloqiually means a horny man. Not to be confused with gigolo where one’s sexual dignity is pathetically low, nymphomania is simply related to an abnormally high sex drive.*you can release your pheromones as aphrodisiac, able to do sexual intercourse for three days non stop, increased health regeneration when doing sexual contact*)

-High jump (your leg power has been enhanced. You’re able to jump as high as 100m vertically and 150m horizontally. *Some even say you’re able to jump to the moon like the moon rabbit, leg power enhanced*)

-Autotomy (the ability to regrow parts of the body that has been cut off. Able to regrow your limbs and other part of your body as long as your head/brain still intact with your body/heart *grow another arm or leg has never been this easy, you don’t want to left behind your arms and legs scattered tough*)

-Hypersensitive ears(you’re able to hear without not a sungle blind spot. You can hear further than your eyes can see. *Not much know that the bear have a sensitive hearing*)

-Hard scale (your skin can grow impenetrable scale. Able to ward off weak sharp weapon such as swords, lance, dagger, even throwing weapon. *when you activates this power somehow you turned ugly because of the scales*)

-Thunderball (you’re able to release an electric ball from your mouth. This skill doesn’t require any mana to use. *altough you’re able to use it doesn’t mean you’re skilled at this. Your mouth may feel numb because of the electricity*)

-not even a bystander is like you(for ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything but the child is saved afterall * you keep risking your life lately to help others, are you even the same person? there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again. The – defence restriction has been removed*)


It seemed that now I have became strong. I wonder whats going to happen if I spar with Sai the Tama again..

I can feel that I’m nearing the source of the help me voice.. It’s a little bit further..
Right now I didn’t waste any time killing the monster whom power I have acquired. Right now I walked leisurely with the power of my unimportant existence. The draughnaut bear seemed like a mini boss because since I fall to this abyss I haven’t see another one. Not like man eating rabbit, armoured rhinodillo, four tail gecko which is a lot.

I also didn’t spend any effort to kill any skeletal warrior or mage. Because they didn’t bleed when I attacked thus I get no benefit in killing them.

What becames my favourites is the thunderball skill. It doesn’t required any mana to use and it’s pretty cool. From my mouth I can send a ball of electricity which is capable of paralyzing a high level demon. If I want to, the size of the thunderball can be enlarged to 20m big and became an area of effect attack. But I really hate the numbness feeling in my mouth after everytime I fire this skill.

“Help Me!”

I can hear that voice louder. I walked forth and encounter a big metal door.

It was so big and various carving decorated the front. Just like the door in a rpg games when we are going to encounter a boss.

Let’s open it..


With a large rusty creaking sound the metal door is opened..

It landed on the sidewall with a large sound.

Inside the door, it was a hall roughly 50m in diameter and 100m high. In the middle of it a really big demon is sitting like a statue.

Is this the owner of the voice?
No.. It seemed the voice is coming near but from further ahead. I can see another metal door behind the demon. So it should be where the owner of the voice is being held. This big bad demon must be the guards.

Let’s see, how should I defeat it?
Just when I think like that, the demon opened it’s eye. Darn.. It notice me..

“discerning eye!”

Baphomet Lvl 487
Health: 3500000
Mana: 700000
Attack: 630000
Defence: 800000

Special power:
-guardian of the abyss(what is guarded musn’t be allowed to escape. *you will defend it even at the cost of your life*)
-hellfire (the bringer of hell doesn’t fear for fire and able to control the hottest fire on hell.*increased fire and any other magic resistance.*you’re able to use the meteor storm and lord of vermillion skill*)

What the hell? This is baphomet? One of the legendary mythical creatures that looked like a goat and carrying a grim reaper scythe.

“Foolish human! What are you doing here?”

Aaah.. Finally an intellect demon.. Even their level are high the demon outside can’t speak..

“I just hear someone crying for help and I tought I want to see what’s the problem.”

“There’s nothing wrong here. Leave!”

When people say that there’s nothing actually there is something they are hiding right? Like the more they say don’t open it the more I want to open it.

“If there’s nothing wrong so it’s fine for me to look around right?”
With a smile I asked but the expression on baphomet face changed.

“Insolence.. So you’re looking for death.. Very well.”

With that said the baphomet lunged forward and make a slicing motion using his scythe.


I dodged by bending my upper half backwards.

His speed isn’t that bad but I may get badly injured if I’m not carefull.

