55 – entering sky palace

Sorry for the long wait.. Finnaly a break after two weeks.. Breaking the sky palace and some peeking scene.. Enjoy.. Warning already been given.

Summoned hero 55


I don’t have any other choice but to climb up the tree. I didn’t believe right now I’m climbing up like ja*k.. I just hope I could find the gold egg laying goose up there. I will be rich hahaha…

I climb for more than an hour but I didn’t even reach half ways. My body is strong but I clearly feel the fatigue is taking a toll on my body. What’s worst is there is no rest area here. I look down and the ground is already far away. I wonder if I could die if I fall.

After hours of restless climb I finally arrived at the top. I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing right now.

I am standing in white ground made of clouds. In front of me, a gigantic castle stood up. Eith two towers pointing up in the middle of the castle, it gives off an eerie feeling.

“Master, what are you going to do?”
Irene asked me. To tell the truth I don’t have any idea.

“Are you going to defeat the Dibney?”
Caliburn still in her sword form asked me too. How should I answer this?

“I don’t know.. If they comes up I will defeat them one by one. If not, I’ll just infiltrate the palace. Afterall I have my unimportant existence.”

I answered without thinking and when I realized it, bingo. I’m a genius.

I quickly activates my power and sneak up. In the gates there is two giants standing guard. They are gigantic. Fifty meter tall and stand strong. If Alice, Rosalie, and Hikari is taken by them, no surprise they couldn’t fight back.

I sneak past the guard and wandered trough the castle. I don’t know where to go but I feel a strong urge keep attracting me to a direction. I carefully walk and saw a door opened a little. I take a peek and blood gushing out of my nose.

I need to use my hand to block it.

What I see inside is really out of my understanding. I finally realized the urge to come here comes from my ecchi master power.

Inside, seven beauty is taking a bath. The bath is so large and could be mistaken as pool. They are playing, chatting, giggling in there.

Some peeking scene

I saw a girl that I saw earlier. She must be the little red. Her petite body showing some undeveloped area but it is tempting to touch those growing buds. Her score is 7/10.

A girl with really long hair is sitting on the edge while washing her hair. Some parts hidden by the hair is really enticing. I want to brush it off and reveal her private parts. She must be golden hair, score 7/10.

Swimming in the water, nude top with enormous chest bouncing up and down. Her leg connected together forming a fish tail but her lower mouth is exposed making blood comes out of my nose once again. Nice, 9/10. She must be the fish girl.

A girl with perfect proportion, her lower half is soaked in the water while she hold a crystal shoes. She is washing her crystal shoes in the bath? I couldn’t believe my eyes. She must be ash girl. 6/10, she doesn’t look appealing in my eyes.

Another one using a floatlike bed is laying down in the middle of the bath. Is she sleeping princess? How can you sleep when bathing? I didn’t mind though because her mountain is exposed and the lower half could be seen slighlty. 6.5/10 almost average.

Tanned beauty in a corner really took me by surprise. Her mountain is enormous, bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen. Her lower mouth covered by dark frizzy jungle and calling me to touch it. I have to hold my hand back because it unconciously coming forward. It even makes my third hand coming forward. 9.5/10 almost too good to be true.

The last one is a small girl, sitting on the far edge but the warm water around her seemed to be chilled up to the point where her surrounding is covered by block of ice. She must be the snow woman, 7/10 nothing special.

“Master, concentrate.”
Irene voice called me back to reality. I’m here not for sight seeing but to look for my companion.

“That looks hurt. I could be your scabbard to ease the pain.”
Caliburn saying that in a flirty tone and I know she was refering to my lower half.

Pink is silent the whole time but her cat eyes is looking at me with some lust.
This is not good. I couldn’t waste anymore time.

I continue my search and look for the sign of my companion.

“Hero. I can feel their presence!”
Caliburn sensing skill has never failed me so I followed her direction.

We arrived at a large wooden door. From inside I can hear Alice, Rosalie, and Hikari voice. They seemed alright and they are singing a song. I couldn’t believe what I hear. They are clearly singing. Don’t they know their condition? How can they sing at times like this?


If I’m not mistaken the giants kidnapped a princess and put her in a golden cage and listened to her voice. Could they be the next golden caged princess?

Don’t worry girls, I will save you.

I opened the door and what I see betrayed my expectation.

The giants are sitting lined up in a really big hall. Alice, Rosalie, and Hikari standing in the middle of the hall. The hall lighting is dimmed and some spotlight is directed to the girls.

I couldn’t believe my eyes..

Is this a concert?

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