Chapter 6 : Mizuhara Sakuya ①

“Good, Good morning…., Onii-chan”

“Go, Good morning, Kaoru.”


When it was morning,Kaoru give me a awkward greeting, after that I went to school after 1 week of absent.

Kaoru, said she was having her periods


Without looking at Kaoru eyes, I greet her with blushing face.

I want to solve our misunderstanding, But, before I can said anything, she left house hurriedly so I can’t explain it to her.


When I am walking to the school absentmindedly while thinking about such thing. I arrive at the spot where I was hit by the meteor. That’s right, this is the place where I was hit by meteor.


I look at the remote controller at my right hand.

This is the place where this mysterious object manifested.

I didn’t know what is the relation between the remote controller and the meteor, However I don’t think that it was unrelated at all. Right know, what is the most important thing was what is the meaning of this ability?

But, for today, I am looking forward to arrive at school. This ability to change people’s affection toward me. Thinking about this ability, a figure of the girl appear on mind unconsciously.


When I enter my classroom. The friends who recognize me ask me curiously saying [Are you feeling well already?] and [Even though the meteor hit your head you are safe?].

While replaying their question, I look at the figure of the girl from the corner of my eyes.

Haaa… Mizuhara-san was cute as always.


When she was talking with her friends, sometime she would giggle happily.

Her long raven-black hair that reach her back. For a moment, she seems like a fairy that escape from a painting. Even other beautiful girls in other class was enving her beauty. In this school she was nominated as number 1 girl the guys want as their girlfriend.

The number of boy that want to confessed to her was innumerable, but, when they see her pure girl like atmosphere. Make them think [You shouldn’t tainted this beautiful girl], so they give up their confession.


In fact I heard all of this from my friends.


I am wondering whatever that was true, but, even though she was really popular, I never heard she has a boyfriend or so. Apparently this beautiful girl have such an impregnable wall.


Mizuhara Sakuya.


While taking a note, I frequently look at her direction and said [She is beautiful isn’t it…][Yes, she is…] it was the conversation between me and my friends.

But, now I have a power. A power that was too dangerous for humankind.


The thing is, I need to let the remote controller touch the target to be able to use it on the target.

For now, I need to think how to make her touch it.

Should I said [Mizuhara-san there is trash in your shoulder. Let me help you take it.]

But, when I think about it, shouldn’t I just throw the remote controller? I notice that only me that can see the remote controller, so even if it hit anyone, it will only pass through their body. And there will be no sound even when it fall.

This design similar to hidden weapon that you can hide an throw.


When it was lunch break, I approach Mizuhara-san and throw it to her. The remote controller hit the back of Mizuhara-san and goes through her.


(Come back, remote controller)


When I think so, the remote controller was back in my hand.

Now, what is the numerical value will be.


Mizuhara Sakuya Love… 3


LOW! No, I never really talk with Mizuhara-san directly. If we assume that someone that has no contact with me is 0, then this 3 point might be because we are a classmate. Still it was close to 0.

However all this will change with just one button. Only this one button.

[TL: The author write it like this and then said it was literally one button. So I am guessing he just want to emphasize it.]


I push and hold the up button for a few second, and the numerical value keep rising steadily. And the love point that was 3 before in no time become 100.

With this, Mizuhara-san will be in the state where she was madly in love with me.


Mizuhara-san that should be talking with her friends suddenly become silent, I feel like she was peeking at me. Yes, It was me, she was looking at me.


Her girl friends ask ‘What happens?’ Some of them become confused and said ‘is everything alright?’ Mizuhara-san didn’t reply to them and still looking at me.

I also take a glimpse at Mizuhara-san direction too.


When our eye meet. …oh, her face start to blush.

The moment my eyes meet Mizuhara-san, she start to become flustered, and hurriedly look away. Her face that has become deep-red looks like a boiled octopus.

Her girl friends worriedly ask ‘Sakuya… are you ok?’ But, it doesn’t seem like she was able to answer that.

But, for her face to become deep red with only meeting eyes. It seems like Mizuhara-san was really a pure girl… Interesting…



After school.

No matter wherever we are in class or in break when Mizuhara-san eyes meets mine, her face will become red immediately.

She didn’t come to talk with me. But, looking how her behave is really interesting.


When our classmate start to leave for club activity or going home, I take my bag and start to leave the classroom while feeling Mizuhara-san looking at me.


