49 – are you ready for your turn?

Tommorrow there’s no update since I’m going to have a job interview…. Wish me luck!

In the morning I leave with Caliburn and Irene to look for thr sphinx.

“Does any of you know where the ancient tiger race is?”

“How do I know? I was trapped in the dungeon for ten thousands years.”
Caliburn said that while lifted her shoulders.

“Me too. I don’t know. I grow up in the forest. But I have a rough idea where the ancient tiger race is.” (Irene)

“Where? Tell me.” (Me)

“it was near the kahlua dessert. That’s where the ruin of ancient tiger are.” (Irene)

“Good guess. Let’s head out there.” (Caliburn)

“Wait.. Does any of you know where the kahlua dessert is?” (Me)

The girls answered simultanously. Ugh.. It seems like it’s going to be a long way.

We depart on our rhinodillo and it takes around one day to reach the kahlua dessert and then we finally arrived at the ruin on the next day.

“So, is it here?”
I asked Caliburn and Irene.

“Seems like it. Let me try to sense their presence. There… I found it.”

We followed Caliburn who dashed off.

“there it is.”

What we see in front of us is a cat coloured pink.

“Is that the sphinx?” I asked in disbelievements.

Hearing my words the cat looked angry. It’s whole fur stand up and immediately transformed into it’s humanoid form.

Wearing an ancient egypt hair ornament on top of her pink shoulder length hair. Smooth jade like skin and pink round eyes. A true beauty if not for the hair colour. What’s more the two mounds on her chest isn’t covered by anything. Too bad her nether area is covered with fur. From her I could feel a grand aura that almost force me to lowered my head at her. Is this the pressuring preassure that I’m going to learn?

“I speak in rhyme but not waste time. You three has come say what you want.”

“Are you the last member of ancient tiger race?” (me)

“there is an ink of the table brink. My nane is Pink and yes I’m the last sphinx.”

“we want to ask for a favour.” Caliburn as the most experienced of us gives reply.

“The water will vapour even when it’s idle. If you ask for a favour, answer my riddle.”

As expected of a sphinx. We have to answer her question first.

“Okay, please tell us your riddle.” (me)

“there is a twin on top of a tree. If you want to win, answers three.”

Seems like fair enough.
“How good you are with riddle?” I asked the girls.

“If it’s an old riddle I can answers it.” (Caliburn)
“I’m sorry master I have no idea.” (Irene)

I guess I have to rely on my own then.

“what’s the first one?”

Pink crossed her arms then speak. Nooo… Don’t hide those mountains from my sight.

“In the morning I’m four. In the afternoon I’m two. In the evening I’m three, what is me?”

Hahaha.. Even though the words are messed up it’s an easy one.

“Of course it’s a human. In the morning, early life baby walks on all four. In the afternoon when it grows up it walk on two leg. In the evening when their old they used a stick so it becames three.. Hahaha.. Don’t throw easy question on me.”

This is a piece of cake.. Hahahaha.

“WRONG! It’s an gimozilla demon.” Pink emphasize on the words wrong and startled me.

Darn.. I never think of the cultural differences.
“Irene, Caliburn do you have any idea about this?”

Both of them shook their head. Darn.. We have no chance of winning like this.

“Oh great Pink the sphinx. I am too astounded by your mighty knowledge about riddle. Can we turn the table around? I do the riddle and you’re the one answering.”

“If that is all, do what you want. Afterall I’m the one who will won.”

“Alright. We keep the riddle before as my loss. It’s now 0-1. The first one to reach three won.”

Pink the sphinx just nooded at that showing her agreement.

“I’m pretty bad with riddle so it is just a simple question. If there’s a demon turtle going to the race facing a demon rabbit, who will win?”

“it is a sin when an old man grin. Of course the demon rabbit that win.”

“correct. Now the score is 0-2.”

“Outside is cool and there stand you. Don’t ask something fool or you’re next in my menu.”

“Master this is bad. If we’re wrong again we’re going to be eaten.” Irene said that with a concern on her voice.

“Don’t worry I got this on the bag.”

I take a gamble on my next question. I hope my idea works.

