50 – are you ready for the second round?

Someone of you didn’t like the extra chapter yesterday.. Better pay close to the prewords to know what you’re going to read hahaha…
Chapter 50

Don’t read this chapter if you dislike ecchi scene which I think you don’t…
Prepare for some decriptive stimulation done in a soft way….
This ero ecchi scene will last for the whole chapter.. Brace yourself…

“Are you ready?”
I asked Pink by whispering from behind and tuck my hand under her armpit and grabbed her round mound on her chest.

Pink was surprised but seeing what happened to Caliburn and Irene she probably already figured out what’s going to happen.

“what are you doing to me?”
She wanted to resist but soon find out that it was impossible. I grabbed her supple mound harder and squeeze it. I can feel some kind of juice come out like squeezing an orange.

“Don’t do that! My milk will come out.”

Pink squirmed in my arms trying to get free.

“How can your milk comes out when you’re not even a mother?”
I said that while squeezing that firm feelings in my hand.

“Aaaah… It’s because it’s mating season.. Sometimes… It just come out by itself.. That.. Is the reason… I don’t have anything covering my chest…. Aaaaah….”

She still rocked her body but the pressure is reducing.

I explored the round mound while moving my hand in circle and finally I hit the jackpot.

I found two one cm round jewel on Pink chest. I pinched the jewel using my thumb and middle finger.

“Aaaah… Don’t…”

After that I tapped the jewel rapidly using my index finger..

“Aaaah… Please…. It’s going to come out…”

Pink is pleading while still moving but there’s no more strength coming from her.

“Aaah… No….. Aaaaaahnnn…. AAAAAHHHH… IT’S COMING OUT!!”

when she said that I see a small horizontal fountain started to shoot it’s white water making an arc towards the ground.

I move my mouth to taste it and changing the way I hold her. Right now both of my hand are hugging her and on her back while my mouth is in front of the fountain and trying to catch the water.

“Hmm… It’s tasty..”
Sweet with a little bit of salty taste. No… I want more… But the fountain show seemed to have been ended.

I can now see the pink jewel on Pink’s chest. I circled the jewel using my tongue and shift my gaze looking at her. Pink with a tired face look at me and begs.

“Please… Don’t do that… Otherwise it’s going to come out again…”

“You know that’s what I’m waiting for.”
I said that and took the jewel inside my mouth. I sucked on the mound where the jewel is planted while my tongue skillfully twirled the jewel.

“Aaah.. Please…. No…..”

She keep saying that but her body didn’t even trying to resist anymore.

“aaaaah…. Aaaah…. No….. AAAAAAHHHHHHH…..”

Her body jerked for several times and when the loudest moan comes out from her, my mouth is full of sweet and salty liquid. I drink it all down without dropping anything.

With a low moan to end the second fountain show she lost the power on her leg causing her to stumbled in the ground.

“Now, it’s your turn to taste my milk.”
I pushed her stunned state so she lays down on her back bewildered. I positioned my self on top of her chest and bring my hip down.

I’m now sitting on top of her stomach.

“Do you still want to go against me?” I asked her with an evil grin in my face.

“No..No.. Absolutely no.. Please let me go..”
She was pleading again.

“I really want to let you go but there’s no guarantee. Unless you drink my milk as a contract.”

“Yes yes I will do that.”
Pink immediatelly agree but it seemed she doesn’t know what my milk is.

I pulled the jewel on her chest by pinching it and line them up next to each other. It was causing her mound to be coming together making a smooth cavity in the middle.

“Can you help me unload this?”
I was looking at her then looked at my lower half. She know now what’s going to hit her.

“Or else I won’t let you go..”

With a trembling hands and her upper teeth bitting her lower lips, she even glanced sideways showing her low experience with a man. She grabbed my belt, unfasten it and pulled my pants down.

I lift my hip a bit to help her access it and stand up in the end tossing my pants to the side in the end.

Pink eyes is widen looking at the tower in my nether area.

I sit back down to my position while keep pinching the jewel.

I positioned the tower to pierce the smooth cavity formed earlier inbetween two round mounds of her chest.

Aaaah… The feeling is like a heavenly bliss. I was enveloped in a cloudlike soft feeling.

I tried to move my hip back and forth but the feeling of dry skin touched each other is killing me. I need some lubricant.

I remember the sweet and salty feeling from earlier and my pinch on the jewel became harder.

“No.. Please not that again..”

“You better do that or your chest may hurt from the friction.”

She was closing her eyes sideway trying to hold in her moan. I tapped the jewel again and I can feel it convulsing. I know not long before the mountain erupted.

With now positioned correctly, the mountain erupted. White lava coming out shooting at the sky and forced by the gravity it soon fall back flowing down the mountain to the ravine where I want it to be.

I pushed the mountain to stick together again and start to move back and forth. This time I easily enjoyed the heavenly feeling.

Right now I was moaning.. This is clearly feel so good.

Pink is looking at me now. She watched me enjoyed myself and her eyes silently stuck on the member between her chest.

“Open your mouth..”

I ordered her and she looked bewildered.

“Just do it.”

With a bit forceful words, she followed my lead.

When I move forward, the tip of the tower rested on her mouth and the warm feeling there accompanied with some saliva is nothing I could live without. This process continues leaving a *plop* sound everytime I go back and forth.

“Aaah… I’m almost there… Pink… Be ready to accept my milk.”

She deffinitely scared but there’s nothing she can do.
That scared and reluctant expression really cute in my eyes.

“Aaah… AAAAAHN…. Here comes my milk.”

My body grow tense and I stopped for a seconds.

“Ah.. Ah.. Aaaaah..”

And three gun load was shot from my weapon.. Sending forth white milk but it was thicker than Pink’s.

She closed her eyes causing the off aimed milk shot to be sprayed all over her face. Some arrived at her hair, eyelids, nose, cheek, and finally some hit the jackpot and arrived on her mouth.

She make a gulping motion and tasting my milk. She still closing her eyes but I see her lips trying to find more of the thick white substance. Shy but wanted it.

“You like it huh?”
I asked her nonchalantly.

“Eeeh, what do you mean? Quick get off me.”

She was awkwardly saying that while trying to shove me off her body.

“What are you saying? We haven’t finished.”

“But you said you will let me go!”
There’s a hint of irritation but I don’t care.

“You know.. I haven’t finished… And seemed like your body also agree.”

I move my right hand inbetween her leg and exploring the jungle. I find a cave deep down there and push one finger on the cave surface.

My index finger feel something damp and I show it to her. In my figer a thin clear strand could be seen.

“See.. Your body can’t lie to me.. You better prepare..”

She was looking at me seriously.. Fear, scared, hesitant, anger I can those feeling reflected on her eyes. However a hint of expectation, happiness, hope and lust make me can’t stop.

With a smile I asked her.

“Are you ready for the second round?”

Fiuh… I can’t fit it into one chapter.. Hahaha… Wait for the continuation tommorrow.. Hehehehe….

Cheers ero brother.. It’s a repay for yesterday extra…

4 comments on “50 – are you ready for the second round?

  1. I’m feeling a bit weird… A few minutes ago i was crying with your previous chap, now i’mtrying to hide my lower…Curse you my impure mind

  2. i not know who is more impossible the MC become a savior of he give up of his V.
    the autor realy love ecchi scenes for hom big is this text.

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