When I passed by Mizuhara-san, [A, ano…] Mizuhara-san called me with her faint voice.

When I look back Mizuhara-san face was deep red, it seems like she was putting all her courage to called up to me while fidgeting around.


“Ah, Mizuhara-san. What is it?”

“Ano… I hear your head was get hit… So, are you alright now?”

“Ah, I have go to hospital to get it examination just in case. It seems like there is no problem.”

“Is that so… That is good then…”


Ehe, Mizuhara-san laugh while feeling relieved. Kuh…! So cute…!

While trying to suppressing my nose that seems to grow, I try to act cool and deliberately said.


“Did you finish your business? Because, I want to go back home.”



Mizuhara-san has a pathetic expression on her face. I feel a sense of guilty for instant, however, it was so much fun to play with Mizuhara-san. It seems like it will become a habit.


While passing through Mizuhara-san I left for the classroom entrance. Mizuhara-san extend her hand like she want to said something, however, she just look down and lowered her hand.

Surely she want to talk much more with me, but, because I give her a cold shoulder she was afraid to do it. Her expression feel like she will burst out of tear in any moment, she look so adorable. Cute, Mizuhara-san is so cute.


I stopped at the classroom entrance and as if I suddenly remember something I look back.


“That remind me, Mizuhara-san house was the same direction as mine. Why don’t we walk back together?”

“… ah, un! Is that ok?”

“Yeah, But, I never talk with Mizuhara-san that much so if you want too… or is it annoying?”

“It’s not annoying at all! I am happy Etozawa-san.”


The moment when I called out to her and ask if she want to go back home together, Mizuhara-san face that was gloomy immediately become shining with happiness. No good, Mizuhara-san was so cute.



When I am walking with Mizuhara-san, all the high school student with the same uniform as mine looking at us in astonishment.

Mizuhara Sakuya was a celebrity. She was an impregnable beautiful girl.

And she was now going back home with a boy, surely it will become a scoop.

Huhaha, you should take a good look. This girl no matter how you look at it was madly in love with me.


“That reminds me, Mizuhara-san was part of sewing club right? Did you like to sewing?”

“I like kilting and sewing a stuffed animal… Ano, did you have a cloth that need to mend? If you have something that you want to mend, you can say it to me.”

“Amazing, it seems like you are good with house chore. You will become a good bride.”

“Br, bride…! Ehehehe… that is…”


We talk about some silly thing while walking back. It was mainly me who start the topic, and she replied with all her might. What a cute girl.


“Mizuhara-san was so cute. Many people must have confessed to you before right?”

“I am not that cute! As for confession… I have been confessed before, but, I haven’t thought about going out with anyone at all… but… well, now I have someone I like..”

“Eh…, so now you have someone you like. That guys must be happy. After all he was being loved by a cute girl like Mizuhara-san.”


With my word, Mizuhara-san is, uwawa-ing with her blushing face, she hurriedly answered.


“Did you think he will be happy? The person that I like… he will not think it was troublesome?”

“Not at all. If Mizuhara-san confessed, I think everyone will immediately said OK!”

“… Ano, Etozawa-san, For example, For example if you receive a confession from a girl like me… what will you do…?”


Mizuhara-san eyes blinked and her face start to become red when she ask this question. I understand!


“If it was a girl like Mizuhara-san? Um…, I will decline.”

“Huuu! …I, I thought so, after all the girl like me was disliked… I am gloomy, and weak too…”


Receiving the shock, Mizuhara-san become depressed.

Why did you think yourself like that?


“No, well.. Mizuhara-san wasn’t a girl like that, Mizuhara-san was like a flower. If Mizuhara-san was matched with me, I don’t think I was worth of Mizuhara-san”

“Eh, ano… then…”

“Because Mizuhara-san was the cutest girl. If I can go out with a girl like Mizuhara-san I think it will be nice.”



Mizuhara-san face feel like it was the end of the world. however when she hear my word, Her face immediately change as if she was the happiest women in the world.


“But, I am not a match with Mizuhara-san. So to go out with a girl like Mizuhara-san it will be just a dream within a dream.”

“That, that is not true at all!”

[TL: I feel like I want to punch this guy]


Mizuhara-san suddenly shouted.

I became surprised and turn around, Even Mizuhara-san become puzzled why she was shouting, and hurriedly explaining.


“No, um… I think Etozawa-san was nice… If it was with Etozawa-san, I…”

“Oh, Look, there is park let’s take this shortcut.”