“Second question. There’s a demon turtle who could run really fast going to the race against a demon rabbit. Who will win the race?”

“ignoring the chill a demon came. My answer is still the same.”


When I said that, Pink eyes widen.
“It is a treason if you tell a lie. Tell me the reason or you shall die.”

“Have you ever heard that a strong mouse could defeat a cat? It is being said with the same principle.”

“it is rare but I”ve heard such case.”

Nice. She admitted it.
“So I’ll take it as my win then?”

“I’m such a cutie so I’ll give you a pity.”

Alright… I’ve got this is in the bag.

“It’s 1-2 now. Next, there’s a demon turtle wearing a black glasses going to the race against a demon rabbit. Who won the race?”

“You’re principle isn’t going to work even for just a bit. Therefore the winner is the demon rabbit.”

“Wrong. The winner is still the turtle.”

“What? Tell me how it could happen.”

Pink the sphinx doesn’t even bother to use a rhyme words now.

“When the demon turtle open the glasses, it turn out to be the really fast demon turtle in the second question.”

“Grrr…. YOU… ”

The face of Pink is now redder than her hair. Even Caliburn and Irene laugh at that. They’re laughing at the answer of my riddle.

“Give me the next question!”
Pink the sphinx is roaring in fury.

“Easy.. Chill down.. Alright.. Last question.. There’s a demon turtle wearing a mask going to the race against a really slow demon rabbit. Who won the race?”

“Hahaha. The winner is the demon turtle right? When he open the mask it’s the demon turtle who could ran really fast. Hahaha. I win!”

Just when Pink the sphinx laughing hard I make her smile dissapeared.

“Wrong! The winner is the slow rabbit.”

“Eeeh, how could it be? The demon turtle should be really fast while the rabbit is really slow. Don’t trick me now I warn you.”

With a wide smile I tell her the reason.
“Of course when the mask is opened, it was the same demon turtle who could run really fast. But the demon turtle already run out of stamina and he couldn’t continue to race, therefore the really slow demon rabbit manages to win the race.”

“Grrrr! I don’t accept this. How could you trick me with these silly question. I’m going to take your lives.”

“Heh.. I’ve never want to play quiz with you in the first place. From the beginning I want to use force to make you submit.”

“should we help master?” (Irene)
“Don’t worry. You can see how strong hero has became.” (Caliburn)

Pink is now readied herself in a fighting stance. I on the other hand activates my expert control unimportant existence. I’m going to practice a skill that I haven’t used for a long time. Unimportant ecchi master existence.

I make myself vanished and appear in front of Pink to grab the exposed mountain on her chest.

“Got ya!”

“Hieee.. What are you doing?”

Even though she was surprised at the first, but realizing wherr my hand has landed she send a punch but I quickly dodge while activating my power.

“Wherr are you? Don’t hide! Even your battle style is full of trick like a coward.”

Pink throwing blows wildly in the empty air.

“What are you punching? I’m here.”

With another appear grab and dissapear I keep enjoying the smooth feeling of her supple mound.

“That’s look interesting. Hero! Count me in.”
Caliburn enthusiasticly stepped forward and stand besides Pink.

“Master.. Me too!”
Irene not wanting to lose stand on Pink other side.

Three versus one bust grabbing battle huh? This is going to be “fun”.

Pink was surprised at first but after some time she realized the situation that she was in. My hand isn’t focused on the chest area anymore but wildly touching all over her body. She could also hear some scream and moan coming from Caliburn and Irene. What’s more after realizing that Caliburn and Irene is now naked.

Under Caliburn formed a puddle that releasing a sweet fragrance. Irene is now down on the ground while spreading her leg apart.

I sneakily appear behind Pink and whispers.
“Are you ready for your turn?”
I hope you guys understand the gag about the turtle and rabbit lol. If not this chapter going to be one of a boring hell for you… Anyway, tommorrow I’m going to have my interview please wish me luck.

2 comments on “49 – are you ready for your turn?

  1. 1 good riddle for this novel .
    Four legs on four legs waiting four legs reach, while four legs do not get four legs do not get off four legs. what is this?
    Anwser :a cat on a table waiting for a mouse.

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