Chapter 13 : Etozawa Sayaka ②

“….. Kotaro…. Kun”


Sayaka-san whispered voice sounded on my ear.

The voice was a little bit hoarse, and when she call my name her voice tremble a little bit.


“Sa Sa Sayaka-san!? Why…. are you look at me with that damp eyes….?”

“Kotaro-kun…. I, feel strange…. I think Kotaro-kun as my dear son…. even though I raise you up…. as a parent and child…. And yet…. I”


However, as my finger that press the button stops. I can feel Sayako-san breast, it feel good!

We are at the bathtub where there is not even one string attached at our body, I was being pressed by Sayako-san who was my step mom. My right half of body was being embraced by Sayaka-san, she pressed her great body to me while embracing me.


My reason seems to melt.

I mean, did I have a sense of reason in the first place? I was a man that got carried away and have sex with 3 girls after getting this remote controller. I certainly inherit the blood from my father.

And that will become 4th people, now, what should I said toward my step-mom?

Looking at this woman’s body that looks like a ripe fruit.

Since the first time when I was aware about sex when I look at Sayaka-san, I always imagine Sayaka-san nude body and mastubrate with it every night. I want to embrace Sayaka-san while panting out hard.

Now, it come true.


“Kotaro-kun has a girlfriend…., and we are parent and child…. Even though this is something that should have been prohibited….”


Sayaka-san murmured something.

I extended my hand to the remote controller side slowly, and turn off the child making mode.

Etozawa Kotaro was going on full force.


“That is right, Sayaka-san…. That is bad thing.”



I turn toward Sayaka-san and stare at her eyes.


“However, Sayaka-san has approached me even though it was forbidden.”


“Look at this.”


I stand up at the bathtub, my meat stick that already become erect and pointed toward the sky appear right in front of Sayaka-san.

When Sayaka-san found out, she hold down her breath.


“This happen because of Sayaka-san…. Because of Sayaka-san. All of this happen because Sayaka-san approach me.”

“Kotaro-kun…. It, it was different…. I….”

“What did you mean different? Even though we are mother and son it was only relation by the marriage, and you are taking a bath with your son that was already in high school, could you said that you didn’t mean for me attack you?”


I press my penis that has been erected toward Sayaka-san scruff.


“That is why, if I was to attack and violated Sayaka-san. All of this was Sayaka-san fault. Sayaka-san was the one that tempt me.”



“Heh. So Kaoru was born from here eh…. It was sticky with indecent fluid now.”

“Yaa… Kotaro-kun you are wrong…. As expected this kind of thing.”

“You are the one that tempt me first. Hora, I can’t see it very well. Spread your leg widder.”


I make Sayaka-san stand up while I crouched in front of her.

Her black wet public hair was cling on her mons pubis, her secret hole was dripping wet in passion below, it really like a feast to me.

When I open her secret hole with my finger, I can see her vagina hole where Kaoru come out from. When I insert my finger a little bit and stirred inside, Sayaka-san knee start to shake, and she leak out a weak voice.


“Sayaka-san hole was twitching as if it want my meat stick.”

“Hya! Fuaa…. don’t stir it….”

“My meat stick has been tormented by Sayaka-san since and become hard since a while ago. It was so vexing that I want to put it inside soon.”


“I will insert my raw meat stick inside and pour a lot of semen inside Sayaka-san vulgar hole.”


When I whispered it to Sayaka-san, her body start to shiver and she look at me with the eyes covered with passion.


“Hora, place your hand on the wall and stick your ass to me.”

“Ye, yes…. Like…. this….?”

“Un un, such a lewd ass.”


When I slap Sayaka-san ass, she cry out [Hyan!] a lovely scream.

My meat stick already swollen up that it become hurt now.

When I grasp Sayaka-san ass, I placed my erect meat stick at the entrance of her meat hole.

*Nuchuri…. The sound of indecent water resounded. Even though I was excited, however Sayaka-san inside was considerable wet too.

Even though I just insert it a little bit, my glans already become wet with her love juice.


“Nn… it…., it’s…. Entering….”

“Uo…. Sayaka-san inside, was so good…. It clamped on me….”


My meat stick was infringes inside Sayaka-san meat hole.

Sayaka-san meat hole swallowed my meat stick as if it was invite me in. I insert it slowly to savour the taste, and my meat stick was completely swallowed down the root.


“Sayaka-san, how is it….? The taste of your son meat stick?”

“Ah….ha…. Noo…. it is so big….”


When I just insert it, my body trembled. However the real show start now.

I grasp Sayaka-san ass and start to move my waist fiercely.

The sound of meat hitting a meat resounded in the bathroom.

It echoed with *pan *pan violently, at the same time I can hear the obscene sound of water.


