52 – little red..

Sorry guys for MIA these past few days.. Recently I got job interview to go abroad but I need to pay for the program fee.. After asking here and there working hard day and night, I failed to come up with the money…. Sad but true.. Not going to be depressed any longer, here’s the next chapter….

Chapter 52

When I get back to K.K island, that place is no longer the same. Trace of battle could be seen everywhere.

“What happened?”

Hearing my loud voice, Irene, Caliburn and Pink transformed into their human form.
“Where is everybody?”
Irene asked me but I couldn’t know any better than her.

“There are traces of battle. I could even feel the spell involved hasn’t been used too long ago.” As expected of Caliburn, her knowledge is very useful.

“Where you seek there you’ll find. Take a peek and you shall find.”
Pink back to her usual rhyming sentece and point out to the distance.

The ground on that floating island clearly has changed. The beautiful scenery has turned 180degree. Where Pink trying to show is a strange area near K.K house. There’s a boulder covered by a thin transparent layer. If one didn’t look carefully, they will surely missed it.

“Nice job on noticing that.”
I ruffled a bit with Pink hair and she pouted.

“when you look up the sky is blue. Just hurry up and look for any clue.”

I smiled hearing her words then take a closer look on that boulder.

“Hero. Try to use your eye power. It is a kind of concealment spell.”

I followed Caliburn suggestion then activated my discerning eyes power.

Behind the boulder I see some words floating written in a hurry making it look like a scribble.
Written in deep red colour like blood.


Seeing the words floating in the sky it really isn’t a good sign.

“Do you any of you know about these? Traitor, wild forest and help.”

“I don’t know what to say master but it’s better for us to go to the wild forest first and find out what happened to the girls.” Irene is the one giving that suggestion.

“Anyone know where the wild forest is?”

“It was on high alert, I never get out of the dessert.”(Pink)
“I don’t know master.. Sorry..” (Irene)
“If the geographic isn’t changed and the name is still the same, I probably know where it is hero.”(Caliburn)

As expected of her. Tens of thousands of knowledge really something useful.

We depart immediatelly leaving the floating island there. The girls didn’t notice it but there’s a deep long crater in the ground in the shape of footprints. Is this really what it is?

“Hero.. Be careful. Since a long time ago the wild forest is full of deceitful creatures.”
Caliburn give me a warning beforehand.

I walked while Caliburn and Irene transformed again into sword and wooden seath in my back. While Pink became a catlike ornament on my shoulder. Even on this form they could still talk to me though.

“Is this the wild forest area Caliburn?”

“There’s no mistake.. The aura emitted by it is still the same.”

It was a deep forest with tall trees entangled with each other. Emitting a strange like forbidden aura. Making me uneasy and don’t want to enter.

“Master. This forest give out an eerie feeling.”
“Yeah, I notice that too Irene.”

I took a step inside and the temperature seemed to drop by twenty whole degree. Mist and fog started to form in front of me blocking my sight.

“It’s not good I can’t see anything. Even with my see trough eyes it is still too thick.”

I walked a few minutes before I stumbled into something.

It was a voice coming from a girl. In the middle of the mist now I finally noticed her. Walking in a deep red robe that kind of glowing in the fog. Blonde hair hidden from beneath the head cover and blue marble eyes with pale orange lips decorated her painting like face.

“Is someone there?”
She asked in a panic.

“Who are you?”
I replied in a low voice.

“My grandmother is attacked by a wolf.. Please, help me save her.”

Is this scene looked familiar? Red robed girl trying to save grandmother attacked by a wolf..
Is this?

Little red r*ding hood?

“Master it’s too suspicious..”(Irene)
“what are you saying? She just stumbled into me by chance.” (Me)

“Why is nobody answering? Is someone there? Can you help me?” the girl shout in a loud voice.

“What’s your name little girl?” (me)

“My name is Lena. Please.. Help me save my grandmother!” the girl begged and cry.

“what do you say Caliburn? Is she trustworthy?”
“I don’t know.. But judging that she couldn’t see you maybe she’s telling the truth.” (Caliburn)

“I will help you but in return do you know about some girl that have been kidnapped here?”

“Kidnapped girl? I think I heard the wolf saying something about a princess, a vampire and a rabbit girl.. Is that what you want to know?”

“the wolf she want us to defeat seemed to be a part of thr group that come to K.K floating island. Let’s help her master. We may find some clue if we ask the wolf.” (Irene)

“Alright.. Lead the way..”

“Thank you sir.. What’s your name? And where are you? I can’t see you.”
Lena said while trying to find me by reaching out her hand to the surrounding.

It seemed my unimportant existence really couldn’t be detected by regular demon.

“Don’t worry about that. Quickly show the way and tell me about what happrned.”
She then moves toward somewhere and I followed her.

“Sir, when I was delivering some food to my grandmother, we are attacked by some wolf. I managed to run trough the back soor but my grandmother is too old. Just when I was running I heard the wolf saying, even though it’s an old meat, it could be an addition for the princess, vampire and the bunny girl he found earlier.”

“If that’s the case, then we should hurry. The wolf is the only hint we have.”(Caliburn)
“I get it.. Lena.. Please run faster!”
I asked her then she run as fast as she can.

We arrived in a small farm house in the middle of the forest.
“That’s my grandmother house. Please save her.”

Even though Lena couldn’t see me, she still ask me to save her grandmother.

“Alright.. Please don’t worry.”

The fog and mist cleared up the moment I stepped in into the house.

“Hero, I can feel a life force from inside. It must be the wolf.” (Caliburn)
“Are we too late sister Caliburn?” (Irene)
“probably not. I can also feel a weak lifeforce. It must be Lena’s grandmother. But it is becoming weaker at a fast rate. In this case only a couple minutes before she died.” (Caliburn)

I walked carefully without making noise and arrived at a small room and I see a wolf with it’s stomach as big as the bed which it lays on. Is the grandmother already being eaten by the wolf? What should I do? Save the grandmother first then ask the wolf? I probably will kill the wolf if I save the grandmother. Questioned the wolf first? I wonder if I will have enough time to do that. Will the grandmother survive if I don’t save her now?

Aaaarggh… What to do?

While I was having a hard time deciding of what to do, the wolf eyes open. Slowly it let out a voice.

“Who’s there?”

Got a couple surprises for you guys in this arc… Hohoho…this arc will mostly about the traitors before we go to the rebel vanguard… Please continue to look after me… Yoroshiku onegaisimas…

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