48 – pressuring preassure..

Yuhuu… I’m back…


Afterwards, I head back to K.K place while dragging him. Caliburn mentioned that my see trough eyes will soon be powered up so I need to keep it on 24/7. It is also a good way to keep me out of illusion spell and get myself be tricked. If I can managed to keep discerning eyes for 24/7 too, she said it will be able to merged with my see trough eyes and becaming a new passive eyes type. I’m looking forward to this.

“Kuro, you’re back!” (Rosalie)
“Onii-chan… I’ve been waiting for you.” (Alice)
“Brother… I missed you.” (Hikari)
“Humm.. Master.. I smelled your seed scent… Who’s that girl behind you?” (Irene)

Darn.. How can Irene nose is so sensitive. I approached them and introduced Caliburn.

“Everyone, please greet Caliburn. She’s actually a holy sword.”

“Nice to meet you girls. My name is Caliburn, the original sword in the stone. Please look after me.”

“No way! The legendary Caliburn?” (Rosalie)
“Onii-chan! This is amazing!” (Alice)
“Brother.. Is that the sword in z*lda?” (Hikari)
“No way! Master brought back another girl to became his concubine.” (Irene)

The girls happy expression immediatelly changed into a mischevious stare at me.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to be his concubine.”

Caliburn words immediately subside the growing anger from the girls.

“I’m going to be his legal wife.”

Caliburn said that while giving me a sweet smile. Darn… This treacherous girl…

I should have know what’s coming… Countles slap, punch, kick, bite, suck, trample, shove, pressure, I take them all from the girls. Altough my defence power is high, it only affected the reduce of health point. I still feel the actual pain.

“Alright girls, we have more important manner to discuss.”

Caliburn words stopped the girls. They strangely listened to her words. Maybe she’ll became the girls commander from now on? Oh.. I can’t believe this.. Altough she’s sweet when its just the two of us, in front of the girls she act different. Is she playing on me?

“We have a serious problem that we need to resolve. Before facing the human hero, or fighting the rebel vanguard, this is urgent.”
I said that with a serious face.

“What is that? Is that have something to do with you beating up K.K?”
Rosalie is the first one to react.

“Yes.. This is something unpredictable.”

I explained to the girls my previous conversation with K.K

“So, we have a traitor among our ranks. I’m sorry Kuro. You must have suffered greatly in the dungeon.” Rosalie is looking at me with a pitiful eyes. It’s not her fault really.

“So onii-chan can you tell me how strong you became?” (Alice)
“Yeah brother.. Let’s just kill those traitor..” (Hikari)
“Master.. It’s better if we make more allies first.” Irene is saying that while moving her hand in circle on top of her stomach.

Wait… Is that what she mean?

“Hahaha. Girls, you are all think too simple.. It’s better for Kuro to make the traitor submitted to him by showing his power. Isn’t that faster?”

As expected of Caliburn. She’s so smart.

“So, do you have any idea how I do that Caliburn?”

“If you want to use my scabbard then it’s going to be easy.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t wany to use it… Not yet..” (Me)
“Kuro, if it’s just a scabbard shouldn’t you use it if it can resolve our problem?” (Rosalie)
“Yeah onii-chan.. Just use her scabbard.” (Alice)
“Brother.. Don’t be so unreasonable.. Just use it.” (Hikari)
“Master… What is this scabbard thing? Why I feel something is out of place? Can’t you use something else?” (Irene)

As expected, Irene have a good instinct about these kind of things. She looked suspiciously at Caliburn and soon the eyes of the two met creating some invisible spark in the air.

“Is there no other way? For me to easily show my power without doing anything?”
“What are you talking about without doing anything?” Rosalie is now grumpy while answers me.

“I don’t want my unimportant existence to be removed.”

“Aaah. I see.. Does anyone have an idea?”
Rosalie asked the girls but no one seemed to know of a solution.

“Kuro… Can you tell me again about your drink blood ability?” this time Caliburn seemed to think of something.

“It allows me to gain an ability from my target. However if the target have more than one power, the power I gained will be random. If it’s a male I can drink the blood anyway I want. If it’s a female, it must be done in 5cm radius of their privates area.”

I really embarrased saying the last sentence because it makes me look like a pervert.. Nevermind.. I’m really a pervert actually.

