45 – excalibur!

Yuhunnnn finally we will open the pandora’s box… What is inside? Huehehehe… Enjoy..


What is hidden behind the metal door, guarded by the first demon king guarduan, baphomet is a treasury.

It was a room dazzling and shining in many colours.

Golden goblet, shiny jewels, countless divine artifact that could make anyone drool.

“Take anything you want from this room, but you can only take one.”

I hear a voice inside my head.. If that’s true I have to choose carefully. Let’s use discerning eye.

“Discerning eyes!”

I couldn’t believe the information showed by my eyes.

I looked at a golden coloured gloves..

Hand of midas
The hand of a greed king. Able to turn anything it touches into gold

Darn.. It’s the legendary hand of midas… What about that dazzling red stone?

Philosopher stone
A stone with the ability to grant life. It could gives life into countless rock and turn it into a golem.

What the hell? How can this treasury kept deep down inside here? And why I can only take one of this treasure?

Painting of Athina
The painting of a goddess will increase your stats by 30% if you stare at it for ten minutes.

There is such a thing? Increased stats of 30% is like a cheat power. Why did I can only bring one of this things?

Between the pile of shiny things and artifact I finally stumbled into the most interesting section. Weapon..

The Christ-blade (formerly Tanlladwyr , “Brightkiller”)
The sword of a famous knight that once known as the strongest.

Whoa.. My jaw couldn’t help it but dropped seeing these mythical weapon.
There’s even a seven set sword gathered in one scabbard.

Durendal : The sword wielded by Rolind.
Joyeuse: The sword of Charlimagne.
Almace : The sword of Bishop Tirpin.
Curtana : The sword of Ogier the Dine .
Hauteclere: The sword of Olivir .
Murgleis:The sword of Ginelon,the traitor.
Précieuse : The sword of King Biligant the Saracen.
The seven set swords make it own glory in a battle of power. Because of their power, they are bounded together in one scabbard. Whoever hold this swords have no weakness.
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi “The Grass Cutter”
it is a legendary sword, and is one of three Imperial Regalia. Its proper name is Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (“Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven”) but it is more popularly referred to as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. It has also been called Tsumugari-no-Tachi.

Whoa.. Even a sword from Japanese legend are here.

The Vorpal Sword
The blade made which went “snicker-Snack” when swung, it is used by the hero to battle the titular beast, Jabberwock. It is really sharp and can cut flesh and bones as easy as slicing vegetable.

All of this weapon makes me droll. Even though I can’t wield them directly because my attack won’t exceed 5, if I transform my hand to hold it with say, a rock hands or monkey hands I think I can still use these weapon.

What’s more their attack power is all exceeding 10000000.. No wonder they are locked here. I also know why each person can only carry one. If these weapon are spreaded in the continent, nobody know how much blood will be sacrified for each weapon could destroy a whole country.

I continue to look in the treasury room, from hrunting, chrysaor, qinggang sword, chandrahasa, dyrnwyn, sikanda, dragnipur, graywand, rhindon, mournblade, stormbringer, to the likes of gungnir, mjolnir and masamune. All famous weapon from the legends are all here.

Eeh, is this the end?

Without noticing I already looked at every things inside the treasury.. So, what should I take?

“H-Help me!”

Aaaahh.. That voice again…

I almost forget the real reason I came here.. Where is the owner of that voice?

“Help me!”

The owner of the voice is near. Where is it?

Darn.. No other choice..
“Hypersensitive ear!”

“Help me!”

It’s coming from there. Using my hypersensitive ear I can locate the owner of the voice.

From behind a golden statue of odin… I pushed it aside and found another door. Then I hear the same voice when I first entered the room.

“You may take whatever you want. No matter the number. You can even emptied the whole room. But you must never open the door. If you open that door, the whole treasury room will be destroyed and all the treasures will vanished and destroyed.”

It seemed that there’s a magic formation that will gives me some warning before I do anything. The voice is dark, deep, and sounds powerful. To gather this whole treasury, could it be the first demon king?

Should I take the whole treasury or open the door?

“Help me!”

Darn.. I have to make a hard choice..


In the first place I came here just to find the owner of the voice. I didn’t really care about this earth shaking treasures.

“Foolish Human… You just bring a catastrophe to the world!”

The deep dark voice resounded in my head when I opened the door.

With than sound also I looked back and the whole treasures in the room dissipiate into dust.

Darn.. At first I thought it was just a joke.. Sorry.. It seemed I just destroyed lots of treasures that could change the world.

There’s no way back…

I entered a room and dissapointed..

Inside the room there’s only a boulder with a sword stuck to the ground. The hilt was golden and the sword is crystal blue.

Is this the owner of the voice?

Wait… Is this the famous sword in the stone?

Whoever that could pull it out could rule the world..

Is that it?

What was the sword name?

It was really famous.. What is the most famous sword that I didn’t see in the treasury before..

Aaaah… Right….

The name of the sword is…


Yahaaa… Nobody guess that it would be a sword right?
What is the secret behind the sword? Can anyone guess it?
Is it really called excalibur? Hahahaha…..

Heed my warning.. I missed some ecchi scene….

Sneak preview… Next chapter is going to be EEEERRRROOOOO! HAHAHAHA…

7 comments on “45 – excalibur!

  1. …couldn’t he took the philosopher stone and make the many golems to bring the stuff out? or take the stuff out before opening the door.. it’s a pity he didn’t atleast take one..

  2. Btw… that chapter Revenge is sweet was F-ing AMAZING!! Truly a fun read. I meant to comment before however I kept forgetting, kept hitting back to the index so I could read more. Anyways as always Giving thanks ero brother.

  3. EXCALIBUR for the united king , i loking for him , i going to californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ah autor this make me remember good thigs.

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