54 – sky palace

Sorry guys. Hectic…

When Niven said that, couple moments later rustling sound coming from various tunnel connected to the lair.

“Reporting in!”

What comes is a yellow bear wearing a red shirt, a thin pig with a stripe pattern, and a tiger jumping up and down using it’s tail as a spring.

What the heck?

“Piih reporting in!” said the yellow bear.
“Piglit comes!” the pig saying it shyly.
“Yahahaaa.. Tigir here!” the jumping tiger said that in a playful manner.

“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! What took you guys so long?”
Niver is clearly playing boss here.

“We have a serious matter on hand. Little red finally realized our movement and just now Caithlyn is about to be killed.”

“Oh no!” (Piih)
“That’s bad..” (Piglit)
“Yahaha… I also got something to report. Golden hair is also spotted near the owl residence. Seeing that he isn’t here I’m afraid that he is already gone.”
The tiger reporting something bad but still maintain his playful tone.

“Oh dear! Oh dear! We can send our prayer for the owl. More importantly, we now have a hope in defeating the Dibney. We have someone coming bringing the legendary Caliburn.”
Niver saying that quickly while moving in circle in the cave making me dizzy.

“Please to meet you all, my name is Kuro and I am the one who wield Caliburn.”
I said that and introduced myself but I can hear Caliburn whisper behind me.
“You say you “wield” me huh? But you didn’t let me be your scabbard.”

I just chuckled then Niver continue to lead the conference.
“Do wr have more information on the Dibney race?”

“About that, me and Piglit have collect some info.” Piih step forward then continues.
“Dibney currently have seven member in their race. Little red, Golden hair, Fish girl, Snow woman, Ash girl, Indian woman and lastly Sleeping princess.”

“So, where is their residing place and what is the best way to fight them?”
Niver is asking impatiently.

Piglit gives a reply in a sad voice.
“Iiyori sacrifice his life just to know their routine. Apparently each one of them only get out at specific time. We may find an opportunity if we observed their time gap.”

Niver nods and look at me.
“Are you ready Kuro?”

I was almost agree immediately but Irene give me a remainder of the first reason I come here.
“Master.. We haven’t find out about Alice, Hikari and Rosalie.”

I imediatelly know what she mean.
“Before that Niver, do you know about the giants kidnapping?”

“Don’t worry. Fortunately the Dibney also lived in the giant settlements.”

Without no other reason to refuse I accept the mission.
“So, when do we leave?”

“Be patient. We need to first come up with a plan.” just like that Niver leaves me out and discussed with his gang.

After a while Niver comes after finishing their discussion.
“Okay Kuro, we decided that it is better if we just charge straight into their place.”

“What? Isn’t that a suicide?”

“Don’t worry. You will know our reason when we get there.”

Niver, Caithlyin, Piih, Piglit and Tigir lead the way while I followed behind.
We finally get out of underground and in the wild forest the earlier fog is now dissapeared one by one.

“You know, they all resided on the sky palace and have controlled the area. Sending one Dibney out at a time showing how confident they are with their ability. Therefore if you could sneak up and send a surprise attack the probability of winning is higher.”

Finally I understand their reason. Niver is actually a smart thinker. After seeing my skill for one time he could already set up such a method.

“Okay, from here on you’re on your own.”

“What do you mean?”

“Of course we couldn’t accompany you further or they will notice our presence.”

Niver lift his shoulder showing his helplessness.

“So, how will I find the sky palace without you guys showing me the way?”

“Don’t worry you’re already there.”
Caithlyn said that while looking up.

In the sky a majestic castle hidden behind the clouds could be seen. It was giving a hazy feeling. Seem so distant yet so near. How can I reach up there?

Seeing my face show some confusion Niver said.
“You just have to climb your way up there.”

I was surprised at his word. How can I climb to the sky?

Niver, Caithlyin, Piih, Piglit and Tigir all point their finger behind my back.

I turned around and see a majestic giant green roots like a hundreds years tree. So thick and large. Some of it tangling together like a vines and twirling up to the sky.

Wait.. I should climb up this to get my way up there?

Erm…. I suddenly remembered something…

Giant stalk… Giant race… Sky palace.. It’s j*ck and the beanstalk? What the heck! It seemed I was jumping from a childs story book to another one by one.

“Good luck! If you success we will search for you immediately.”
Niver said that and he get back with the others to their lair.

How would they know if I succeed? If I dont, won’t they just leave me dying out here? Darn.. I shouldn’t have believed in them. They are demon afterall in the first place.
Sorry guys..I don’t know if I could keep up with my schedule.. And cooking master lately took more of my time since i was immersed in it..
Please pardon my excuse..

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  1. Now MC use you K3YBLADE for shut the **** os this dibney clan. The mc is not in children book he is in k!ngdow Heads .

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