46 – let us shake the world..

Yuhuu… Let’s get down to business… Ero Ero Ero.. (banging on the table and chant)


“Is it this sword that has been calling for me?”

“Aaaah. A human.. Finally I can be set free.”

I can hear a voice coming from the sword. I can hear it now, it’s a female voice.

“Are you the one asking for help?”

I asked the sword.

“Yes.. Please, help me out of here.”

“So, what should I do? Pull you out from the stone?”

“Yes.. Please hurry!”

“Why rush things excalibur?”

It is certainly is strange that it want me to release it in a hurry.

“Fool! I’ve been trapped here alone in the darkness for tens thousands of years. I really want to get out as fast as possible. And let me tell you one thing. My name is not excalibur! Don’t mistake me with a useless short white irritating guy with a long nose! Fool!”

I don’t know why she so angry.. I guess excalibur is the man she mentioned?

“So, you’re not excalibur?”

“Fool! How many times should I tell you. I’m not excalibur.. Excalibur is a useless sword. He claimed himself as the legendary blade used by heroes and kings, which is unrivaled by any other weapon present. But his very existence actually invites people towards the madness of ” anger “. He is famous because he is one of the five Great Old and is a former acquaintance of Death . Don’t lump me in the same group with him. Fool!”

“So, who are you?”

“You don’t know me? Fool! My name is Caliburn. I’m the original and the only swords in the stone. Whoever wield me will be able to rule the world for seven million centuries.”

“So, why are you trapped here?”

“Fool! Why don’t you release me first?”

“Not until I know about why you’re here and what are you exactly.”

“Foolish! Arrogant! Insolence! Huh! Alright I’ll explained it.”

I can hear a sighing sound then Caliburn speak.

“My name is Caliburn. I’m a sword created by the Holy God Cyndoria. I was given to the holy knight Jeanne as a legendary sword to slay the demon king. Don’t mistake me as a lowclass weapon like excalibur whom created by some high demon of the lake. His power isn’t a tenth of mine.”

I can sense proudness and arrogancy coming from her. It seemed she really is a powerful swords.

“It was in the middle of battle when Jeanne was killed by the first demon king attack. Thus the demon king sealed me in the stone, affraid of my power and put me down here along with countless treasures that may disturb his plan in ruling the world.”

“But, the first demon king is already died right? Why have no one free you?”

“Fool! Can’t you sense the monster guarding this dungeon? Their level is much higher than regular demons out there. Long time ago the level of demon and human are far higher. I wonder what happened until it degraded this low. As fool as you are, I still can sense a little bit trace of the first demon king aura. Fool!”

I feel a little bit annoyed at her now.

“So, what is your power until the first demon king sealed you here?”

“Heh, fool! Me, Caliburn is capable of dealing soul based attack in addition to my regular attack. Pyshical attack may be blocked but my soul based attack is not. I have 20 000 000 attack power and 20 000 000 soul attack power. I was even capable of casting healing magic, some buff, and even capable of transforming at will. You can’t tell how great I am? FOOL!”

She is annoying.. And what’s with this fool thing.. Am I dumb or what?

“If it’s just attack then I’ll pass.. Darn.. I should have just taken some treasure from outside.”

“Ehh? Fool! What are you saying? Are you a Fool?”

Heh.. Serves you right..
“Of course.. Don’t you keep saying I’m a fool? It seemed I may have accidentaly became a fool.”

I was saying that and about to leave the room.

“Wait! Foo… Eh, I mean.. Hero! Please take me out of here.”

Heh.. Finally she realized who’s the master here.

“But you know, I can’t use any weapon. So I don’t think I can wield you.”

I explained her about my curse and she replied.

“Don’t worry hero. As long as you set me free I can find a way to bypass the restriction.”

Actually I already know the way by transforming my holding hand into someone hand. It’s easy.

“Then if I set you free you’re saying you’re going to be my weapon?”

“Yes hero, you should be honoured right?”

“Hmm.. Not interested.. Sorry.. Bye!”

I waved my hand and once again turned my body.

“Waiit…. Please.. I’ll do anything you want.. Please take me away from here.”

Aaah.. It becames annoying.. Should I release her?

“Please O great Hero.. Ye seek glory? Ye will find it. Ye seek money? Ye will be granted it. Ye seek fame? Power? Women? Ask for anything and ye will get it.”

Hmm… Should I helped her? Aah.. So annoying.. Let’s just leave..

If you leave right now, your removed power “not even a bystander” will be activated once again. Leave at your own risk!

Darn… I guess I have no other choice..

“Alright alright.. So, what should I do?”

“It’s easy.. Just pull me out from the stone.”

I approached the boulder and stand on top of it. I grabbed the hilt using both of my hand and preparing a pose.