“Sayaka-san…. Sayaka-san meat hole is the best…. It swallowed my meat stick lewdly….”

“An… an! Yaa…n!”

“Compared to my father meat stick, which one did you think is much better….?”


I whispered a nasty word at her ear while I pierce Sayaka-san from the back.

When I grope her ripe body, it feel so soft, and her meat hole was different from Sakuya and the other, it warp around my meat stick lewdly.

When I violated her from the back, everytime my meat stick pierce her inside, Sayaka-san breast shake lewdly.

I stretch out my hand toward her breast, grasped it and squeeze it hard, and she cried [Aaan….!] with coquettish voice.


“Nee, Sayaka-san. Comparing with my father meat stick. What is your answer?”


Sayaka-san wasn’t able to reply in her current condition. I understand after looking at her numerical value of her lust level that already reached 92 point.

However I didn’t move it at all. I didn’t mean to reduce it either.

The lust level of Sayaka-san raise on it own. She feel it when she was being embraced by her step-son.


“Hora hora, if you didn’t answer did you want me to stop? Hora.”


I stop my movement suddenly, and this time I move it slowly to tease her. When I move my waist in circle like a japanese yen, my erect meat stick seems to taste everything inside Sayaka-san meat hole. *1


“Don’t tease…. Me…. Fua…. an!”

“Then answered it, how is my meat stick compared to my father?”

“I, I can’t compare it….”

“…. was my meat stick much better than my father?”

“It is different…. I…. I haven’t given my body to Koutarou-san….”


…. Seriously?


“Eh, wait…. What did you mean Sayaka-sana?”

“Ah….haaa……. Until I remarry Koutarou-san we have pure relationship…. Until the ceremony was held, I didn’t allow him to take my body….. Koutarou-san respect my idea too….”

“Isn’t my father a playboy….?”

“Un…. that is right…. He is someone that always fooling around…. When he was going out with me, every night, he go to different women every night.”


I forget to move my waist while I listened attentively to Sayaka-san story


“But, it can’t be helped, after all I said to him that I will not let him have my body until we married…. It was frustrating…. But, I believe he has a heart for me…. Finally he remarried with me as promised and….


After my father remarried Sayaka-san, he died because of heart attack when they are at honeymoon. It was the event 8 years ago.

I was 9 years old at that time. I also attended my father and Sayaka-san honeymoon together with young Kaoru. My father said that this honeymoon was a family vacation together with the family that will live together with us from now on.

But, on the first day of our trip, it become a sad memory of my father premature dead.


According To Sayaka-san, on their honeymoon, they seems to have romantic bridal night on their room that faced the ocean.

My father…. Didn’t embraced Sayaka-san comfortable body….

When I think about my late father.

Father…., I have embraced Sayaka-san in your stead! I have do the thing that you can’t do on the bridal night 8 years ago….!


“I understand Sayaka-san! I will embrace Sayaka-san in the stead of my father from now on…. The dream that my father can’t granted, I will grant it now….”

“Eh….? what are you saying Kotaro-kun….? It was different from the story…. hyan!”


I resume the movement of my waist. When I start to move my waist, my belly was bumped into Sayaka-san ass again and she start to leak out coquettish voice again.

While violating Sayaka-san I muttered ‘Father, did you see this?”


“So, this is a sex between parent and child cross generation….. I was moved to the point I can’t hold back the tears streaming out of my eyes”

“An! Ann! Ko, Kotaro-kun…. What about my story from before…. Hyaan!!”

“But, I was being a substitute for my father here! I will have a lot of sex with Sayaka-san from now on…. I will cum all my semen inside Sayaka-san meat hole….!


I quicken my waist movement while I bravely declaring so.

Father…. Your son will surpassed you. I will pass over your corpse!


I stirred Sayaka-san meat hole with *Guchu *Guchu. Sayaka-san Coquettish voice grow bigger.

My limit is near too.


“Sayaka-san…. Cuming! I am gonna cumming…. Inside my step-mom meat hole!”


I quicken the movement of my waist, and I spit out a large quantity of semen inside Sayaka-san meat hole.

At the same time, the body of Sayaka-san bend into a bow shape and her body start to shaken greatly.

The immoral feeling of being crempied by her step-son seems to make her climaxed.


“….. an…. Ha….ha…. Cuming…. Kotaro-kun semen…. Amazing….”


Sayaka-san seems leak out entranced voice as she catch my semen inside her, her body wiggled around, and her lips looks like it try to tease me.

*chu…. I put our lips together, and let our tongue entwined with each other. The face of Sayaka-san at that time, was so bewitching, it was like the face of female that want to be branded by the male by herself.

TL Note

  1. There is a hole in the middle of Japanese yen coin so he means that he move his prick in circle like those coin.

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