47 – K.K true intention..

Yah.. Don’t know what to say…

On my journey back from the depth of the abyss, I encountered some problem..

The first, there’s no scabbard for Caliburn so she travel with me by maintaining her human form. Secondly, she couldn’t be used by me right now, when I want to use her, it said the minimum level restriction is 500. I should farmed a little and increase my level. But given the condition that I already killed the most powerful monster in this dungeon, I’m not sure if I could get enough experience from lower level monster.

The last problem.. I just realized that because of my ecchi master power, Nymphomaniac will be randomly triggered. It was because ecchi master power have increased chance and luck in encountering ecchi situation, and what’s the best chance to enciunter such situation? Of course it’s when my pheromones “accidentaly” released as aproshodiac because of my ecchi master power.

During my time ascending, I have find myself in some “funny” situation because of the auto triggered Nymphomaniac with Caliburn which usually ended up in me drinking a lot of sweet liquid.

“Hero.. You know? You just have to keep using your see trough eyes and discerning eyes. Soon enough it will be leveled up.”

“Caliburn, How do you know about it?”

“Foo- eh sorry.. That was a habbit.. It’s because of my knowledge.. I have lived long enough to know about those things. More importantly, how are you going to increase your level?”

“Hmm.. Maybe finding a higher leveled dungeon?”

“I seriously don’t think there are higher leveled dungeon than this one. Even the level of the monsters outside is very low.”

“So, do you have any idea?”

“How about you kill the demon king?”

Aaaah.. Right.. Caliburn is actually a sword made to kill the demon king.. And I never tell her about my circumstances.

“You know Caliburn.. It’s actually like this…..”

After some long explanation wih several changes of expression on her face, my story is finished.

“Darn… I didn’t know that you’re the helper of the demon.. Holy God of Cyndoria please forgive my sin..”

“Don’t be sad like that.. Even though you’re now helping the enemy, the “reward” you get from me is equivalent right?”

She blushed and then pushed me down.

“You better give me more of my “reward”. Afterall it’s a hard decision to rebel from my Holy God.”

With a wide smile I said to her.
“Very well. We can take all the time we need until we get out of this dungeon.”


I don’t know how long it takes for me to get out of the deepest part of the dungeon. But when I get out, I used my hand to block the sudden ray of sunlight. I wonder if K.K is still around. Afterall I think more than a month has passed.

“Kuro, you’re back!”

I was surprised to see K.K standing there.

“What are you doing here? I thought you have left already.”

K.K then shows a troubled expression.
“What are you talking about? You only take 10 minutes inside the dungeon.”

Sh*t… What kind of joke is this?

“Of course, I just was about to tell you that the monster inside have a minimum level of a 100 but you doesn’t listen to me. Just when I thought you’re going to die instantly, you came out.”

Did time flowed faster inside? I’m not sure..

“Anyway, I thought this dungeon isn’t suitable for you.. It was a mistake. Let us find a dungeon with a minimum level 1 demon inside.”

“There’s no need for that. I already cleared the dungeon.”

K.K was stuppefied hearing my answer.

“W-W-what… But I’m pretty sure you should have died with your ability.”

“So you want me dead huh?”

K.K then awkwardly replied.

“O-of course not… Anyway, who’s she?”

“Ooh, her? Don’t worry.. She’s just another companion I found.”

Caliburn stepped forward gracefully and introduced herself.
“My name is Caliburn. Please to meet you. But I suggest you stop scheming another tricks or I’ll be your envoy of death.”

Hearing her name, K.K immediately trembles in fear.
“C-c-caliburn? The sealed sword in the stone?”

“If you know about that.. You should realize that my words earlier is true.”

“Y-Y-Yess… Of course.. I wouldn’t dare to do anything to our hero..”

“Who said that he was your hero? Kuro is my hero… Understand?”

“Y-Y-yes maam.”

I don’t know wether to laugh or cry..
Calibun is actually feared by even K.K. I should behave well around her. I don’t know if she may turn her back on me in the future.

“Don’t worry about him Caliburn. With my current level I doubt he can do anything. You.. Don’t even try to use your discerning eye on me. I’m warning you.”

I have to be careful. I don’t know what else could he hides. What’s more my sudden jump in level should still be a secret.

“K.K. Tell me.. Is there a lot of demon likes you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb. Demon that wants me dead.”

K.K is sweating bullets hearing that and averted his gaze nervously.
“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“K.K. You better tell me the truth.”
With some pressure in my words, he finally revealed his true self.

“If I have to tell you the truth, many demon is against the demon king idea but they didn’t say it. How can a prideful race like us asking a help from mere human? The king may have accepted you but lots of demon against his idea.”

“Ooh… So you have another companion that wants me to die.. Is that why you bring me here in the first place?”

With a regret he answered me.

“K.K can you tell me who else is supporting you?”

“Even if my life is gone, I couldn’t betray my compannion.”

Aaaah… This K.K actually have some guts.

I kicked him and he stumbled backwards lying on the ground. I pulled down his pant and turned my arm into a long sharp and dazzling swords.

“You better tell me or say goodbye to little K.K”

Caliburn just watched the hilarious scene and laughed hard.
“Hero… Now I believe that you’re a hero of the demon. The first demon king even isn’t as ruthless as you.”

“Glad to hear that.. So, you think I’m worthy enough to wield you?”

“Of course.. I could even be your “scabbard” if you want. Hahaha.”

I shifted my gaze again to K.K

“I’ll count to three.”

He seems like he want to say something but hesitate.

With a wide smile I said.


My hand moves and surprised K.K. He didn’t know that the count will go up to three instantly. After seeing the blade of fate going to amputated his member, his eyes rolled back and turned white.

“Tch.. What a let down.”

My hand hasn’t even cut his little K.K and he already passed out.

“Don’t worry hero.. When he wakes up he won’t do anything silly.”

With that said I grinned at Caliburn and hold her in my arms. I moves my mouth to her ear and whispered.

“So, you want to be my “scabbard” that bad huh?”

I let my tongue out and plays with her earlobe. Took around five seconds before she shrieked and trembles.


Just from that stimulation a puddle of water has formed below her feet.

“Hero.. You’re so cruel.. To do it here and caught me off guard.”

“Of course.. I’m a hero of the demon afterall.”

Hahahaa… So, do you guys finally see the light? It’s strange for all the demon accepted a human as their hero right? Did you see about this story development? Hahahaa…
Anyway, cheers ero-brothers.. I liked Caliburn more and more.. Darn that hypersensitivity of hers..

Thanks for reading and see you at the next chapter.. Hahaha…

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