“You think I’ll be able to pull you out?”

“Of course! Anyone can do it foo- eh I mean hero.”

“Isn’t the chosen one is the only one able?”

“Not really, sometimes as a legendary sword we played around. Actually we chose our wielder based on how handsome or pretty they are.”

Sh*t is this a joke?

“Darn.. So are you ready?”

“Just pull me out already foo- eh I mean hero.”

I pulled the sword and easily it came out.


I hold her on top of my head like a victorious hero.

“Fool! Hahahaha.. Finally I’m free…”

Eeeh? Just like that Caliburn transformed and running away out of my hand. The golden hilt and crystal blue sword transformed into a gracious presence.

A girl with a ponytailed golden and purple hair. Standing proud wearing a blue heavy armour. Even though hidden by the metal plate I can still see her curves. Big mound on her chest, slim waist and slender leg covered by armour. My see trough eyes can see it clearly. Her face is illuminating the area with grace, a chill run down my spine looking at her beauty.

“Foolish human.. With this I’m free.. Hahahaha!”

“Waaiit.. You say you’re going to be my weapon!”

“Fool! In your dream! Hahahaha..”

That ruined everything.. That excellent demeanor of hers destroyed by her way of talking.

“But you say I can wield you!”

“Fool! In your dream.. If you want to wield me you have to fulfill my provision!”

“What is that?”

“I have around 1000 provisions, can you met the criteria?
No. 001 : My mornings start off with a cup of coffee with cream
No. 022 : On a refreshing morning, start out with a refreshing greeting

No. 058 : Never talk to me when I’m humming to myself
No. 075 : Celebrate Caliburn’s birthday in grand-style
(Everyday is my birthday)

No. 172 : Seek harmony

No. 202 : Only the Grandest toilet is acceptable

No. 278 : Never put carrots in my meal
No. 349 : Wielder must eat everything, regardless of personal likes and dislike
No. 452 : You must attend my 5 hour story telling party everyday
(the most important of all 1000 Provisions)
No. 573 : Always walk 3 steps behind me

No. 578 : The hero must never tell a lie

No. 602 : Food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients

No. 667 : You must praise Caliburn at all times

No. 679 : Always place a dehumidifier in your room
No. 778 : Never mail your mail without a return address and the proper postage, and don’t call collect

No. 998 : When you order a package for home delivery, you must always use cash on delivery

No.1000: Caliburn is never wrong
Can you fulfill the provison?”

She saying that out loud for more than three hours straight.. Darn.

“Whatever.. Just go then..”

“Eeeh? I thought you’re going to agree. FOOL! You just throw your biggest chance in life. FOOL! You will never get out of this place alive. FOOL! The demon will eat you. FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! YOU’RE THE BIGGEST FOOL EVER!”

That’s it.. My patience has run out.. Let me show her who’s the boss…

She was still laughing hard when I approached her.

“What are you going to do now Fool?”

“Before you leave, can you give me a handshake? I realized I’m just a fool for not knowing how great you are.”

“Hmph.. Fool! Finally you realized how great I am.. Here!”

She said thay while giving me her left hand.

I kneeled down and take it using my right hand and gently kissed it.

“Hump.. Fool.. Seems like you know some manner! But that’s not going to change anything.”

I stand up and clearly looked into it’s crystal blue eyes. “I’m sorry”

“Fool! What are you apologizing for?”

She is confused hearing me saying sorry.

“I’m sorry that I’m going to make you mine.”

If you’re looking where is the ero? We’re going to see it right now.. Are you ready? The following scene isn’t suitable for children. We’re making sure there’s no children, demon, or holy sword get hurt in the making of following scene.

“Eeeh, what are you saying?”
Caliburn is confused. She didn’t realized the situation she was in.

“Eeh, what happened to my body?”

“I feel… Hot…”

“What have you done?”

“What happened to my body?”

“Fool! What did you do?”

I just watch her squirming and touching all over her body.

“What’s happening to me?”

When I touched her hand and kissed it. There’s something that I give to her.

My pheromones.

“Ugh… It’s hot..”

I can see she can’t contain it anymore.

She unequipped her armour in a blink of an eye. Revealing her tender body in front of my eyes.

She wear light blue bra and pantie in a matching colour.

Her hand is exploring her own body in a wild way.

“Fool.. What have you done to me?”

“I do nothing.”

As I said that I by now has mastered the use of pheromones. I can released into the air without needing me touching the target directly.

“Liess.. Seee.. My body became even hotter.”

“If you want me to tell you, be my weapon!”

With that said, I release even more pheromones.

She resisted it so far but we have all the time in the world deep down here. I increased the amount of pheromones.

