53 – Dibney race…

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Chapter 53

“Who’s there?”
The wolf looking at me but he can’t see me. He just sniffed at my direction trying to pick up my smell. I noticed that and unactivate my unimportant existence.

“Dear wolf, where is the grandmother that is living here?”

Lazily the wolf wake up from his sleeping posture than startled.
“what grandmother? What are you talking about? I have been living here for a long time.”

“what? But that little girl in red robe is telling me that you have eaten her grandmother.”

“a little girl in red robe? Where is she?”

The wolf looked panic when the girl is mentioned.

“she’s outside…”

“Quick.. come here and hide.”
The wolf shove the bed sideways then reveal a stair heading underground.

I was really confused. Should I believe this wolf or not?

“answer some question first. What is the weak life force that is residing inside your stomach.”

The wolf look at me confused than ask. “Do you mean the rabbit that I just eat?”

Hearing his answer I was surprised. Darn..
“Caliburn is that true?”

Caliburn still in her swordform give me a reply.
“I’m not sure, I can only feel that it was weak hero.”

“What to do? Do you believe him master?”
Irene naturally asked me in this condition.

“Quick.. I don’t know what happened but you must have been tricked by her. Follow me if you don’t want to die.”
I don’t know what to do so I’ll just followed the wolf for now. Afterall he looked panic hearing the girl description.

The tunnel is long and dark and it keep heading down underneath.
“sir wolf? Can you tell me who’s that girl?”

“who’s a sir? I’m a female! Humph”

I don’t think that he erm I mean she will get irritated because of that.

“I’m sorry… so, what’s your name and can you tell me about the girl?”

“my name is Caithlyn. I’m a demon wolf that has been living in this forest for a long time. It all changed from six months ago when that little girl come into the woods.”

Now this story get me interested.
“so, who is she?”

“I don’t know her name but all the demon in these area call her little red. She came to the forest and start to kill the demon. However she didn’t kill them using usual way. Most of the time she decieved someone like you to do her dirty job and devour them afterwards.”

Whoa… i was lucky to followed the wolf and make the right decision. Altough I’m sure I could survive if she attacked me but wasting my energy on such trivia is tiring.

“if it’s like that, why has never anyone tried to kill her?”

While we keep walking Caithlyn continue her story.
“she is too powerful and what’s more she didn’t come here alone. They are all connected to each other trough special connection because they came from special race.”

There isn’t a lot of special race. One of them that I know is the ancient tiger race and the last survivor Pink, also the true vampire clan.

“which race did they come from?”
Caliburn asked and surprised Caithlyn afterall from before she is only whispering to me and I relay it to Caithlyn.

“who’s that asking?”
“never mind about that. It was my sword here, Caliburn.”
Caithlyn didn’t know about Caliburn and the rest of the girl.

“Caliburn?! If what you say is true then you are a God send. Your coming here is fated.”

“What do you mean?”
I was confused at her statement.

“the little red and her group comes from a special race called the Dibney. They are very powerfull and have lived for more than a thousand years.”

“Dibney? Do you know anything Caliburn?”
With a hint of dissapointment in her voice she said “No.”

“What you’re asking? Who’s answering? If you want to know. Why don’t ask me now?”
Pink who stayed silent in my shoulder suddenly talked.

“Pink! Do you know about the Dibney race?”

“Of course. They are the one who massacred my whole tribe, leaving me alone as the sole survivor.”
I could feel her hatred and resentment and Pink didn’t even bother talking in rhyme.
“Please, you have to kill them and avenge my race.”

Pink is pleading in a serious tone. I have no way to refuse her request.
“Then, how can we defeat them?”

“If you have the Caliburn, it may succed.”
Caithlyn interrupted my question and exlained.
“The Dibney race have seven member all around. Right now I only know about little red and golden hair. I don’t know about the other five but they are all very powerful. Some rumour said they are all invincible to regular attack and one of the way to defeat them is by damaging them trough soul based attack. But we in this forest isn’t capable of such attack and we only know that Caliburn is one of the legendary weapon capable of utilizing soul attack.”

Now my opinion of Caliburn increased. I know how powerful she is but I didn’t expect her to be this great.
“So, if you know I could defeat her, why we run away?”

Caithlyn suddenly stopped and looking back at me.
“erm.. i don’t have any idea before that you could defeat her.”

“so, shall we get back?”

Caithlyn shook her head.
“No. She probably have realized what’s going on and already walked back. Let’s continue forward.”

“where does this tunnel lead us to?”

“it was to our secret headquarter. Since the Dibney race come, I and some demon have make a secret tunnel connected to a big cave deep down. I’ll also introduced you to the rest of my friend.”

Wait.. am i forgetting something? Aaah right… i come here to ask them about information regarding the girls.

“Caithlyn.. do you know about a series of kidnapping? My friend recently kidnapped and she leave a message asking for help and the clue is Wild forest.”

While keep walking trough the tunnel Caithlyn put one hand on her head trying to figure out something.

“Kidnapping,,, kidnapping…. aaaah… I know the answer.”

“You know where my companion is taken to?”

“Of course. It was being done by the giants of wild forest. They often go out and kidnapping little girl. Apparently the giants of wild forest is now cooperating with the Dibney race, they said because the Dibney race appearances is that of pretty girl, the giants obeyed them.”

Ah.. so it’s all connected,, how convenience for me.. I could help Caithlyn and at the same time figure out where Rosalie, Alice, and Hikari is held hostage.

“They didn’t do anything to the kidnapped girl right?”

“ermm.. I don’t know.. some rumour said that they eat them, some said they force them to dance naked, but I’m not really sure.”

Darnn… these giants of wild forest have a bad rumour about them. I hope nothing bad happened to the girls.

After few minutes later we arrived at a big cave lighted by natural rocks around. It was a breathtaking view. Rocks with blue, green, and yellow colour scattered and lighted the room.

“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Caithlyn you’re here! You’re alone? What happened”
The one who asked that is a short demon rabbit still in his rabbit form but wear a waistcoat and have a monocle. It also keep looking at a golden round watch on his hand.

Have I seen this rabbit somewhere before?

“I’m not alone, I’m here with a man carrying Caliburn.”

“Eh, what you’re talking about?”
Naturally the rabbit couldn’t see me. I also noticed that anything hidden from other sight behind my body won’t be noticed too because Caliburn, Irene, and Pink isn’t found out. My unimportant existence also can be unactivated for some people without making other in the same area not seeing. Like Caithlyn could see me but this rabbit couldn’t.

“He’s here. He’s bringing Caliburn the legendary sword behind him.”

The rabbit look confused then said.
“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! quit your nonsense.. quick sit down first.”

I naturally sit down beside Caithlyn then unactivate my unimportant existence to show myself.

“Eeeek… where does this man come from?”

“Duh. I told you already I came with a man carrying Caliburn. He maybe the one who could save us.”

“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I’m sorry for not noticing you earlier. My name is Niver. Is what Caithlyn said is true? You have Caliburn?”

I nodded and said. “Yes.”

He take a peek at Caliburn on my back and screamed.
“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Quick! We shall summon the others!”
Niver quickly hopped to one of the cave wall and there’s small wooden pipes lined up there. It must be used to relay message. Niver inhaled and it chest grow big like a balloon and shout very loud almost making me deaf.


Sorry a couple days back is very disturbing for me.. work and finding new opportunity is really hard… please keep looking forward for the next chapter..

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