“Then, I may have an idea. Do you guys now about a special power called “pressuring pressence”?” (Caliburn)

“Is that the “aura of nobility”?” (Rosalie)

“Whoa.. I surprised someone knows about that. You’re so smart girl, who are you?” (Caliburn)

“I’m the current demon king daughter. Rosalie.” (Rosalie)

“Aaah.. Your knowledge is worthy your title as the princess. Here, let me give you a reward.”
Caliburn then walked up to her and patted her head. After that she doing the impossible, she kissed Rosalie on the lips leaving us startled for almost one minutes without letting go.

“what are you doing?” (Rosalie)
“I’m teaching you how to kiss. Hahaha… You don’t want to embarassed yourself when kissing someone you loved later. Do any of you girls want to learn it too?”

Seeing how that one minutes makes Rosalie keep changing her expression, moving her arms wildly and shook her body in a wierd manner, the rest of the girls are startled.

“I’m still underaged for a kiss. So no thank you.” (Alice)

“What are you saying girl? You’re older than you looks.”
Caliburn appriached Alice and gives her the same experience as Rosalie.

“Brother.. Help me…”
Hikari is clinging to me because she knows her turn is next. When Caliburn finished with Alice, Hikari soon squirmed in Caliburn arms.


She looked at Irene and the two just stares silently.

“Alright.. That’s enough.. We still have a serious problem here. Why don’t you tell me about this “pressuring presence” or “aura of nobility”?”

I breaked the silence and the girls slowly remained their composure except Hikari who stood in a corner and keep murmuring “my first kiss my first kiss…”

“Do you know that someone with great power usually have an aura around them or majestic pressuring presence that will make nobody dare to approaches them?” (Caliburn)

“You know Kuro, like the one my father possessed.” (Rosalie)

“Sorry. I can’t feel them nor know about it.”

“So, are you saying you can’t feel presence? Is that why you don’t know how great I am?”
Caliburn is asking me while being annoyed.

“Yes, that seemed to be the reason.”

“Very well. I will show you my presence. I hope it will convince you to use my scabbard.”
Caliburn said that while looking at me trying to seduce me.

“Are you ready?” Caliburn is changing her looks at me and became serious.

“I’m ready anytime.”
I make a strong pose, bending my leg and lowering my center of gravity.

“Aura release!”

With a sonicboom sound, a circle of wind spread quickly with Caliburn as the center. The girls even pushed back several meters. I can hold out the pushing pressence but soon I feel mybody is so heavy. Like sinking in a sand,unable to move and it’s becaming so hard to breath. There’s also something heavy pushing me from above trying to crush me.

“Aura stop.”

Just like that I feel my body returned to normal.

“The aura rivalled my dad.” (Rosalie)
“what was that?”(Hikari)
“just don’t think you have win just because you’re stronger.” (Irene said this but no one heard)

“So, are you going to use my scabbard?”
Caliburn is asking me in a naughty tone.

“So, you want me to drink your blood? But wait.. How many power did you have?”

“Hmm.. Around ten or more..”
Darn.. This Caliburn now is toying me.

“Don’t worry. I don’t need you to drink my blood. I only said do you want to use my scabbard?”

“If I used your scabbard then can I use that power?”

“erm… No..”

Darn.. She is clearly toying with me.

“Is there a way for me to have that power then?”

“If the sphinx race still alive then maybe you can.”

“Sphinx? Do you mean the ancient tiger race?” (Rosalie)

“Yes.. That one.. Smart girl want me to kiss you again?” (Caliburn)

“No.” Rosalie quickly covers her mouth with her hand.

“So, are the sphinx race still around?” (Caliburn)

“There’s only one ancient tiger race alive.” (Rosalie)

“So, shall we head out now?” (Kuro)

“Me, hero and the smart girl will depart and you girls can remain here and try to get some information from K.K, anyone disagree?”
Caliburn is sure quickly becaming the girls leader.

“I disagree. If its the ancient tiger race you better bring me with you. I know them better.”
Irene step up forward and said that.

“Hoo… What is your form girl?”

“A forest nymph..”

“Alright.. We will take the nymph girl instead of the smart girl.. What do you say hero?”

“It’s fine. But let’s depart tommorow okay?”

Rosalie seemed want to say something but my quick reply immediately canceled her thoughts.
Yaha… I might want to try to release another chap today.. Because tommorrow I’m going to have a job interview.. Wish me luck my friend.. You know how crazy my work has been lately..

So, next is ancient tiger race, sphinx.. Hohoho.. Keep your naughty thoughts for yourself..

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