“Eh, ah… Wait…”


Without waiting for Mizuhara-san word, I deviate from the road and enter the park.

It was a large park and there is a lot of big tree, Even though it already summer, the evening seems start to get dark. This was my favorite shortcut.


“Mizuhara-san, it seems like you want to say something, what is it?”

“Ah… um.. it is nothing….”


Mizuhara-san murmured it with a faint voice. It seems like I have crushed her timing to confess, with this she will be even more afraid to confess. Huhuhu, she is so cute.


“This, is the shortcut I often use.”

“Ah, I also like to take a stroll at here when it was a holiday. But when it was evening, this place was dark so I never enter here at this time…”

“You are right, this place already become dark. There isn’t much people that pass here either. You should watch your step because it was dangerous, It might be much better for us to get closer.”

“Ah, Un! Then, Excuse me…”


Mizuhara-san get closer to me happily. It was at the distance where our arm was touched against each other.

…Alright, there is no one around here.

After checking there is no one around here, I stretch my hand slowly.


To Mizuhara-san ass.



When I feel her soft butt, Mizuhara-san that has been walking beside me got startled. When she look up at me her face has a troubled look on it.

As If I didn’t notice it at all. I keep rubbing her ass.


“Ano.. Etozawa-san… um… What are…”

“N? Ah, I am touching your butt.”

“Fue!? Aaah, Ano, Etozawa-san, such a thing… you can’t….”

“Ah, no, I just feel like I want to feel it.”


I laugh happily, but, my hand didn’t stop rubbing her butt.


“Well Mizuhara-san was so cute. For such a cute girl like Mizuhara-san to be at this deserted dark place together with me. Made me want to touching your butt.”


While asking for Mizuhara-san agreement, I continue rubbing her butt. It feel pleasant to rub her soft butt over her skirt.


“B, But…”


She became embarrassed when her butt was rubbed by me, but, it doesn’t seems like she gonna refuse me.

Because of this, I become more boldly to rub Mizuhara-san butt.

I rub it from the top to the bottom, from left to right. When I touch her underwear, I can sense she start to become aroused from the sense of her soft meat underneath her underwear. …I can’t endure it anymore.


“Mizuhara-san ass was so soft.”

“Fue… A, ano… Etozawa-san, I’m so embarrassed…”

“Did you hate it? … I see. For me to touch your butt….”


‘Since I can’t touch Mizuhara-san butt, looks like I was hated by her…’ I murmur this in suppressed voice.

When Mizuhara-san hear me said [looks like I was hated by her] her face seems like she was frightened.


“N, No, I didn’t hate you at all!? If Etozawa-san want to do it… I, I will withstand it…”


For Mizuhara-san to said such a thing. It seems like she was scared to be hated by me.

My excitement was increasing, so I stretch my hand underneath her skirt, and slip my hand inside her underwear to rub her ass directly. My hand seems to be melt when I touch her soft ass.


“Ah… there…”

“It feel so good to be able to be able to rub Mizuhara-san ass directly. So soft.”

“Fua… uu…”


We Have stop walking, and I thoroughly enjoy Mizuhara-san Ass. she close her eyes while enduring till her ear become deep red was so cute. I sniff on the scent of her hair , ear and mouth. Each time I touch her she will start to tremble.


“Nee, What is the color of Mizuhara-san panty?”

“Fuwa.., it was white…”

“Really? I want you to show it to me..”

“Y, Yes… but… here…”


Even though this park was deserted when it was dark, but if we do it here, we might be found out by someone. When I look around, there is a bush that seems to be convenient.

Holding Mizuhara-san hand, we hide near the bush.

When we entered the bush, this place was covered by a thick tree, making this place a blind spot. Even if I go bolder here, no one will know about it.


Inside the bush we are facing each other, I’m waiting with excited expression, Mizuhara-san face was red because of embarrassment, but she slowly rolled her skirt up.


“A, ano… Etozawa-san. Is this, okay?”


She timidly rolled up her skirt and showed her underwear to me.

Bringing a cute classmate inside the bush and made her lift her own skirt. In this kind of situation I feel a blood flowed to my meat stick and become hard.


“Ah, Mizuhara-san, underwear is already enough.”


Hearing my word, Mizuhara-san feel relieved and put down her skirt.


“Now I want to see Mizuhara-san gone nude, so please take all your clothes off.”



Mizuhara-san body stiffed.

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