She struggled until she can’t hold it back anymore. She strip naked out of her underwear and giving me a pleasant sight.

The mound on her chest is comparable to Rosalie’s but her slender leg and big bottom is so enticing. The body of athletic woman, tender yet soft.. I can’t wait to taste it..

“Ugh… Fine.. I’ll became your sword.. Please tell me what have you done to me?”

“One more thing.. I don’t have to fulfil your provision in turn, you must obey anything I told you.”

She resisted it again. Her pride is what keeping her in between the lines. Let see how much pride she has.



Her hand is touching herself eroticly. I don’t think she can hold out any longer.

“Will you obey to me?”

She looked at me with her pleading eyes.

“Yes… Hero… Please help me..”

Sweet.. The condition is now fulfilled.

“What have you done to my body?”

She seemed to be curious at what is happening to her.

“I just release your innerself.”

“My innerself?”

“Yes.. Your high and excellent demeanor is actually really naughty inside. Your innerself want something that isn’t noble like.”

“W-w-what are you saying?”

She want to denied it but by now I guess she should have realized it.

I moves my mouth to her ear and whispered.

“Your lust.. You’re such a dirty girl.. Do you want me to release the pain in your nether area? Or the itchy feelings in your chest?”

She was taken aback by my words… Pride isn’t something you could take lightly… Once you hummmiliate it, it may be broken beyond repair. I don’t want that happened though.

“Are you ready to accepted me as your hero?”

She froze for a seconds then nodded her head.

“Very well.. Caliburn.. Your body is great and enticing. As expected of a holy sword.. If you became mine.. I’ll cherish you dearly..”
“Please hero.. Take me with you and cheerish me.”

“Good girl.”

While keep whispering on her ears, I extend my tongue and licked her ear.


Her body trembling and she gripped me strongly sending damage overtime but in my nymphomaniac state my regen is higher.

Just with a lick to the ear, a small puddle of water formed below her leg.

“What is this?”

I touched the water with my finger and then pulled it to my nose and sniff.

“D-d-don’t smell it.. It’s dirty..”
She looked shy and pushed my hand away from my nose.

I looked at her and smile..

“Don’t worry.. If the sword get’s dirty, it’s the master job to clean it.”

With a smile I moved my hand toward her chest..

I grabbed the mound and massaged it in circle..


She seemed to enjoyed it…

“Hhnnn… Hiieee..”

With another trembles, a small water gushed out from her nether area..

Tens of thousand years without a man touch has clearly giving her a hypersensitive body…

“Hero.. Please… Give me your sword…”

“Aren’t you a sword yourself?”
I looked at her an grinned.

“Let my lower mouth became your sword scabbard.”

altough I want to do it.. I still don’t want to give it to her… My first time.. At first I want to throw it at anyone.. But right now I have a feeling that I want to give it as a present for my beloved.

“I’ll promise I’ll do that later.. I still haven’t decided..”

“Hero… You’re still a V right?”

“Yes.. Do you think I’m unskilled?”

With a small smile she looked into my eyes and smiled.. She moves her small lips towards mine and give me a deep passionate kiss…

“Not at all hero.. I know you want to give your first time to someone important. It’s also the same for me… I’m still a V you know..”

Hearing that surprised me.. But I soon regain my composure because of something hard inside my pants..

“That doesn’t look comfortable.. Let me help you..”

She look at my lower half and pulled down my pants.. Revealing a tower beneath..

“Uhn… So big…”
She grabbed it by hand and looked at me..

“This is my first time so I may make some mistakes.. Please forgive me…”

Ugh.. I can’t resisted her anymore..

“W-What are you doing hero?”

I pushed her to the ground and positioned my self on top of her directly on her lower mouth in a 69 position..

“*giggle*.. Such a naughty hero..”

“You’re a naughty sword then.. Are you ready?”

With a nod from her I burried my self between her thighs..

My mouth is full as well as hers…

The feeling of a beginner, clumpsy and used too much teeth on my tower. But the smooth feeling of her lips is second to Irene.

Her body convulses wildly trying to get out of me but I hold her thighs with my hand not allowing her to leaves.

soon a sweet liquid coming out from her lower mouth satisfying my thrist..

She seemed want to say something but her mouth is full…

I don’t care and continue to eat her up..

By the time we finished I can feel my stomach is full of liquid.. I lost count of how many times she has given me the sweet liquid.. Hypersensitive and such a squirter.. She may became my new favourites playtoy..

“Shall we get out of the dungeon hero?”

I looked at her and nods.

“Let us shake the world…”
Ugh.. My pants is killing me… Hahahahahahahahahahaha………

Ero brothers… Enjoy…!

Ps: can anyone find a hypersensitiv squirter for me?

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