So, how should I deal with him?

In the battle deep down here I realized a few things. My attack power may still be low at 5 but if I transformed the restriction is temporary lifted. So, how should I deal with this baphomet?


I stopped the baphomet scythe by turning my left arm into a clear and shiny crystal. Yes, I transformed it into one of the hardest material on earth, diamond.

Should I attack him with diamond too?

I transformed my right arm into a diamond spear and thrust it to the baphomet.


The diamond spear just brushed off against it skin but it just leave a faint scratch.

“To actually be able to scratch me! It has been a long time since twenty thousands year. Hahaha. Looks like I will have some fun.”

What the? He actually already lived for more than twenty thousands year. Just what is he guarding exactly.

“Boy, I give you a last chance. Seeing you could scratch me it seemed you are quite powerful. How about you leave and forget about this? I’ll give you a chance to survive.”

“Tch.. Like I would..”
I don’t know about my chance in fighting him but I really want to kick his high and mighty arrogant attitude.

“If you say so, let me baphomet the guardian of the first demon king be your envoy of death!”

Aaaah.. He actually the guardian of the first demon king. I wonder how many more powerful guardian like him still alive. Still, the first demon king huh? I should ask the demon king or Rosalie about this matter.

“Prepare to die.. Meteor storm!”

Hoky sh*t it was a skill to call meteor from the sky right? How can you use it deep down here in a small area like this.

I can see a magic formation formed on the ceiling and afterwards pieces of large burning rocks hurled towards me.


I dodged left and right to avoid it..

Sh*t.. My diamond shield is flying away with the remaining of my left arm. Darn it…

I activates autotomy and regenerate it but I can’t use this skill rashly.. Afterall there’s already 20% stats reduction.

“quite amusing boy.. To even see you have an ability to instantly regrow your body like the first demon king. You actually have potential. I feel sad to take away your future from you. Lord of vermillion!”

Another large magic circle formed on the ceiling and soon I can see a blinding lights coming. It was a lightning struck the ground infront of me and just grazed by my hair. I can smell the burning hair. Not good. What can I do to survive? What can hold of the power of lightning?

Transform.. Rubber? No, for a small amounts of electricity it may be able to hold out but for the electricity of a thunder?

I transformed my arm into a metal arm. My right hand reached upwards and I planted my left on the ground. I’m going to absorb it and make it flow to the ground.


The lightning hits and I can feel it enters my arm.. It passed trough my metal arms easily as if it was a toll road made for electricity.

“To see you survived another attack of mine, you should be a strong one human. Who are you?”

“My name is Kuro. I’m the hero of the demon!”

“Hero of the demon?”
The baphomet startled but then regain it’s composure.

“for a mere human, altough your ability is great but to claim yourself as hero of the demon. You’re asking for death.”

Once again the baphomet comes at me swingin it’s scythe.

I dodge it to the left and I’m thinking of a way to kill it. Aaah… That’s it..

I run away to where my cutted off left arm and then pick it up.


I moved my arms backwards then move it forwards throwing my cutted off left arm. This is another trick I learn.. As long as there’s my blood I can still control and transformed it.

“Huh.. What are you doing? Throwing your arm? Kekekeke. Let me devour it.. I’ll show you what I’ll do with the rest of your body.. It’s been a long time since I eat a human flesh.. Huahahahaa. It’s delicious..”

Foolish baphomet hahahaa. He catches my left arm and he actually eat it..


My left arm has no way to attached back and I already have a replacement. What is the best way to discard of it while killing your enemy?

With a snap of my finger I know what to do, transform it into a small bomb inside the baphomet stomach.


The hall soon raining blood. Only left the goat leg of baphomet standing there with it’s upper body is gone.

Hahahaha.. What a beautifull sight.. I looked upwards, enjoying the warm sensation of blood on my face and open my mouth. I’ll better drink and not wasting it..

Great.. I acquired it’s hellfire power… If I acquire it’s guarsian of the abyss power I wonder if I will rot down here guarding this room… My level also increased several times..

So, now.. Let’s see what behind that door…

What is hidden deep down here…

Guarded by baphomet the first guardian of the first demon king…

Who is the owner of that voice?


With another rusty metal sound, I opened the door…

W-w-w-what is this…….?
Yahaa… Come on.. Guess what’s behind the door.. What is guarded and hidden deep within the dungeon?

Hahaha… I’m going back to work.. Enjoy ero brothers…


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