51 – divine aura..

Yuhuu….. This is the continuation from yesterday… Half ecchi half isn’t.. Enjoy..

Chapter 51

Skip to the second part of the chapter if hearing girl’s pleasurable moan and scream offended you..

Pink was just lying down on her back. I turn my body around so now I was infront of her pink forest and my tower is in front of her.. It was a bq position.

Without waiting any longer I burried my face deep down inbetween her leg finding a cave with a jewel on top. Using my tongue I explore the cave.

“Uhnn… Please… Stop..”

Pink is saying that but I really don’t sense any refusal from her.

I push my tongue deep into the cave and tasted the sweet and salty water dripping down.


My tongue is going deep but I soon hit a wall. It was her maiden layer. I don’t want to push it further so I take my tongue out and start licking on the jewel.

“Aaah… Not.. There…”

The jewel proudly stood and with every lick I do Pink’s body is trembling a little.

“Please… I can’t take it anymore…”

I was teasing her jewel. Lick it then stop lick then stop. I keep making her on the edge but didn’t push her to the finish line.

“So, do you want me to stop?”

With a cute voice Pink answered shyly.

“No.. Please don’t stop.”

“Then, you have to do me a favor okay?”

Pink nodded then I resumed my jewel licking motion. This time I’ll bring her to the end.

But something is disturbing me. My tower is squeezed hard. Is it Pink who did that?

I looked down and it was Irene.
“Master.. It’s not fair… Let me drink your seed too.”

Soon my lower member is lost inside her mouth. Aaaah… I’m in heaven…

“Hero.. Don’t you think your position is a little awkard? Irene you better move here.”

It was like Irene head is in front of Pink’s and eating my member while I was forced to be tilted sideways.

“Now, this look better.”

I was moved so I was in between Pink leg while my foot is on the other side like Pq then Irene was there making nother p then Caliburn completed the last q. It was a chain eating competition making a long line of pleasure train.

“Aaaah… Aaaahhh…. Uuuhhhnnn…. Oooh…. Aaaaaahhh…”

Lot’s of moan filled the air and I can’t really tell who is the voice owner.

“Aaah.. I’m almost there..” (Pink)
“Master.. It’s throbbing hard… Uhn… Give me your seed…” (Irene)
“Irene.. It’s so sweet…” (Caliburn)
“Irene.. I’m at my limit…” (Me)
“That’s my nectar.. You’re the second person to have taste it… Master.. Give it to me…” (Irene)
“Uhhnn.. I can’t hold myself.”(Caliburn)

With that as a signal gushing sweet and salty water comes out from Pink’s cave.. Having tasted that, my tower erupted in the warmth of Irene’s mouth. After that Irene body trembles and arched forward signaling her end. Caliburn at the last post already formed a large puddle inbetween her leg where her hand rested after moving furiously before.

“Huaaa.. That was wonderful.” (Me)
“Master… Let’s do it again later.” (Irene)
“Sure.. What do you say Caliburn? You sure make a mess down there. Just like a flowing river.” (Me)
“W-what are you talking about hero…” (Caliburn)

We are all regained our composure and corrected our posture but only Pink remained down there.
Just a small separator if someone decided to skip the fun part.. Hey, nobody skipped that right?
“What are you doing down there?”

I asked Pink.

“N-nothing.. It’s just… My first time you know.. I feel a little bit sore..”

“Hahahaha… You still have to do me a favour you know?”

“Eeeh, you’re still asking me to do more of those thing?”

I give a wide grin to her which folliwed by the girls after they hear my words.
“my favour is not doing that you know. I just need to drink a little bit of your blood but it have to be done near your privates area… As for what you just experienced… Don’t say you hate it… I know you want more and we still have lots of time… Hahahaha.”


Finally after the sun and moon have completed a cycle I finished drinking Pink’s blood but that’s not what making it takes time. It was because of Irene and Caliburn keep distracting me. I quickly examined my new power.

– Divine aura (People can know how strong you are just from your aura. Normal people will fainted because of the pressure. *there’s a higher tier skill available when you have mastered the skill.*)

“Should I test it out?”
I’m also curious at how strong my aura is. Caliburn’s could make a small shockwave in the area.

“We better move away first. We don’t know what might happen.”

Caliburn said that and accompanied by Irene and Pink they take few steps back.

“Divine aura!”

When I said that I could hear the ground tremble and the sky shaken. Caliburn, Irene, and Pink who was watching on afar hide behind one of the ruin boulder to hide from the wind caused. There’s a small tornado formed around me then spread out across the dessert.

I could see Caliburn try to shout something to me but I couldn’t hear anything. I better deactivate it now.

“Divine aura.”

With that said the surrounding area returned to normal. The girls are coming to me running.

“Hero.. What a terrifying aura you have.. Your aura matched the first demon king.” (Caliburn)
“Master.. Your power is so wonderful.. I wonder if your child will be as great as you.” (Irene)
“Humph.. Just with a strong aura don’t think you’re so great. Lot’s of people out there is stronger than you.” (Pink)

I just laughed hearing Pink remark.
“So, Caliburn, Irene. Let’s go back.”

Pink is startled.. She never think I would leave just like that.

“Eeeh, you’re going to leave me here alone?”
I looked at her and smile.
“I already have too many girls on my hand.. I might have less time to be with you. Do you still want to follow me?”

“Hmph.. I don’t really care about that you know.. I was hoping you could take me with you to travel around the continent. Living alone in this ruin is boring.”

“I know you’re lying when you said you don’t really care.. Alright then.. Transform into a cat and follow me. If the girls know I bring another one back I don’t know what might happened.”

As soon as I finished saying that she transformed into a cat and rubbed herself against my leg. Then climbed into my shoulder.

“That looks comfortable. Hero I’ll return to my sword form. Make sure to carry me too okay.”
Caliburn followed after then turned into a golden hilt sword with crystal blue edge but fall down to the ground.

“Master.. Seeing that it would be a problem for you to carry Caliburn like that, let me help you out a little.”
Irene transformed into a brown root scabbard then took Caliburn inside her then rested herself on my back.

“I was coming here with a beautiful girl then go back alone bringing a cat on my shoulder, a sword with a wooden scabbard on my back, am I a second grade hero from a comedy comic?”

“Don’t worry Master we still can talk to you.” (Irene)
“Why are you whining hero? Uuh. Irene, your body is so smooth. And the way you hold my body, you can call me sister from now on.” (Caliburn)

Darn.. This isn’t helping at all. I was forced to go back alone carrying these three transformed demon girls.

Hmm.. So do you guys want to see more adventure? Or battle? Or some skinship? Skip the last option because it will be enciuntered eventually. So, battle or adventure?

Still, anyone is australian here can pm me?


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